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SEER® Resources for Holistic Health & Vibrational Science

Vesica offers Rare Resources in Vibrational Science Discoveries & Practical Applications from Around the World.

Research vibrational science 1 SEER® Resources for Holistic Health & Vibrational Science Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

Vibrational Science refers to the rapidly developing new paradigm of holistic scientific research, which focuses on the vibrational foundations of all life and matter — not simply the physical substances which are the sole focus of modern conventional science.

This new Vibrational Science includes the field of holistic healing with  “Vibrational Medicine”.  This covers both traditional methods of using specific vibrations for health and healing (such as the use of color, sound, shape, etc. in systems like Indian Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine) and recent breakthroughs in modern vibrational healing research.  Vibrational Healing was the foundation of all classical healing systems, which focused on life energy rather than physical matter; they referred to the vital life force under a variety of names such as “chi”, “prana”, “ether”, “mana”, etc.

The Vesica Institute also offers practical training & applications in the little-known French Vibrational research of the early 1900’s, sometimes referred to as “Physical Radiesthesia.”  This research began with revelations from Jesuit-trained French Priests, such as Abbe Mermet, about the methods used by the Jesuits to conduct vibrational testing and healing.  The Vesica Institute owns one of the world’s largest collections of rare French Vibrational Radiesthesia research texts, having purchased the entire collection of Christopher Hills (the late author of the book SuperSensonics.)

This rare French research is the foundation of our work developing further the “Spectrum of Life Energy”, which is the first comprehensive identification of all the specific vibrational qualities which affect all life, health, and consciousness.  We have expanded the French system of 12 vibrational qualities into a complete system of 144 vibrational qualities, with tools to be able to test and apply each one of the qualities.

Our approach to Vibrational Testing and Applications develops your own ability to directly perceive and understand these subtle energies, unlike expensive healing machines which apply unknown vibrations and in no way develop your own abilities.  By directly interacting with, and learning  to directly perceive, these vibrational life forces we develop new organs of perception in our subtle bodies — a gift which remains with us through the rest of our life, transforming our Spiritual Potential and Destiny.