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Sacred Geometry

Vesica Provides Comprehensive Education in the Practical and Spiritual Aspects of Sacred Geometry

sacred geometry 1 Sacred Geometry Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

Everything in the manifest world is based on the Divine Patterns of Creation known as Sacred Geometry. Formerly Sacred Geometry was a secret topic restricted to closed groups of spiritual initiates, only in the past 100 years has the veil begun to lift. Much more than “symbolic” patterns of art and philosophy, the true science of Sacred Geometry allows direct, practical access to spiritual and material forces of creation.

Sacred Geometry means literally “The Sacred Measure of the Earth”. But it could also be called “The Blueprint of all Creation.” In reality, Sacred Geometry is a profound spiritual science, which has been taught for thousands of years in spiritual traditions around the world. This is because Sacred Geometry reveals the actual patterns by which Spirit creates our World. Sacred Geometry holds the keys to Creation, Healing, and Spiritual Initiation.