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Kassandra Scardino from Australia, Presents: Egyptian BioGeometry® Ancient Knowledge for the New Earth & Modern Energy Balancing.
This one-of-a-kind conversation brings together the ancient and almost forgotten science of Sacred Geometry with the recent discoveries made in psychedelic research about the geometry of DMT experiences.
Learn the Hidden Patterns Behind All Life, Health, Energy, and Consciousness in our New TV Series. See our Public and Members-Only Pages for More.
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“Sacred Geometry” on Living 4D.
Watch a Unique Conversation with Dr. Robert J. Gilbert and Dr. Andrés Gómez Emilsson. Watch Now.
Watch a special interview on Sacred Geometry, BioGeometry®, & the Mechanics of the Universe.
Dr. Gilbert talks with Danica about BioGeometry®, Sacred Geometry, Spiritual Science, and more. Watch now through the link below.
Dr. Gilbert discusses Rosicrucians, Freemasons, Sacred Geometry, and More.
Join Dr. Gilbert for a special presentation* along with other speakers, performers, and live acts. *Available to Steward & Builder Tickets Only.
Discover the secrets behind Sacred Geometry, a dynamic snapshot of the energetic field crystallizing into ancient patterns known in spiritual traditions.
Dr. Gilbert provides a strong foundation for anyone interested in understanding how to unlock spiritual illumination in a balanced and integrated way. Watch now on the “Know Thyself” Podcast with André Duqum.
June 22-23, Colorado: Use promo code “GILBERT” for $99 off your LIVE In-Person Ticket Price.
September 27-29th, 2024. Open to BioGeometry® Advanced Training Graduates. See inside for more details.