BioGeometry 1 BioGeometry® Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

BioGeometry® is Nature’s Own Design Language of Shape, Color, Sound, Number, and Motion. It reveals the hidden ways in which nature creates and distributes energy for the benefit of all living beings. Developed over three decades of intensive research by Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo Egypt, BioGeometry® teaches powerful, practical methods to test, differentiate, and apply the key energy qualities which affect health and consciousness.

BioGeometry® can be applied to any energy system; this includes humans, animals, plants, buildings, environmental locations, and even radiations from modern technologies. BioGeometry® students come from all different walks of life, because BioGeometry techniques can be applied in every field of work.

Although the majority of our students in North America are interested in or practice Holistic Health, we also have trained many Architects, Interior Designers, Medical Doctors, Nurses, persons suffering from Electro-Hypersensitivity, students of esoteric spiritual studies, etc.

BioGeometry® is a master energy science with unlimited potential applications. BioGeometry® energy-quality balancing solutions have been shown effective in multiple scientific and medical projects conducted in Egypt and throughout Europe, including The Egyptian National Research Centre and The Egyptian National Hepatitis C Research Project. It is currently being applied to architecture, telecom networks, industrial design, boats, airplanes and many other fields to transmute the effects of environmental energy disturbances from sources such as electro-magnetic radiation, structural design, and cosmic & earth-energy radiation. BioGeometry® has also been successfully applied in agriculture, poultry, fish, and livestock farming to increase productivity and quality, while eliminating harmful artificial additives and treatments.