Watch Dr. Gilbert’s GAIA interview for free: “Sacred Geometry in Our Lives”

Gaia interview Robert Gilbert 1080px Watch Dr. Gilbert's GAIA interview for free: "Sacred Geometry in Our Lives" Vesica Institute for Holistic StudiesHello Friends,

We are delighted to announce that our very own Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D. was recently interviewed and featured on the GAIA channel!

This in-depth interview that explores Sacred Geometry in Our Lives was featured on the show Open Minds with Regina Meredith, found in Season 18, Episode 11.

The following is a brief synopsis of the interview from the Gaia channel:

“Sacred Geometry shows us how the connection between science and spirit become limitless. Dr. Robert Gilbert, director of the Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies, explains that spiritual and vibrational sciences are universal across wisdom traditions from Plato to Rudolf Steiner. He says we can learn to bring sacred geometry and BioGeometry into our daily lives by balancing our personal and social energies, and meditation practices aided by geometric visualization.” 

There are many more topics discussed in this interview than are mentioned in the synopsis above!

Starting Tuesday July 19th, for 72 hours watch this interview for free:

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Following this interview, Dr. Gilbert was offered his own show on the Gaia Channel! Read more about the show Sacred Geometry: Spiritual Science through the link below:
image4 e1658081907150 Watch Dr. Gilbert's GAIA interview for free: "Sacred Geometry in Our Lives" Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

View our Public Resource Page HERE for more details.

gaia logo Watch Dr. Gilbert's GAIA interview for free: "Sacred Geometry in Our Lives" Vesica Institute for Holistic StudiesComments from some of the viewers:

“Okay. So, is this advanced AI speaking? I’ve not heard such an eloquent, clear minded speaker. No ‘um’ uttered. Just a continuous stream of metaphysical consciousness. And we’ve barely scratched the surface of the depth of this individual’s knowledge. More, I want MORE! Thank you Robert and Regina. Blessings and love to all.”

“Fantastic mind, so eloquent, incredible work, definitely bring him back…”

“What a golden wealth of knowledge this man shares! I instantly ordered the Rudolf Steiner book he mentioned, and decided to research the Heart First approach to enlightening the chakras. Loved the key word; Discernment. Thanks so much, Regina and Robert!”

“Absolutely fantastic interview! This man is a genius, and I loved every minute of this interview. Thank you, Regina, for always bringing on such interesting guests.”

“Wonderful knowledge! Uniting all human spiritual paths and giving it scientific backing is genius. Hey Gaia, can we have series by Robert Gilbert?”

“This man is fascinating. I am headed to his website…I have learned so much! We need a series with him.”

“I have taken many of Robert Gilbert’s courses online through the Vesica Institute, what a gift Robert is for our times. As an avid seeker (like the majority of the Gaia subscribers) 🙂 I have had many teachers, but none can compare to Robert’s encyclopedic memory, and deep understanding, spanning such a vast body of knowledge.
Through classes available on – Robert does exactly what he says at the beginning of this interview: ‘how do we put together these pieces from different traditions, from different bodies of knowledge into a coherent whole, so we can understand how to develop our consciousness and our energy in the most clear conscious way possible. So, we try to define the really core principles behind the work, so people can get to the most useful things as quickly as possible.’
Robert’s generous body of work has been deeply healing and clarifying in a time of such confusion. Thank you for interviewing him Regina! I look forward to future interviews and I hope you will be able to discuss his knowledge of Spiritual Science. He is an invaluable resource. Thank you Gaia, Regina and Robert!”

“Powerful, insightful, eloquent interview. So technical, yet so easy to watch. Robert Gilbert is a new one for me but I am already eager for more wisdom sharing on his part. Definitely invite this man back or give him a show! He clearly has a lot to unpack. Ordered a Steiner book as well to add to my long reading to do list.”

“What a refreshing interview. Regina and Gaia – excellent work. Found Robert to be absolutely impressive, knowledgeable, and humble. Definitely will have to look into his work! Thank you so much for bringing him to Gaia!

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