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Spiritual Science

The Vesica Institute is dedicated to creating a New, Universal Spiritual Science. We provide access to hidden knowledge & practices from multiple world traditions.

spiritual science grail Spiritual Science Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

Today we are seeing a remarkable release of deep spiritual initiation information from multiple world traditions. We offer trainings and resources which illuminate how these diverse traditions offer keys to a Truly Universal Spiritual Science.

Our challenge today is to overcome the many “veils” intentionally placed over the deeper knowledge of the classical traditions, and make the aspects of spiritual reality discovered by each tradition clear and accessible — without having to give our power away to external institutions or teachers just to be allowed to access these deeper teachings.

Empowered with clear information and practices, we can chart our own path of spiritual development, connecting to spiritual realities directly rather than through others.  

This is the foundation of the modern, independent path of Spiritual Initiation — which millions of people are already on.  Our thousands of students from all over the world tell us that our trainings and resources have provided them with essential keys to unlock their own spiritual development — keys hidden within the inner teachings of multiple  spiritual traditions, which would take many years to try to find on one’s own (when they can be found at all.)