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The Secret Energy Code in Egyptian Temple Walls

BG Biogeometry Kit AT Advanced Training 1 reduced The Secret Energy Code in Egyptian Temple Walls Vesica Institute for Holistic StudiesWe are only just beginning to decode and reclaim the advanced vibrational science used in the Ancient Egyptian Temples.  Some of the most important modern rediscoveries have been made by the Egyptian architect and natural scientist Dr. Ibrahim Karim, founder of modern BioGeometry®.

Among Dr. Karim’s many discoveries is the fact that Ancient Egyptian Temples knew and used a key energy blueprint: a special Geometric Grid which held encoded information about every level of the spiritual energies and powers inside every human being.  The Egyptian Priests built this pattern invisibly into the major illustrations on their Temple Walls, as well as into statues (some of them quite massive) built during ancient times.  

A few facts about the “Human Archetype Grid” which
Dr. Karim discovered:

  • The Grid has 19 Levels, which connects it in resonance to the spiritual blueprint of every human being.
  • The Grid includes both major and minor energy points in the human body, each of which has different powers embedded within them.
  • The Grid activates an energetic field inside and around the pictures and statues created with this code: these have energetic qualities similar to a human Saint in prayer, which can be directly tested and confirmed with BioGeometry® methods.
  • The Grid can be used to activate the complete spiritual energy grid within any human being, or to activate any specific center within the human being.
  • The Grid can be adapted to test the energy quality and quantity within any person, place, or thing.
  • The Grid can be used as a powerful energy balancing device, which can affect any space it is activated in.
  • The Grid is related to the “Hekhau” sounds of power used by the Egyptian priests, which can activate energy centers within the human body.

Modern Egyptologists are aware of this 19 level Design Grid used in Ancient Egypt, but have no knowledge of its significance.

Use of the Grid on Egyptian Temple Walls

BioGeometry ruler

Within the flat Grid of 19 levels the Egyptian priests preserved the Design “Code” of the Human Being in the way the people were depicted on the Temple Walls.  This required simplifying a 3-d pattern of Energy Points inside the body into a 2-d pattern.  To be able to preserve the 3-d information when reduced to a 2-d projection on a flat wall, certain postures of the body were necessary for the figures on the wall.  These are the famous postures / artistic styles we know from Ancient Egyptian art.  For example, it is necessary for the majority of the body to be presented forward and flat in the picture, so that code information is not lost by an oblique perspective.  This technique results in the images we are familiar with from Ancient Egypt: figures looking toward one end of the picture, but with their shoulders square to the viewer and feet turned fully to the side. 

This Grid of 19 Levels is unique to Ancient Egypt, because they made the cornerstone of their design the Spiritual Archetype level of all things.  Other types of Grids were used for Design in other cultures: for instance the  Greeks used a Grid based on the physical level and the human head, resulting a grid based on 7, or other numbers.

The “Living Statues” of Ancient Egypt

When this grid was used to create statues in Ancient Egypt, and the statues were erected on a sacred power spot (which radiates specific vibrational qualities), then the statue would radiate harmony (and resonance with the Human Spiritual Archetype) through the area.  This kind of archetypal statue connects the original spiritual law with humanity; the energy of these Statues is alive, like a living person in prayer.  Huge statues of this kind placed on Power Spots in ancient Egypt had tremendous power.

When the knowledge of how to create these Archetypal Code statues was lost, statues became “graven images” with no internal life or function, no resonance with higher powers.

The Use of the Egyptian Human Archetype Grid in
Modern BioGeometry®

Bg ruler

Dr. Karim has integrated his discovery of the Human Archetype Grid into practical training methods.

In the BioGeometry® Foundation Training, students learn to directly test different energy qualities, and methods to create highly beneficial energies.  One of the many methods taught at this level is the use of specific number qualities in design: because of the powerful and profound energies which the proper use of a 19 grid creates, we tend to use this number’s vibrational qualities for designing spiritual locations and not for locations for more general use, or for the general public.  

In the BioGeometry Advanced Training, students are taught how to use a special energy measurement device based on the Human Archetype Grid, which Dr. Karim calls the Human Archetype Ruler or the BG3 Ruler (another name for the BioGeometry ®Human Archetype Ruler, as BG3 is the energy which balances and centers all living energy systems.)  This amazing tool allows BioGeometry® practitioners to directly test any living being (human, animal or plant), any location, and even inanimate objects for their vibrational quality and quantity.  With a special attachment that has shapes connected to different Planes of Nature, practitioners can also test on any Plane level of the energy system: Physical, Vitality, Emotional, Mental, Causal, Spiritual, or Divine.  This master energy testing tool also can be adapted as an energy balancing device, to be set up in any space for powerful vibrational effects.

The Three Grid Systems: Male, Female, and Archetypal Human

Dr. Karim found that there were two different grid patterns in the human beings shown on the Temple Walls and Statues, one for Men and one for Women.  Dr. Karim then found the points common to both Men and Women, to arrive at the non-gender Universal Human Archetype Pattern.  It is this pattern which Dr. Karim has made available through the Human Archetype Pendant, and the BG3 Ruler.

Wearing the Egyptian Grid Pattern on the Human Body

The Human Archetype pattern on the BG3 Ruler  is the same as on the Human Archetype Pendant.  However because the Human Archetype Pendant has been designed by Dr. Karim to be worn directly on the body, some of the points in the full Archetype pattern were taken out to reduce the intensity of the pendant to a level where most people are comfortable with it.  The pattern on the BG3 Ruler is the complete pattern.

Note: the Vesica Institute imports both the Human Archetype Pendant and the BG3 Ruler from Egypt  Both the Pendant and The BG3 Ruler are only available to students in the Advanced BioGeometry® training, where they are taught how to measure energetic fields accurately with this tool, and to use it as an energetic tool in its own right.