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This one-of-a-kind conversation brings together the ancient and almost forgotten science of Sacred Geometry with the recent discoveries made in psychedelic research about the geometry of DMT experiences.
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With 10 Ancient & Modern Powerful Energy Applications.
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“Sacred Geometry” on Living 4D.
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Cyma Technologies Releases Exciting News on the latest AMI 850 Research.
Watch a special interview on Sacred Geometry, BioGeometry®, & the Mechanics of the Universe.
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Dr. Gilbert talks with Danica about BioGeometry®, Sacred Geometry, Spiritual Science, and more. Watch now through the link below.
The Eco Laser offers an extremely fast, powerful, and easy way to energetically Clear, Charge, and Balance any material with beneficial vibrations.
Dr. Gilbert discusses Rosicrucians, Freemasons, Sacred Geometry, and More.
Coming soon– Registration for Special Topics 2024 with Dr. Ibrahim Karim.
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