New Research into Crystal “Adaptogens”

hand holding a crystalNatural Vibrations “crystallize” into specific Stones, which then anchor that vibration into the physical plane.  They allow us to access and apply the power of that vibration through the correct use of the Stone.  The pure vibration from the Stone can then be used for any purpose, ranging from powerful holistic healing to profound spiritual activations.  These stone vibrations have applied by healing traditions all over the world for thousands of years.

Current vibrational research is identifying, for the first time, a new class of Energy Healing & Activating Minerals:
Crystal Adaptogens.

This new class of Crystals have specific vibrational markers which are different from all other stones, and which make their energy far more balanced and universally applicable.

These vibrational markers can be found using the subtle energy testing methods developed in France in the early 1900’s, known as Vibrational Radiesthesia.  The great French vibrational researchers discovered the complete spectrum (the “Universal Vibrational Spectrum”) of 12 different Bands of subtle energies which affect all living beings, yet which are too subtle to be picked up by electro-magnetic equipment.  Each of these Vibrational Bands creates powerful and highly specialized vibrational effects at the physical, energetic, emotional-mental, and spiritual levels. The Vesica Institute has identified and categorized each of these specific effects from each Vibrational Band, and released this information to the public in online trainings.

The methods and discoveries of the French Radiesthesiasts were further expanded in Egypt by Dr. Ibrahim Karim in his BioGeometry® system, which added to the French Vibrational Spectrum the discovery of the energy quality of the Center.  This important vibration works to balance and harmonize the different specialized energies of the Vibrational Spectrum present in any person, place, or thing.

The Vesica Institute has conducted private research into the precise vibrations of different stones, plants, and other materials for over a decade.  With the launch of our new Vibrational Testing & Healing online class you can learn how to to test the full range of subtle vibrations for yourself; and with our How to Use Crystals and Gemstones online training, we are now releasing many of our discoveries to the public.

The Hidden Vibrations Behind “Adaptogens”

The term “Adaptogens” originated with the identification of a specific category of healing herbs by Russian scientist Dr. Israel Brekhman in 1969; these are the “best of the best” when it comes to plant medicine.  Adaptogens are a relatively small group of tonic herbs which have a master balancing effect on the human body; they strengthen the body against virtually all stresses and health challenges, instead of having just one limited effect as most herbs do. Only a relatively small number of plants qualify as Adaptogens.

In our research we have identified the specific Vibrational “Markers” which make a plant an Adaptogen– it is a combination of: 

1. Unusually high levels of the Centering Vibration (termed the BG3® by its discoverer, the brilliant Egyptian scientist Dr. Ibrahim Karim, as taught in the BioGeometry trainings).  This relatively high level of Centering Vibration* is the common vibrational marker of every true adaptogen.

2. Specific Secondary Vibrations from the complete range of subtle energies, which in our work we teach as the Universal Vibrational Spectrum.  The specific healing effects of these secondary vibrations — which vary between one adaptogenic herb to another — are harmonized and balanced by the extremely high intensity of Centering Vibration* within the herb.  It is the alchemy of these vibrations in the plant which makes it a master tonic, an adaptogen.

In our Vibrational Testing & Healing online training series we teach exactly how to test and apply the vibrations from any source, including some key Chinese Herbal formulas, so that students can learn more about working with adaptogenic herbs at a purely vibrational level.

The Discovery of Crystal Adaptogens

HerbWith the discovery of the vibrational basis of adaptogens, we turned our research to find the same vibrational markers in other natural systems.  Just as there are Plant Adaptogens, so it became clear that there must be Adaptogens in the Mineral Kingdom — i.e., Crystal Adaptogens — which no one had ever identified, nor had the vibrational method to identify them until now.

A surprising result of our early research is that most of the best known and most popular Crystals — Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Tourmaline — do NOT as a rule have the vibratory qualities of adaptogens.

All of these Crystals are wonderful healing stones in their own right, yet they do not tend to have the intrinsic high intensity of the Centering Vibration* which makes a true adaptogen (however many of these quartz-based stones can be used to AMPLIFY the effects of a true adaptogen, a topic we teach in our trainings).

As we searched further to find true Crystal Adaptogens, we found that just as relatively few plants are true Adaptogens, so fairly few natural minerals have the vibrational markers of a true Adaptogen. Many of the most important Crystal Adaptogens we have found are stones which are not yet well known to the general public.

Many of the most amazing Crystal Adaptogens come from small deposits, so they may only be available on the market for a short time before the deposit runs out. These special stones are sometimes found at locations which may be remote and hard to access.  This raises the possibility that these stones attained their Adaptogenic qualities because they grew in the ground at locations which have unusually beneficial natural vibrations — what are sometimes considered “Sacred Power Spots” by native traditions — which imparted to these Crystals their strong Centering Vibration*.  We are in the process now of testing this theory, and will report more in the future.

The Power and Uses of Crystal Adaptogens

This elite group of Crystals with adaptogenic vibrations are united by the fact that they all have unusually high Centering Vibration*.  This gives them a universal balancing energy which:

  • helps create ultimate balance in people, animals, plants, or locations where their energy is applied; and
  • helps balance the effect of the secondary vibrations within the particular type of stone, so that they are more easily absorbable by human beings and are not overwhelming in their effect.

While every Adaptogenic Crystal is similar in that it has high intensity Centering Vibration*, they are all different due to their diverse Secondary Vibrations.

Here are some key healing qualities we have found in different Adaptogenic Crystals:

  • Crystal #1:  Recharges the Energy Field of humans and other living beings (and can even recharge other Stones which have had their energy depleted).
  • Crystal #2:  Has a tremendous ability to Absorb virtually any Detrimental Energy, and Transmute it to the Centering Energy Vibration.
  • Crystal #3:  Manifests Intentions in the Physical World, through constant energizing of thought forms placed into it.
  • Crystal #4:  Calming and Clearing of the Emotions and Mind, with powerful and almost instantaneous Stress Reduction.

Each of these Stones described above are explored and described in detail in our online class How to Use Crystals and Gemstones 

Also Crystal # 1 in the list above is introduced in the article on our Website on the Adaptogenic Stone which Recharges and Grounds the Human Energy Field. 

Learn How to Detect & Apply the Full Range of Invisible Vibrations

To learn how to test the specific Vibrations of any Crystal, Plant, Animal, Human Being, Object or Location — and know the exact effects of each of these Vibrations — see our Online training  Vibrational Testing & Healing.

To learn the amazing work of Dr. Ibrahim Karim from Cairo Egypt, which applies the BG3 energy quality (the Centering Vibration*) discovered by Dr. Karim to solve a wide range of modern challenges, see our live BioGeometry trainings. 

To learn how to practically apply the Vibrations from Crystals for Healing, Protecting and Clearing People and Locations — including learning about many of the Adaptogenic Crystals identified so far — see our online course: How to Use Crystals and Gemstones.

Your Source for Natural, Untreated, & Vibrationally Tested Crystals & Gemstones

At the Vesica Institute’s sister Crystals and Gemstones site,, we also stock and sell key mineral resources for Vibrational Healing and Energy Activation.

Unfortunately, the Stone and Crystal market today has become flooded with fakes and artificial treatments which are not disclosed to buyers, including Irradiation with Gamma Rays to change the color of stones. Many of these artificial treatments destroy the beneficial vibrations of the stones, and in some cases make the stone highly energetically toxic.

The Vesica Institute is unique in the world, for not only sourcing completely natural and untreated crystals but also performing vibrational testing on the stones we sell, which ensures the stones are effective for vibrational applications.  To see our excellent range of all-natural, vibrationally tested stones, see our sister site



* The Centering Vibration is the energetic signature of the unified source of creation, represented in classical traditions (including Egyptian, Rosicrucian, Masonic and others) as a point in the center of a circle.  This original source was referred to as “The One” by the ancient Greeks, “Bindu Point” in the Himalayan Tradition, “Wu Ji” in the Daoist tradition etc.

In modern times this harmonizing energy quality of the Center has been identified, extensively researched, and practically applied in the BioGeometry ™  system created by Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo Egypt, where it is referred to as the BG3™ or “The One Energy Quality”.  We highly recommend training in BioGeometry to learn more about how to detect and apply this essential balancing/harmonizing energy quality.  Please see our BioGeometry page for our upcoming trainings in this amazing energy science, and more information can be found in Dr. Karim’s public text Back to a Future for Mankind.

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