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Foundations of a New Vibrational Science

Cymatics 2Our world has been transformed by modern technology, which in some ways has made out lives easier, and in other ways threatens to destroy life on Earth. These new technologies are entirely based on two fundamental discoveries:

1.  The Spectrum of the Physical World, Physical Matter; this spectrum is now called “The Periodic Table of the Elements.”  It is the recipe book of every single physical substance which can exist in our physical world.  It is the physical base of any technology.

2.  The Spectrum of Electro-Magnetic Energy; this is light — and in fact, life energy itself — which is in a process of disintegration. Electro-Magnetic energy has fallen from the realm of pure Life and Light into the world of matter, where it can be easily contained inside of machines.  All of our modern technology is based on the identification of the complete SPECTRUM of Electro-magnetic energy; every ‘band’ of energy has a different function, and is used by different types of devices.

However, tragically, modern materialistic science has left out a THIRD essential spectrum: that of Life Energy itself, the expression of Light as Life.  This is the biological life-force which lives in human bodies, in plants, in all living beings; it is different from Electro-Magnetic energy.  It is more “subtle”, less dense and destructive, and thus harder to stuff into dead machines than EM energy is. Every classical tradition on the planet has a name for this life energy: Chi, Ki, Prana, Ether.  The classical healing arts such as Chinese Medicine, Indian Ayurveda, the work of Paracelsus in Europe, etc. are all based on life energy, not the physical mechanism of the human body which is the focus of Western Medicine.

Because modern technology has been based only on the identification of the Spectrums of Electro-Magnetic Energy and Physical Matter (ie, the “Periodic Table” and the “Electro-Magnetic Spectrum”), it has no sense of the vibrational effects of this technology on living beings.  So we are faced today with the official  denial of toxic effects on the human being from Electro-Magnetic pollution, Nuclear Radiation from power plants, detrimental radiations in our food and water, etc.

PendulesWith Vibrational Radiesthesia , also known as Vibrational Dowsing, we have a practical tool to allow us to KNOW the specific vibrational quality and effects of anything in the world; whether an electro-magnetic device, a powerline, a cell tower, a human being, an animal, a plant, a Shape, a Sound, a Color —  literally anything and everything can be analyzed with simple Vibrational Radiesthesia tools.

We can also MANIFEST any of the qualities which affect life, in any combination, through specific Vibrational Radiesthesia tools.  This is the opening of a new era of Vibrational Medicine, of clear understanding of the qualities needed for any living being, of specific applications to balance any problem.  We can balance the energy from a person, a house, a device, a city; anything.

Not only does Vibrational Radiesthesia give us a practical way to determine and apply specific vibrational qualities, we also have another profound gift from this type of practice: it develops our OWN conscious perception of these invisible life energies which are all around us.   What begins as the picking up of an invisible vibrational field through the help of the dowsing device ends up transforming us: we develop an internal ‘eye’ to perceive these energies, and to consciously understand them at the same time.  The Vibrational Radiesthesia tool is in reality training wheels, a device to keep us in stable resonance, with the energies we are testing or applying; in time we can see and/or manifest the energies without the need of any external device.  However the devices are needed, as they keep us grounded and in resonance with the reality of these energies;  if we leave using these devices too soon, before our resonance with the specific vibrational quality has completely crystallized, then we quickly fall prey to illusion, mistaking our own mental or energetic projections for the actual energies around us.Through the Initiation process of doing Vibrational Radiesthesia, we overcome our blindness to life energy of God which flows through us and all around us, and can become conscious and responsible Co-Creators; this is our spiritual destiny and the purpose of the educational process of Earthly incarnation.In fact, the crisis we have reached today from the harmful effects of modern technology forces us to develop this third science, based on the Vibrational Spectrum, if we are to survive and correct the major problems we are faced with.

Cat iconSince everything in Creation is based on Sacred Geometry, on specific Divine Patterns, so the Vibrational Spectrum has been divided into 12 different bands of energy for our use.  This is because it takes a minimum of 12 divisions to allow every major aspect present in the whole to be separated out into its own band; so we have 12 Arhats around Buddha, 12 Disciples around Christ, 12 Imams of Shia Islam, 12 Tribes of Israel, etc.  In physical reality, exactly 12 spheres will fit around a central sphere of equal size.The 12 core divisions of life energy, i.e. the Vibrational Spectrum, can be taken further for advanced work: then each of the 12 bands is further sub-divided into 12, for a total of 144 vibrational qualities, each of which has a powerful and unique function in the world.  We find references to 144 in many Sacred texts, including esoteric Christianity.We have had Vibrational Radiesthesia tools to test the 12 different vibrational qualities since the French first developed these in the 1930’s, and we use these in our work today.  However we have not had a tool which can detect and manifest all 144 qualities of the full system, until last year when we succeeded in developing one.  This practical tool to test and apply all 144 qualities will be introduced at my talks and courses in Toronto in May 2010, and thereafter will be available to the public.

I hope this has been a useful introduction to the meaning and significance of Vibrational Testing and Applications, and of the practical use of either 12 or 144 vibrational qualities.