• Connecting to

    Spiritual Beings

    New Online Training
    in Spiritual Science 

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  • Online Course

    Spiritual Science
    Essential Teachings & Practices:

    Spiritual Initiation
    the Independent Path

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  • Spiritual Science for Our Time

    Essential spiritual development information collected from multiple world traditions. We offer clear and concise summaries of rare Initiation Knowledge & Practices, to empower your independent spiritual path.   Read More

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  • Online BioGeometry Practicum

    Registration is now open for the
    Online BioGeometry® Practicums
    for both Foundation and Advanced Trainings.
    Review Essential Practices. Develop Higher Skills.

  • Sacred Geometry: The Divine Patterns of Creation

    Learn the secret science taught to Initiates of every great spiritual tradition.  Sacred Geometry reveals the actual Divine patterns - The “Blueprints of Creation” which create all life.

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  • Vibrational Science

    The science of the future, here today.  Vesica offers access to rare European information & techniques, including the French discovery of the complete "Spectrum of Life Energy" which controls both health and illness.

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  • Holistic Health

    Life-saving information from ancient traditions and the latest holistic medicine research. Our resources and trainings offer hard-to-find knowledge from advanced systems including Chinese Medicine, Indian Ayurveda, and European Anthroposophical Medicine.

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  • EMF & Nuclear Radiation Protection

    Learn to protect yourself from the increasing levels of Electro-Magnetic Field pollution and the Radioactive Fallout from Nuclear accidents. Our trainings combine the very latest scientific methods with essential (but little-known) holistic protection techniques.

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  • The Vesica Institute

    Our offices are located in the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina USA. Our live trainings and new ONLINE distance-training courses serve thousands of students living all over the world. 

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The Vesica Institute offers high quality resources in ancient and modern holistic sciences.

Our live and online trainings gather rare techniques and information from around the world into clear, concise and illuminating summaries.

Our trainings serve thousands of students living on six continents. Discover how Vesica can help empower you in your personal journey.

Online Courses

Essential Teachings and Practices of Spiritual Science:
Spiritual Initiation and the Modern Independent Path


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