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BioGeometry®: The Egyptian Holistic Science of Energy

BiosigHow did the Ancient Egyptians use geometry and design to create beneficial healing energies? What is the Egyptian version of “Feng Shui”? Why do specific geometric designs (as shown in scientific tests) create wellness in humans, animals, and plants? What are the three key energy qualities present in all natural power spots and in the human immune system? By what means can these essential energy qualities be directly detected, measured, and manifested? How did the ancients use energies emitted from specific forms as “spiritual carrier waves” for information exchange between the spiritual and physical worlds?

All of these questions find their exceptional answers in the field of BioGeometry®. BioGeometry® is a remarkable holistic science which incorporates previously unrevealed techniques used in ancient Egypt within a complete body of knowledge and effective practices. Developed and patented by Dr. Ibrahim F. Karim of Cairo, Egypt in over 30 years of intensive research and development, BioGeometry® is a universal design language of geometric form, color, sound, and motion. It produces powerful and measurable beneficial energy effects in all living and inert systems, both human and environmental.

BioGeomety® principles and designs have been shown to be highly effective in multiple Egyptian and European projects including university scientific and medical studies. Just a few examples include:

  • The Egyptian national Hepatitis C Research Project under Dean Taha Khalifa M.D. at Al Azhar University’s Pharmaceutical School
  • The Research Committee on the Influence of Geometrical Shapes on Life Function at the Egyptian National Research Centre
  • And multiple University agricultural studies in Holland.

BioGeometry® is not only one of the most scientifically validated holistic approaches in existence, it is also perhaps the most complete integrated system. It includes:

  • Methods to directly detect and measure the specific qualities of energy in any person or space.
  • Methods to discern between the detrimental and beneficial energy components of materials, locations, and waveforms.
  • Methods to balance and optimize energy in any system.
  • Methods to transmute detrimental energy to beneficial energy (including electro-magnetic and toxic earth energies).
  • Methods to create measurable beneficial energies through specific alignments of objects.
  • Over 700 specific patterns called “Biosignatures™” which balance human energy systems (they are in fact the natural patterns of energy movement within each human internal organ and process).
  • Unprecedented explanations of concepts and practical applications from the Ancient Egyptian civilization, which can be directly tested and validated.
  • A coherent Physics of Quality to complete the dominant quantitative Physics paradigm.
  • Details of the “Energy Key” to understand all natural energy flows; this key explains the internal disputes in other design approaches such as Feng Shui, and clarifies the ancient Egyptian method of placement. Practical methods to create “Master Keys” to balance all energy flows in a space are also taught.
  • Unique explanations of (and effective methods to manifest) the critical transcendental energy components found in sacred power spots on the Earth and in the human immune system.

Please note that this is only a partial list of the material found within BioGeometry®.

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