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How to Use Crystals and Gemstones

crystal-imagefor Precision Healing, Protection & Energy Balancing

Presented by Robert J. Gilbert, Ph.D.

Tuition: $299 for 1 year of unlimited access

Join us for a remarkable journey into the practical applications of Crystals, Minerals, and Gemstones.

Learn proven methods based on the real vibrational powers of stones, not armchair speculation

This training combines Dr. Gilbert’s own extensive direct vibrational testing of minerals, with insights drawn from multiple spiritual and healing traditions.  

The information and techniques in this class are in many cases quite different the usual information found in modern metaphysical crystal books; instead this course enters into the real vibrational science of stone applications, as was known and practiced in classical systems.  

New vibrational research, not available from any other source, is also made public for the first time in this training. This research is based on the skills and methods taught in our Vibrational Testing & Healing online series.

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Tuition: $299 for 1 year of unlimited access
Learn Practical Applications of the Vibrations from Stones & Crystals.
Now available online.

This course features optional tools and stones.  To see the optional tools, click the button below.

This special class is filled with Rare Information and Powerful Methods.

The content of this course is very different from what you will find in most books about “Crystal Healing” on the market today.

The information and techniques in this course are not speculative; they are based  on years of successful healing and energy balancing work by advanced healers.

The practical techniques you will learn in this course are easy, safe, and proven effective. They can be used by themselves, or in conjunction with any other healing or energy balancing methods you currently use.

This training offers a wealth of step-by-step instructions and demonstrations showing you exactly how to apply the methods yourself. We will also have on hand a wide range of powerful crystals (including true “Vogel Crystals” of different frequencies) for you to directly experience and work with in the class.

The course includes Streaming Video, Downloadable MP3 Audio, and Detailed Manual. 

This training starts with an exploration of how human energy & consciousness interacts with the spiritual and vibrational essence within stones. We then discuss vibrational testing of stones to establish their real powers, not what is claimed in popular speculative texts. The breakthrough scientific insights and practical methods of Marcel Vogel’s crystal research are then clearly summarized. 

Rather than presenting huge lists of the supposed energies of different stones, this training will teach you the most important stones for extracting toxic vibrations out of the human energy field and living spaces, as well as the most important stones for emanating beneficial vibrational information into living beings and environments. The most essential Practical Applications are clearly described.

This course offers a solid foundation in real-world, life-changing applications of the mineral world for health, energy, and higher consciousness.

Topics Include: 

  •  How Paramagnetic Stones can Recharge the Human Energy Body 
  • Details of Precise Vibrational Qualities and Uses of Different Crystals & Gems 
  • The Indian (Vedic) System for using Gemstones for Healing and Spiritual Purposes 
  • The Best — and Worst — Places on the Body to wear Stones and Crystals (Why  one of the most common places is also one of the most dangerous) 
  • Classic Indian Principles for Selecting a Gemstone (and Modern Advances which will improve your selection – before you spend thousands of dollars of Vedic Gemstones!)
  • How the Forests of Central Europe were Protected from Nuclear Fallout of the  Chernobyl Disaster (the Critical Mineral used to help Protect against Radiation)
  • Why Selecting the Right Gemstone can Save Your Life (and Choosing the Wrong Gemstone can be Catastrophic)
  • The Critical Difference between “Programming” and “Instructing” a Crystal
  • Which Crystal has the rare ability to hold the the Spiritual Vibration which Clears Entities and Thoughtforms from the Human Energy Field 
  • Best Crystals for Broadcasting Beneficial Energies over a Location
  • Using Crystals to Amplify Energy from 2-D & 3-D Designs
  • Best Crystals for Absorbing Toxic Energies from a Person or Location
  • Which Stones MUST avoid Sunlight to protect their power (and which can be Cleared in the Sun) 
  • The problem with using Selenite Wands for clearing the Human Energy Field –  and a Better Solution
  • Best Crystals for Protecting the Human Energy Field from Negative Thoughtforms, Elementals, and Psychic Attacks 
  • Classical Methods to Amplify Landscape Power Spots with Stones
  • Sacred Geometry in Crystal Design and in Crystal Grids
  • The Best Crystal Designs for Removing Toxicity from the Human Energy Field  (and the important Mistake made by many Healers) 
  • “Tuning” a Crystal through Shape, Angle, and Number Qualities


Practices and Demonstrations Include:

  • How to Test Crystals for their Invisible Energy Qualities
  • The 7 Essential Keys to safely extract toxicity from the Human Energy Field
  • How to most effectively project beneficial energies & color frequencies with Crystals
  • How to Test Crystal Effects on any Person’s Entire Energy Field or any Body  Part (Glands, Organs, Injury Sites, Energy Centers, etc.)
  • How to use a single Crystal to Expand the Human Energy Field & Activate Multiple Energy Centers 
  • Combining Activation Crystals and Projection Crystals for Maximum Power and  Protection when Healing
  • How to Activate a Crystal “Gateway Guardian” of a Location
  • How to Activate a Crystal to Broadcast Beneficial Energies
  • The Best — and Worst — Ways to Hold a Crystal during Energy Healing
  • How to Infuse a Specific Kind of Crystal with the Spiritual Energy which Clears  Thoughtforms and Entities 
  • How to Test Crystals to see if they are contaminated and need to be Cleared
  • How to Clear Crystals without Harming their Energies (and What Commonly  Used Method you should NEVER use to clear quality gems & crystals!)
  • How to “Instruct” Crystals – and which Crystals can take which Instructions
  • How to Consecrate a Crystal to Manifest the Power of a specific Spiritual Being,  Energy, or Plane


Special Section on the Work of Marcel Vogel

Topics and Practices:

  • Marcel Vogel and the Power of the Mind: Imprinting Mental images in Liquid Crystals 
  • Essential Keys to Marcel Vogel’s Amazing Crystal Discoveries 
  • The Critical Differences between True and Fake “Vogel Crystals” 
  • Marcel Vogel’s own Crystal Healing Method
  • Structuring Water (and Wine) with Vogel Crystals
  • Different Types of True Vogel Crystals: Sizes, Materials, & Number Frequencies

Tuition: $299 for 1 year of unlimited access
Learn Practical Applications of the Vibrations from Stones & Crystals.
Now available online.