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Terms and Conditions

All online course are non-refundable after the end of the refund policy of that course.

All Subtle Energy tools, and wearable items of all kinds, including stone jewelry, are also non-refundable, they are refundable only if they arrive damaged, and you notify the Vesica office within 72 hours of receipt of that item.

All materials on and the Vesica Institute’s publications, products and trainings are for information and personal exploration purposes only.   Materials posted or sold by the Institute are NOT intended nor represented to diagnose, prevent or treat any Illness as defined by modern Allopathic Medicine.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge that your purchase is for your personal exploration and research only, and that you take full personal responsibility for all applications of information or materials obtained from the Vesica Institute.

The Vesica Institute offers information and resources which in many cases are based on classical concepts of qualitative science, vital energy, subtle energy, and metaphysical factors affecting life and consciousness which have been an essential foundation of spiritual and healing traditions around the world for thousands of years.  By accepting the terms and conditions, you acknowledge that you understand that none of these concepts are accepted by current Allopathic Medicine regulatory authorities, nor by modern reductionist quantitative Western Science, and that you are choosing to make this purchase only for your own personal exploration. 

Accepting the terms and conditions constitutes further that you acknowledge and understand specifically that Allopathic and reductionist scientific authorities and regulatory bodies assert that the classical concepts listed above such as “vital energy” have no meaning scientifically or medically, and are the province of spiritual belief and religion and not of science and medicine, and that you are purchasing materials from the Institute in full awareness that they are not advocated or supported by these Allopathic and reductionist scientific authorities.

Accordingly, the Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies asserts our innate right under the Constitution of the United States to freely practice, discuss, and share our spiritual belief in Vital Energy, Subtle Energies, and metaphysical factors to life and health through the information and materials which we make available to those who share our interest in researching and exploring these holistic spiritual principles.

Where can I send a gift or item to Vesica?
We are currently only accepting authorized returns at our P.O. box.  All returns must be authorized by contacting .  Any package received at our P.O. box that is not pre-approved by the Vesica Staff will be refused, unopened and returned to sender. If no return address is present the item will be discarded.