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Robert Gilbert BioGeometry® Interview

Robert gilbert Robert Gilbert BioGeometry® Interview Vesica Institute for Holistic StudiesYou are well known for your work and seminars in Sacred Geometry. How is BioGeometry® related?

Sacred Geometry is a very popular topic today in spiritual circles; although it has been a foundation of deep spiritual initiation for thousands of years, the public is just now becoming aware of how Sacred Geometry creates the patterns behind everything in the manifest world. Unfortunately most of the information on Sacred Geometry available today is very abstract and “symbolic”, offering little insight into the powerful practical applications of these patterns. BioGeometry® reveals many little-known precise energy effects of Sacred Geometry patterns; it is really an incredible quantum leap forward in our ability to understand and practically apply Sacred Geometry, making accessible to everyone many previously hidden secrets of how these patterns of creation used as a practical science in ancient spiritual traditions.

How did you first learn about BioGeometry®?

I first learned about BioGeometry® from a gentleman who attended one of my talks on Sacred Geometry, and spoke to me afterwards regarding Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo, the founder of BioGeometry® and the remarkable body of work he had developed. Once I learned that Dr. Karim was making available powerful new insights into how Geometric forms, among other things, create specific energies that affect human beings and all life on Earth, I knew this was something I needed to check out! As I began to investigate it I discovered BioGeometry® incorporated previously hidden knowledge regarding the inner Temple Sciences of ancient Egypt, along with little-known European discoveries regarding how to simply and easily identify––and directly work with–– a wide range of precise energies. Needless to say, I made immediate plans to find Dr. Karim and learn what this BioGeometry® work was all about. Once I got a taste of it, I was hooked and I’ve been intensively researching and applying this work for the last several years.

What is BioGeometry®?


BioGeometry® is remarkable for how vast the possibilities are for applying it in virtually any field you can name! Because BioGeometry® deals with the fundamental energies of Creation, those which are essential to human health and higher consciousness, it can be used to support and empower many different approaches to energy work. What I find particularly valuable are the tools which BioGeometry® offers so that anyone can work tangibly with different energies rather than “assume” the energies are present or just follow someone else’s techniques and hope for the best! BioGeometry® offers methods to directly detect, measure, create, and transmute specific qualities of energy, so that you really know the effects you are creating with your energy work. It really is a huge step forward in the human race’s ability to understand and work responsibly with energy fields. And I believe this is just the beginning; many of those who train in BioGeometry® will use this knowledge to further advance humanity’s work with energy into even more advanced levels which most of us can’t even imagine today.

BioGeometry® is a powerful science which shows how to use shapes, patterns, colors, sounds, and motion to create specific energy effects. It clearly identifies core principles as well as providing a wide range of practical techniques. BioGeometry® does not ask for the student to take anything on faith, rather it provides the tools to directly detect and monitor the energies which shape the world around us. BioGeometry® reveals publicly for the first time many of the ways which spiritual energy works in the world to create life, health, and consciousness, information which was previously restricted to small groups of spiritual initiates. Put simply, BioGeometry® provides critical and unprecedented insights into the use of living energy for beneficial purposes; its simple but extremely powerful techniques can be used by anyone to help humans, animals, plants, and/or the environment.

How has BioGeometry® impacted your life personally?

Personally the most significant impact of BioGeometry® on my life has been the amazing effectiveness of the BioSignatures (patterns of energy taught in BioGeometry®) in helping me with severe neck and spine pain I suffered from a serious car accident. The quality of my life has improved tremendously as a result of being freed from the chronic pain I had endured for years before I found BioGeometry®. In fact, one of the reasons I have cleared my teaching schedule for a year to focus solely on making BioGeometry® available to seekers in North America is that I really want to give back to this body of work which has made such a huge difference in my own life. I am very grateful to Dr. Karim for making this work available and feel honored to be able to help spread the work and standardize the teaching of it. I am the first non-Egyptian authorized to teach this work, but I am working hard to ensure that many more instructors can be trained in the very near future!

You are teaching the Foundation BioGeometry® Courses now. Who are these courses for?

If you are interested in really understanding and responsibly working with the core energies which affect our health and consciousness – and that of all other living beings on this planet – then BioGeometry® offers tremendously valuable information and practical methods which are simply unavailable anywhere else. In addition to the highly beneficial and effective practical energy work, the training also offers deep insights into how spiritual forces interact with us and the material world all the time. Students come to the training for many different reasons and discover an incredibly wide range of practical applications for the information and techniques in their own areas of interest; I am always fascinated to see what aspects of the work different people connect to, because BioGeometry® is so multi-faceted and universal in its scope.

Can you give an example of how someone could simply and easily apply BioGeometry® for an immediate effect?

BioGeometry medallionDefinitely, but I hardly know where to begin! The key thing to remember is that BioGeometry® provides methods to balance any out-of-balance harmful conditions in the human energy field, to create beneficial energies in any space, and to transmute harmful energies into beneficial ones. So I’ll give a quick example of each:

If a person has a particular health condition, they learn in the Foundation training how to test themselves or another person for which BioSignature energy pattern they need to balance their energy field relative to that condition; the appropriate patterns can be quickly applied, which in many cases will have an immediate effect. This happened for my neck and spine problem; when I first met Dr. Karim he identified the BioSignature I needed in less than 2 minutes and applied it, and I had immediate relief. In some chronic cases the pattern needs longer to correct the energy, of course.

The energy in a space can be greatly improved in a moment by a quick adjustment of the placement of objects or colors in the space. This is not done abstractly, but by directly measuring the energy created by the object or color being in the correct place; a very important principle is that any object or color has a particular location in any enclosed space (which can only be determined by testing) in which it will open up an emanation of very beneficial energies into that space. This technique is very simple and fast once you have learned the correct method, with immediate effects. For example, this kind of color placement technique was used in a Cairo Montessori school which was having behavior problems from the students, with an immediate reduction in these problems and an increase in the length of time students could quietly focus their attention.

There are many different harmful energies which can be quickly transmuted into beneficial energies. One of the most common toxic energies we are surrounded by is of course electro-magnetic pollution from all of our technology. Other toxic energies include Geopathic lines, lines of harmful energy in the Earth which have been implicated in some German and Austrian studies as causing severe illnesses including Cancer. In the Foundation training we show simple methods to use precise geometric forms to transmute these kinds of harmful energies into beneficial energy, through a process we call “Geometric Alchemy.” It just takes a moment to identify and transmute these harmful energies, yet it can make a huge difference in a person’s quality of life.

These are just a few examples, there are many more addressed in the training. The 3 weekends (7 days total) which make up the BioGeometry® Foundation training offer a wealth of simple and easy techniques which offer immediate benefits.

Can you give an example of how BioGeometry® trainings could benefit someone in their professional field, such as someone in the healthcare field or in the field of design?

I’ll just pick a few quick examples for each out of the wide range of applications taught in BioGeometry®. In healthcare, a person can be evaluated for the BioSignatures they need in order to correct their existing energy imbalances; the space in which one sees clients can be optimized with beneficial energies to both help the client and to help sustain the energy of the practitioner; and toxic energies of particular substances or medicaments for the patient can be balanced by exposing them to particular energy fields created by a variety of methods. In design, there are ways to make two-dimensional designs on paper emanate beneficial energies through simple techniques such as “Virtual Rotation” and “Interface”; environmental energies can be cleansed and healed through particular landscape designs; and any building can have its detrimental energies transmuted into beneficial ones (and the beneficial energies strengthened and optimized) through a variety of techniques which can be applied either in the design process or applied to already existing structures. In the BioGeometry® Foundation Training all of the above topics and techniques are addressed; even more principles and techniques beyond these are made available in advanced courses, leading up to certification as a BioGeometry® Practitioner.

Can you give us any concrete examples of how BioGeometry® has been applied in specific fields or projects?

Absolutely. BioGeometry® has been studied and applied in a wide range of fields and projects, including studies at Egyptian and European Universities. Here is just a short list of successful studies:

The Egyptian National Research Centre determined that BioGeometry® forms could stop the replication of Bacteria, a result which they stated in their report that they could not explain according to modern scientific theory.

Al Azhar University in Cairo conducted a national Hepatitis C Research Project under the sponsorship of the Egyptian Government, in which they evaluated a wide range of Pharmaceuticals and treatments that might help Hepatitis C sufferers. One of the methods evaluated was BioGeometry®, with a particular group in the study given only a medallion with particular BioSignatures on it to correct their energy imbalances. At the end of 6 months, Dr. Taha Khalifa who headed the study announced on national Egyptian television that the most successful results in the whole study (with 90% normalization of enzyme levels on average, and some subjects with complete viral clearance) were enjoyed by the patients who were in the BioGeometry® group.

A project evaluated by an official of the Egyptian Department of Agriculture found that chickens grew up healthier and faster in an environment which was energy balanced by BioGeometry® methods than they did with Antibiotics and Growth Hormones.

Prof. Peter Mols of the Wageningen Agriculture University in Holland found that BioGeometry® energy methods could be used in place of Pesticides and Artificial Fertilizers to grow healthy organic crops with a greatly extended shelf life.

A 1998 agricultural project on the Red Sea headed by Adel Ammar discovered that crops could actually grow better in salt water than in fresh water if the salt water was treated with BioGeometry® energy methods.

This is not even to mention the tremendous amount of anecdotal evidence from people who report having all types of different conditions helped by BioGeometry® methods; even a Reuters New Service article carried by and contained such reports. Of course we do not make any medical claims whatsoever for BioGeometry®; no system that uses subtle energies can make such claims, since the dominant medical and scientific model asserts that these subtle energies don’t even exist. So we just tell people to learn the system and make up their own minds from the results they get!

What type of student to you most enjoy working with?

I enjoy working with different types of people, but probably my most favorite are the quiet, polite and very focused students. They think deeply about what is being offered before speaking, often picking up on very important insights which are implicit in the teaching but which many students completely miss; this work is very powerful and some of the most important teachings only become obvious after deep contemplation on what has been given. I can honestly say that some of the incredible applications taught in the advanced courses are already implicit in the material covered in the Foundation Training, there for anyone who has the eyes to see. I find that these quiet students often have a very low profile in groups and are sometimes overlooked in favor of more extroverted folks, but they usually have a profound level of spiritual maturity and a real commitment to service in the world. I keep my eyes out for these quiet and highly perceptive students every time I teach!