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Announcing: a New Breakthrough Cymatherapy
Sound Healing Device, For Easy Home Use.


The Most Advanced Cymatherapy Health & Longevity Technology EVER offered to the Public!

Very Limited Stock of These New State-of-the-Art Devices are Back in Stock and Ready to Ship Now!

Developed by Mandara Cromwell, CEO of Cyma Technologies and Innovator of the AMI Devices.

See the full description of all the New Healing Channels
at the bottom of this page.

Cyma Technologies 500px Announcing: a New Breakthrough Cymatherapy <br>Sound Healing Device, For Easy Home Use. Vesica Institute for Holistic StudiesThe AMI 850 is our new flagship Cymatherapy Device. It features TWENTY HIGHLY EFFECTIVE CHANNELS for profound rejuvenation in all aspects of health.

Made to be extremely easy for any member of the family to use at home – just sit down and rest your bare feet on the gel pads, and the powerful Sound Vibration Codes will be carried from the soles of the feet to every area of your body through the Energy Meridians.
AMI 850 is US $5995 (very limited stock available).
The AMI 850 is the latest evolution of the Acoustic Meridian Intelligence devices.

In addition to the original Cyma Ten channels—created to alleviate the underlying causes of disease, the AMI 850 contains the new Keys To Health protocols. Formulated to elevate your body to its next level of vibrant health. These additional ten channels will open the doors to the healing potential that already exists within the body.

The AMI 850 is now available for immediate shipping!

AMI 750 Owners: Are you Interested in upgrading your AMI 750 Device to accommodate the Cyma Ten channels and the new ten channels called “Keys To Health”? Click here for more details

AMI—ACOUSTIC MERIDIAN INTELLIGENCE • Applies sound through the portals of the feet utilizing the meridian pathways • Employs fully researched audible frequency programs for a focused approach to health • Utilizing two of Mother Nature’s precious, health-giving materials—tourmaline and germanium • Combines ancient principles, quantum physics and advanced sound technology • Delivers fast and phenomenal results with the evolution of Cyma Technologies patented sound discoveries
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The AMI 850 is now available for immediate shipping!

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cymatherapy blood analysis Announcing: a New Breakthrough Cymatherapy <br>Sound Healing Device, For Easy Home Use. Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

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many people ask Announcing: a New Breakthrough Cymatherapy <br>Sound Healing Device, For Easy Home Use. Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

Channel Descriptions for the

 AMI 850

Cyma Technologies 500 high res 1 Announcing: a New Breakthrough Cymatherapy <br>Sound Healing Device, For Easy Home Use. Vesica Institute for Holistic StudiesCyma Technologies 500 high res Announcing: a New Breakthrough Cymatherapy <br>Sound Healing Device, For Easy Home Use. Vesica Institute for Holistic StudiesThe AMI 850 is the next evolution of the Acoustic Meridian Intelligence concept and advanced sound technology instruments. The device houses a unique collection of twenty health-building channels, with a new “sound delivery system,” using two of Mother Nature’s most precious ingredients—Tourmaline and Germanium. The gemstones and minerals embedded in the new foot pads of the device enhance the healing potential for everyone. With the twenty channels available, owners will have a plan for disease prevention and a tremendously powerful path to health and longevity.

The AMI 850 comes equipped with the original “Cyma Ten” channels from the AMI 750, along with ten new channels we have named the “Keys To Health.”

The first Cyma Ten channels were created to help the body in addressing the underlying causes of disease, as well as to support the ongoing health of the body’s major systems. Here they are:

Channel One—Stress Relief
This channel addresses mental, emotional and physical stresses, which have proven to be some of the underlying causes of disease.

Channel Two—Pain Musculo/Skeletal
This channel is best used for acute pain which accompanies injury to the body—but can also be combined with Channel Three for chronic, long-term symptoms including inflammation.

Channel Three—Pain Inflammatory
This channel can be used for pain caused by inflammation. It can also be helpful to diminish inflammation that accompanies other disease processes, such as auto-immune diseases.

Channel Four—Vitality
This channel provides a natural energy boost. It is helpful in recovering from illnesses and can also be part of a wellness program for adding energy to focused sports or workout related activities.

Channel Five—Anti-Aging
This channel stimulates the natural age-defying functions in the body and can be used for health maintenance. It is helpful for supporting the functions of the organs and major systems in the body.

Channel Six—Body Balancing A—the Immune System
This channel provides assistance to the body when fighting off illness, as well as continuing to build a healthy immune system.

Channel Seven—Body Balancing B—the Respiratory System
This channel offers support for the lungs as well as works to diminish any inflammation in the system caused by infection or chronic illness.

Channel Eight—Body Balancing C—the Cardiovascular System
This channel increases circulation and supports heart health, while aiding in releasing stress which Is often the cause of cardiovascular disease. 

Channel Nine—Body Balancing D—the Digestive System
This channel offers assistance in digestion and food absorption along with dissipation of inflammation which is often the cause of digestive issues.

Channel Ten—Body Balancing E—the Nervous System
This channel supports the nervous system with stress relieving frequencies as well as assists in releasing toxicity which is helpful in reducing pain.

In addition to the ten channels just described above in the AMI 850, there are also ten brand new “Keys To Health” channels, which focus on the health and functionality of the body’s systems.  See below for descriptions of the new Channels 11 – 20.

Channel Eleven—the Cellular Dance
This channel optimizes the functions of the cells to include the correct metabolism, oxygenation, and the orchestration of the vital life force circulating throughout the human form.
Whole body health is a result of the perfect functioning of the cells. With this channel we support correct cell metabolism and communication, while orchestrating the vital life force through the body. These frequencies may help awaken cells that have “gone to sleep” due to infection, illness or chronic stress.
Users may notice an increase in energy, especially those who have a sedentary lifestyle and need to stimulate their vital life force. Select this channel if you are recovering from an illness, choosing a new diet or nutritional program, or preparing for huge energy exertion. 

Channel Twelve—Memory and Focus
This channel serves as a reset of our brain functions, while improving emotional and mental function, creating calm and less stress on our nervous systems.

If you have suffered memory loss and inability to focus, this channel will help to reduce stress and inflammation, which are the major causes of these cognitive symptoms. Enhanced brain function and ability to remember details, along with improvement in overall health, which is often impacted by stress, are some of the anticipated benefits.

When life or work requires long periods of concentration or study, and you need to remember details, use this channel in preparation for events requiring heightened mental focus. It is also helpful in recovering from memory loss after traumatic events, that may include physical injury and/or chronic emotional distress.

Channel Thirteen—Bone Fitness
This channel helps with the ongoing natural process of bone tissue remodeling itself, fortifying the bone matrix and creating a strong and healthy skeleton.

The ongoing process of regenerating bone cells is enhanced through the use of this channel. Bone loss can be diminished and the skeleton strengthened by the consistent usage of the protocol. If your lifestyle does not include regular exercise or if you have been diagnosed with a bone condition, this channel can help to delay bone deterioration and stimulate bone regrowth.

If you are recovering from a bone break or musculo-skeletal injury, this channel will hasten the recovery time. If you are preparing for fitness competitions such as weight lifting, this will also be helpful in bringing overall strength to the body.

Channel Fourteen—Energy Body Nutrition
By combining the frequencies of color and vitamins, we can strengthen the nutritional pathways between the vital organs. Sound can move through our energetic bodies and aid in the conversion of food to energy.

This channel will assist the body with circulation, nutrition and the removal of toxins. Using the frequencies of both color and vitamins will clear the energetic pathways between the organs while introducing the necessary sound nutrients to the body.

If you are unlikely to take vitamins in pill form or aren’t eating a healthy diet, this channel can be a way to introduce vital energy nutrition to the body. If you need energy boosts throughout the day, this channel can be imprinted in your drinking water for additional therapeutic value.

Channel Fifteen—Emotional Harmony
This channel will help to mitigate the effects of stress and retrain the brain and emotional body to have healthier responses to known stressors.

Mental and emotional health go hand-in-hand. This channel provides a tool to maintain harmony in your everyday life. Better management of your thoughts and emotions will result in overall life improvements. These frequency patterns will bring energetic coherence between the mental and emotional bodies.

If you find yourself losing your temper a lot, having repetitive stressful thoughts and unable to establish normal sleep cycles, this channel harmonizes negative patterns of energy, rebuilding a healthy emotional response to life challenges.

Channel Sixteen—Toxicity Clearing
This channel is designed to offset the effects of environmental toxins. This is a tool for clearing our systems and helping to fortify the body against auto-immune diseases, by reducing inflammation.

This channel is a systematic, gentle way to stimulate the body to release toxins. It can be combined with a nutritional detox, when necessary.  The frequencies work as cell cleansing agents, removing waste and diminishing the inflammatory process.

If you find yourself low on energy, susceptible to infections, have unusual swelling in your joints, skin rashes, or other signs of inflammation, this channel can be valuable in assisting the body on its journey back to health. Environmental toxicity concerns may need to be addressed in order to experience the full benefit of the channel.

Channel Seventeen—Sound Sleep
This channel brings a cascade of healing frequencies to the “five bodies,” physical, etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, so that a deep rest and relaxation can be experienced, providing the opportunity for the body’s healing to happen.
One of the first aspects of health to deteriorate in challenging times is sleep. This can affect mental and emotional states as well as cognitive functions of the brain. This channel can be used daily as a healthy way to induce sleep. It is also helpful in re-training the body to sleep in natural cycles.

If you suffer from insomnia, or if you frequently wake up not feeling rested, this channel is a necessary tool. The best health and energy levels can only be achieved with deep and restful sleep on a regular basis. This channel will clear your mind and calm your body, enabling you to rest without disruption in your normal sleep cycles.

Channel Eighteen—Vibrant Body Nutrition
This channel uses specific frequencies to support immune system health, which in turn, allows all the other systems to thrive. These “sound vitamins and minerals” provide a powerful source of vibrancy for the physical and energetic bodies.

All of our organs have a distinct frequency or vibrational energy. This channel will strengthen the overall physical body, helping all the systems to thrive. Sound moves easily through both the physical and energetic bodies. These frequencies will assist the body in the conversion of food to energy.

If your vitality is depleted, you are lacking in nutrition, and tend to get sick easily, this channel improves health on many levels. The result of the ongoing use of the channel is more sustained energy, higher resistance to infections and increased strength.

Channel Nineteen—Immune Shield
This channel stimulates the body’s defense system, protecting it from pathogens that may try to attack its weakest link. It is a support for healthy emotions and heightened energy, both necessary for a highly functioning immune system.

This channel offers organ support so that the body is highly functioning when the immune system is called into action.  By energizing the organ systems, a “shield” is created to help the body fight pathogens. The whole-body network is involved in a concerted effort to fight disease.

If you are not sure how to build your immune system and have low energy or get sick easily, this is a new way to systematically rebuild your health and immunity. Health improvements will be realized as the immune system is restored and revitalized with sound.

Channel Twenty—Healthy Metabolism
This channel balances two activities of the body which happen simultaneously—the building up of body tissues and energy stores, while breaking down tissues to release more fuel for the body functions. This balance helps to create healthy energy levels and body weight.

This channel brings balance to the process of energy distribution throughout the body. It can help with low vital life force or other body processes that become out of sync with the stresses of life.  A healthy glandular system is an integral part of the body’s ability to rebuild. Optimum metabolic function is sustained by the regular use of this frequency combination.

If you have weight gain, blood sugar imbalances, sluggish digestion or poor circulation, these frequency patterns will help to restore metabolic balance and healthy body functions. This channel works best when used as an integral part of an overall health program, including proper nutrition and exercise

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