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Cymatherapy: Healing with Sound Waves

The AMI 750 (described in the original article below) has now been replaced with the new AMI 850, now with 20 precise sound code channels instead of the original 10, and with other new advanced technologies added! For more info or to order, click the button below.

Cymatherapy: Healing with Sound WavesIn our article Cymatics: How Sound Vibrations Create Physical Structures we described the Cymatics research of Hans Jenny in Switzerland, and how this research became applied for healing by Dr. Peter Guy Manners, an Osteopath in Britain.

At the end of that article we described how Dr. Manners’ work was passed on to Mandara Cromwell in the United States, who updated the technology and then released two clinical units based on Dr. Manners’ original sound codes.

In this article, we discuss the recent creation of the first Cymatherapy device to be made available for the general public to use at home.


Keys to an Effective Cymatherapy Device

In his development of Cymatherapy, Osteopath Dr. Peter Guy Manners had found that specific combinations of sound frequencies were needed to create optimal healing effects.

As discussed in the previous article, Dr. Manners found that single frequencies were insufficient. He discovered that 5 frequencies needed to be combined together into a specific sonic pattern which creates resonance with different systems in the human body. In over 50 years of research and clinical application, Dr. Manners created around 750 of these precise 5-frequency sonic codes which he termed Commutations.

To apply these different Commutation sonic codes to the body, Dr. Manners had found that the audible sound alone was not sufficient for optimal healing; instead the sound had to become a coherent acoustic wave driven by a transducer directly into body tissues, in order to manifest the remarkable healings reported at Dr. Manners’ Bretforton Hall clinic in Britain.

Dr. Petter Manners

AMI 1000

This means that simply listening to the sound of the different Commutation sound codes does not create sufficient effects; direct contact of the body with the transducer is needed to drive the acoustic wave into the body tissues sufficiently.

In the picture to the left taken in the late 1960’s, Dr. Manners shows the hand-held applicator which contained the transducer needed to drive the sound waves into the body. This applicator would be placed on specific body areas, then the desired Commutations would be selected from the device based on the needs of the patient. The last updated version of this clinical device was the AMI 1000 seen to the right, created by Mandara Cromwell using Dr. Manners’ original Commutation codes.

The Development & Release of the First Public Cymatherapy Device

Cymatherapy units have until recently only been for clinical use by persons who had undergone extensive training. This training taught them where on the body to place the applicator for different issues; it also helped them to pick which of the 750 Commutation sound codes to then apply, to choose how long to apply each sound code, and in what sequence to use them.

Dr. Manners‘ successor Mandara Cromwell conducted years of research to find a way to make the Cymatherapy technology available to everyone, rethinking the basic design of the unit so that it would require no special training or knowledge in order to be used effectively.

The creation of a publicly available version has now been accomplished with the recent release of the AMI 750, an easy-to-use footplate unit.

The “AMI” in the name means “Acoustic Meridian Intelligence”:
Acoustic = the use of audible sound (rather than ultrasound)
Meridian = refers to ongoing research regarding the use of sound vibrations applied to the energy meridians described in Chinese Medicine for fast and effective results;
Intelligence = the innate intelligence of the body, which when offered sounds it recognizes will deliver the sound to harmonize the appropriate area. Interestingly, this innate intelligence is indicated in the many testimonials from Cymatherapy users stating that they first experienced effects in the area of an old injury, before addressing a new symptom they thought they were targeting first.

The “750” refers to the 750 Commutation sound codes discovered by Dr. Manners.

The first major issue to overcome in creating a public Cymatherapy unit, was the need to know the wide variety of body areas where the applicator could be placed for different issues. The hand-held applicator has now been replaced in the AMI 750 with water-based gel pads for the feet to be placed on; the sound vibration is applied through simply sitting and placing one’s bare feet on the gel pads, which conduct the vibration from the Commutation sound codes through the soles of the feet into the entire body. The gel pads offer fast and effective conductivity of the sound into the body, just as in the use of gel in diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound devices — but without the mess, as the gel is completely sealed inside the unit.

The transducer which makes the sound vibration more effective and powerful in the AMI 750 is an advanced design, not an ordinary transducer. It makes the entire base plate into a conductor, which means the unit can not only be used for a person with their feet on the unit, it can also be used to charge water or other materials with vibrations by placing them on the base plate; this will be discussed in more detail later in this article.

The second major issue to overcome was the requirement to learn around 750 different specific Commutation sound codes and their functions. This was overcome by grouping Commutation sound codes which have similar functions together into specific programs or “channels”, each program being around 30 minutes total.

Ami 750With the new AMI 750 the user simply presses the number of the program they want on the keypad, and a 30 minute program containing the full series of Commutation sound codes in that group starts; each Commutation runs for a few minutes, and then is followed by the next one in the sequence.

The user does not have to do anything while receiving the session other than keep their feet on the unit. They can read, watch TV, even work on a computer or talk on the phone while having a session.

Users do not have to remove anything from their body (unlike other electronic healing devices which require removing metal etc. from the body), their bare feet simply need to stay on the gel pads. The session will also work while wearing socks, but bare feet is preferable.

Persons with medical implant devices in their bodies can still enjoy the AMI 750; however they must keep the AMI 750 at their feet and a minimum of 6” away from their implant while the device is running, to avoid interference with the implant. Pregnant women should avoid the use the AMI 750 (and in general should also avoid other electrical therapeutic devices) until after childbirth.

Everyone else, including children, can use this device safely. Animals can also use the device, which can be done simply by having pets lie on the device.

In 2013 Ms. Cromwell became a Nominee for the Thomas Edison Award for Innovation in the fields of Science and Medicine for her development of the AMI 750.

Current Research with the Cymatherapy AMI 750

The AMI 750 is registered with the FDA as a Class 1 Device for use with human beings (meaning very low risk, and available for public sale with no prescription needed.)

Technically Cymatherapy devices are considered “Electric Acoustic Massagers” for the uses of potential Stress Relief, Pain Relief, and Relaxation.

The AMI 750 uses the original Commutation sound codes from Dr. Manners, however no medical claims are made for these codes or for these devices, beyond their use for potential stress and pain relief only.

No other claims are made nor implied for the AMI 750; it does not diagnose nor treat any illness.

The AMI 750 has many reports from users for huge improvements in their quality of life after using the device, with major reductions in stress and pain.

Stress Relief is in itself a huge area, as more and more medical studies are indicating that stress is a causative factor in many illness processes. Removing the stress from the body, right down into the cellular level, is of tremendous importance.

Building on the original research by Dr. Manners in Britain, there has been ongoing research into the physiological effects of the Cymatherapy sound vibrations since the technology was brought to America. This American research began with the original hand-held applicator clinical units, and now continues with the AMI 750 foot-rest units available to the general public.

The tremendous number of anecdotal reports coming from Cymatherapy AMI 750 users regarding benefits from their devices, are now being documented through testing with medical imaging devices such as ultrasound and thermography.

Here are a few recent research projects, and their preliminary findings.


Physical Injuries Research

Cymatherapy was adopted for Veterinary use when it first came to the United States. It was found to be great value in injuries to horses, for example tendon tears in racehorses (similar to tears to the achilles tendon in human athletes.) It is common for racehorses to be put down (killed) if they suffer tendon tears which are deemed too major to recover from.

The image below shows ultrasound proof of the amazing healing of a 95% tendon tear in a racehorse, which was thought to be irreparable. Not only did this massive tear heal in only six weeks, it did so with no scarring or adhesions, which is a revolutionary level of success with such a severe injury.

Tendon tear repair

Many human athletes have also found the tremendous benefits of Cymatherapy. The image below shows the virtual disappearance of inflammation in a chronic leg injury of a Triathlete after only 20 minutes of Cymatherapy, with the absence of inflammation still holding a full day later, as shown in the Thermography scan.

It has been found to be very beneficial to repeat the Cymatherapy session with the needed program once every two or three days, especially in cases of long-term chronic issues.

Advanced sound technology for sports injuries

Inflammation Research

Just as inflammation was an issue in the above cited Triathlete’s physical injury benefited by Cymatherapy, so inflammation is a central issue in the development of many disease states. Modern medicine is now increasingly recognizing the role that inflammation plays a role in a wide range of degenerative illnesses.

Inflammation is also recognized as a critical factor within the healing sciences of other traditions outside of modern Western Medicine; for example, within classical Chinese Medicine a major cause of many illnesses (including cancer) is thought to be “heat toxins” trapped in the body.

When undetected or untreated, chronic systemic inflammation can lead to serious complications. Today the causative role of inflammation has been associated with many serious health issues, including:

  • Auto-Immune Illnesses
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Alzheimer’s and Memory Loss
  • Metabolic Syndrome
  • Cancer
  • Accelerated Aging
  • Organ Failure

Thermography is a key method for identifying inflammation with modern medical imaging. Thermography creates color images of heat levels in the body, which shows the severity of inflammation processes — and can also indicate the level of reduction of inflammation after using a particular therapy. Inflammation appears as a red color on the Thermography scans, while cooler tissue shows colors towards the blue side of the spectrum.

A major research project was undertaken with the earlier model Cyma1000 clinical unit, using the same Commutation sound codes as contained in the new AMI 750. The project focused on Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), which is a condition of the blood vessels that leads to narrowing and hardening of the arteries. The PAD Study was published and presented at BioElectromagnetics Society (BEMS) 30th Annual Meeting in June 2008.

As seen in the pictures below, thermography reveals a stunning decrease in inflammation after only 15 minutes of application. The “Before” pictures are on the left, the “After” pictures are on the right of the image below.

Cyma 1000

The same result is found when using the new public Cymatherapy AMI 750 device, as seen in the Thermography images below after only 20 minutes on the device:

AMI 750

This type of anti-inflammatory result has been found in research on other parts of the body as well.

The image below shows the use of the new AMI 750 public unit in helping reduce inflammation throughout the upper body, including breast and lymph tissue, with the sound vibrations applied through the feet.

AMI 750

The pictures below are of thermography studies of a case of Lymph and Breast Pain & Inflammation, with the Before pictures on the left side below, and the After pictures on the right side below showing results after a 6 week protocol of using the new AMI 750.


Other research projects are ongoing, including recent projects with Alzheimer’s and with major Lung issues (COPD, emphysema) which are showing excellent results. Details of these projects will be discussed at upcoming Cymatics conferences to be held in the United States.


The 5 Channels of the AMI 750

The AMI 750 was released with 5 Channels / Programs, each lasting around 30 minutes and each containing many different Commutation sound codes which are sequentially applied. There is an audible shift of tone when the device shifts from one Commutation to another during the running of the program.

The core 5 programs are:

1. Stress Relief

2. Pain Relief – Musculoskeletal

3. Pain Relief – Inflammatory

4. Vitality

5. Anti-Aging

Each program has its own unique commutation codes related to its core purpose, however some of the most important general codes are found towards the beginning of many programs.


Major Update to the AMI 750:

Addition of 5 New Channels in May 2016

In May 2016, 5 new Channels / Programs were added to the AMI 750, offering more of the original Commutation sound codes created by Dr. Manners. All units purchased now will include all 10 Channels.

For those who purchased the device before the upgrade, they can add these 5 new Channels to their devices by getting a USB drive with the upgrade through the mail for a low cost. This USB drive simply plugs into the USB port built into every device, and the entire upgrade process takes less than 1 minute. This means that persons with an existing AMI 750 will also have a complete 10 Channel unit, without the cost of having to buy a new device, thanks to the excellent upgradable design of the AMI 750.

The 5 new programs are:

Channel 6 – Body Balancing A: Oxygenation Stress.
Channel 7 – Body Balancing B: Respiratory Stress.
Channel 8 – Body Balancing C: Endocrine Stress.
Channel 9 – Body Balancing D: Digestive Stress.
Channel 10 – Body Balancing E: Stress associated with physical and environmental toxins.

I have found these new channels to be extremely powerful and beneficial. They are significant additions to an already outstanding healing technology.

As with all of the Cymatherapy technology, no claims are made for the channels or for the overall device beyond their use for potential stress and pain relief.


Using the AMI 750 on Body Areas Other Than the Feet

The new public AMI 750 unit was designed to be extremely easy to use, so that every program on the device can be applied simply through resting the feet on the gel pads.

It is also possible to use the AMI 750 with other body parts resting on the gel pads, rather than the feet. This may be desired in cases where we especially want the vibrations to be applied to a specific body area.

As an example, I recently was injured in Canada while attempting to pull a waterlogged wooden dock out of a river. I felt something pop in my left elbow, with shooting pain throughout my left arm up through my shoulder. I immediately started a session with the AMI 750, resting my left forearm and elbow directly on one of the gel pads. I ran Program 2, for Pain Muscular-Skeletal. I felt an immediate reduction of pain, and dramatic improvement of my injured arm from that point forward. I applied the same program on the following two days, and by the third day I was able to carry a 65 pound piece of luggage with the arm that was severely injured just a few days previously!


Charging of Water During an AMI 750 Session

The AMI 750 is designed so that on the central area between the footplates there is a flat platform where items can be placed to charge with the vibrations from the unit while it is running a program. Items are simply placed on the central plate between the two gel pads, anywhere below the keypad.

Ami 750

One great thing about this method is that this charging can be done at the same time as a person is receiving a session with their feet on the gel pads. Of course, items can also be charged by themselves on the device, but it is a good use of time to do it while a person is receiving a session.

A major focus of modern holistic research is the charging of water with beneficial vibrational information; it is becoming recognized that water is a key medium for holding vibrations, and of course the human body is primarily water as well.

An excellent technique to use with the AMI 750 is to place a glass bottle filled with water on the central plate of the unit, while a person is running a program with their feet on the two gel pads. The water then takes in the vibration of the program. After the session, the water can be drunk to reinforce the effects of the session, or applied for other experimental purposes (watering plants, given to other people or to animals to drink, used to soak an injured body area, etc.)


Charging of Materials During an AMI 750 Session

For purposes of vibrational research, many other types items could also be placed on the central plate to be charged with the vibrations from different programs. Currently experimentation is taking place at the Vesica Institute with the vibrational charging of crystals and gemstones, essential oils, supplements, clothing, and other materials.  This vibrational infusion of materials — so that the vibrational benefit is transferred when using the material — is in itself a fantastic experimental aspect of this device.


Conclusion: My Own Vibrational Testing of the AMI 750

As mentioned at the beginning of my companion article Cymatics: How Sound Vibrations Structure Physical Matter, I have evaluated a huge number of different electronic healing devices over the last 30+ years.

I have been extensively testing the AMI 750, which is now my favorite of all electronic & vibrational health devices on the market.

Among the reasons it is my favorite device:

  1. It comes from the core lineage of modern Cymatics, a key foundation for modern Vibrational Healing.
  2. It has over 70 years of research behind it, with 50 years of success with the application of the exact codes by Dr. Peter Guy Manners which are contained in this device. Most modern vibrational devices have been around for only a very short time, with far less of a proven track record.
  3. My own Vibrational Testing of the device, using the techniques shown in our Vibrational Testing & Healing online class, shows it to be extremely powerful and beneficial. I detect beneficial vibrational shifts in the bodies of users within minutes of starting a session. The AMI 750 can also be used on children and animals.
  4. My own personal experience of using the AMI 750 has been more positive, beneficial, and multi-faceted than with any of the other electronic healing tools I have ever tested or used. I personally now use the unit on a daily basis.
  5. It can be used to charge water and other materials, in addition to being used on the human being and animals.
  6. Unlike so many other electronic vibrational devices, it has been designed to be easily upgradable with new channels without having to buy an entirely new device. The unit contains a USB port, so that new channels can potentially be added to the device when they are released, just by plugging in a USB flash drive (which can be sent in the mail) into the USB port and running the program. This is the method which is being used now for existing users, in upgrading their original 5 channel units to the new 10 channels. There may of course be future generations of the device, however it is nice to know that it has been designed so that the current device can potentially be upgraded through the USB port.

For these reasons – and especially because I myself use this device on a daily basis – I decided that the AMI 750 will be the first electronic vibrational healing device in the entire 16 year history of Vesica, that we will sell.

The AMI 750 (described in the original article above) has now been replaced with the new AMI 850, now with 20 precise sound code channels instead of the original 10, and with other new advanced technologies added! For more info or to order, click the button below.