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The Spiritual Realities behind the original Holy Grail and Rosicrucian traditions in Europe.
This is an overview of Professor Gabriel Kelemen’s research into the vibrational standing waves which create the human face.
Info and Resources to build this powerful Grid, featured in our new Crystal training.
Read this remarkable excerpt from The Essential Teaching and Practices of Spiritual Science Online Training.
Connecting Energy Centers Above with Energy Centers Below with the
Energy Field.
Read about the “Michael Prophecy”: Who We are and Why We are Here.
An excerpt from the Vesica online training Uniting Spiritual &
Vibrational Practices.
Protect yourself from the flood of artificially treated stones on the market today, which destroy stones’ natural powers.
Explore the powers of this amazing little-known stone, including its ability to transmute toxic vibrations for living beings or locations.
Learn about the work of Marcel Vogel and the applications of the powerful precise sacred geometry forms of true Vogel Crystals.
See the resources featured in our new Crystal Course, all items are available to the public.
Kassandra Scardino from Australia, Presents: Egyptian BioGeometry® Ancient Knowledge for the New Earth & Modern Energy Balancing.
See these new original art pieces plus a new Cymatics video by Prof. Kelemen.
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