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This is a free meditation from Rudolf Steiner’s Occult Science, An Outline.
The great spiritual schools of the world know that Sacred Geometry is a master key to expanding human spiritual awareness.
Learn how vibrational dowsing brings the lost knowledge of ancient traditions back into modern science.
Dr. Gilbert discusses an intro to BioGeometry, including how it has impacted his life personally.
We live in the “Radiation Age”, where humanity is now being assaulted by increasing levels of dangerous artificial radiation…
How did the Ancient Egyptians use geometry and design to create beneficial healing energies?
Read about the History of BioGeometry: founded by Egyptian Architect and Scientist Dr. Ibrahim Karim.
Read about Dr. Karim’s discovery that Ancient Egyptian Temples knew and used a key energy blueprint.
The Masters of the Ancient Egyptian Temple Science discovered a fantastic secret, the archetypal code of creation.
This is an excerpt from the handout for Class 1 of the Online Class: Spiritual Science: Essential Teachings and Practices.
The most fundamental part of this spiritual knowledge is to know the actual patterns, the energy blueprints, which everything in creation is based on.
Learn about the Cymatics research of Hans Jenny in Switzerland, and how this research became applied for healing by Dr. Peter Guy Manners.
In this article, we discuss the creation of the first Cymatherapy device to be made available for the general public to use at home.
Understand what a particular speaker or body of work means when they use the term “Initiate” or “Initiation”.