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PurCrystal™ / Crystals & Minerals

Vesica offers pure, untreated crystals from around the world, selected for their optimal vibrational qualities. We also offer unique trainings in How to Test and to Practically Apply Crystals and Gemstones.

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Crystals and Minerals are the foundation of Vibrational Medicine, and of all classical subtle energy sciences.  This is because they are the most stable sources of precise vibrations on the planet, lasting millions of years.  For this reason, every major spiritual tradition and healing science throughout history has revered and applied Crystals & Gemstones for healing and for spiritual activation. Examples include the Stones in the Breastplate of Aaron in the Temple of Solomon, the 12 Stones which are the Foundation of the New Jerusalem, the Carnelian ring carried by the Prophet Muhammed, the Planetary Stones used in the Indian Vedic Tradition, the complete Stone Medicine system used by the Chinese Taoists, etc.  However the deeper aspects of the Vibrational Science of Crystals and Minerals cannot be found in most modern teachings or books on the subject. 

Vesica offers unique Online Trainings
in the deep Vibrational Applications of Crystal & Gemstones.

We are also the only source for Stones which are Vibrationally Tested to ensure they have the exact Vibrational Qualities needed for practical applications.  All of our stones are completely natural, with no artificial treatments of any kind.  

The Vesica Institute offers a unique online training in How to Use Crystals and Gemstones and our new course, Minerals & Crystals for Times of Stress, with information and techniques not found in any other source.  We also want to make you free and independent in your work with Stones, so that you do not have to rely on us for testing the real vibrational qualities of any Crystal.  

We now offer the Vibrational Testing & Healing Series as an online training, where you will learn how to test for yourself the exact vibrations (both beneficial and detrimental) coming from any Crystal or Mineral, and also how to test for how any Stone vibrationally affects a specific person’s entire energy field (or any sub-system in their body, such as glands, organs, or energy centers.)  

We also offer the only Webshop for Vibrationally Tested Stones in the world, where you can be assured that any Crystal you purchase has the needed vibrational qualities for effective practical applications, with none of the artificial treatments (artificial heating, gamma ray irradiation, dying, and other treatments meant to brighten the color of the stone but which destroy or make highly toxic the stone’s natural vibrations) which now affect so many stones sold to the public.