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The Crystal “Adaptogen” for Recharging and Grounding

Iron Rose Quartz Flame QI6 500px 3 The Crystal "Adaptogen" for Recharging and Grounding Vesica Institute for Holistic StudiesAs described in our article New Research into Crystal “Adaptogens”, our research at the Vesica Institute has identified a new class of Master Energy Balancing Crystals.  These can be referred to as “Crystal Adaptogens” because they combine unusually high levels of the Centering Vibration* with specific Secondary Vibrations, giving each Crystal Adaptogen a universal harmonizing energy along with unique healing effects.

This article is the first in a series unveiling these previously little-known stones, and describing how to apply them for practical healing and energy balancing.

The Iron in the Rose

The Crystal Adaptogen which is essential for Recharging and Grounding is Iron Rose Quartz.  Other names for this stone include Hematoid Quartz, Hematoid Rose Quartz or Sacred Heart Rose Quartz.

This is a very special stone from Madagascar, with a natural alchemical combination of Iron (Hematite) within a matrix of Rose Quartz.  The result is something far beyond either of its separate components.  Iron Rose Quartz not only is in the rare category of a Stone Adaptogen (with unusually strong Centering Vibration*) it has qualities which make it one of the most useful stones in the world of holistic healing.

To understand why this stone is so special, let’s look at the qualities and uses of its two basic components when they appear separately.  Below we cover their basic energetic uses, and also their specific Vibrational emanations based on the testing methods we teach in the Vibrational Testing & Healing Online Training.

HematiteHematite:  This is the mineral form of iron oxide.  It appears as a silvery-grey stone which becomes red when exposed to water or crushed. Natural Hematite is used by Taoist Healers as a Master Recharger; it quickly restores vitality to the human body and is also used to recharge other stones placed on it.

In addition to recharging, Hematite pulls energy downward in the human body and is extremely grounding.  This makes it a very important stone, considered one of the most essential by Taoist stone healers.

Vibrational Analysis:  Hematite has very little Centering Vibration*.  It has strong beneficial vibrations of Infra-Red (warming), Red (energizing, activating), Orange (clearing, expels toxicity), and Negative Green (highly penetrating Carrier Wave of Energy)

Iron Rose quartz sphereRose Quartz:  This well known variant of Quartz has only recently been discovered to be colored not by iron or other standard minerals, but through a previously unknown type of microfiber which provides the rose-pink color of this beautiful stone.  (See the photo here of a scanning electron microscope image of the lovely fibers which give Rose Quartz its color; each fiber is less than 0.1mm wide.)
Rose Quartz fibersRose Quartz has the general powers of quartz stones: amplification of energy, ability to strongly hold “programs” (instructions for specific activities) projected from the human mind, etc.  However, it has an extremely soft energy, which makes it a healer to the emotions and a tonic for the spirit.  Many spiritual traditions recognize that it’s Pink-Rose energy resonates directly with the human heart.  Whereas many stones should be kept out of the bedroom because they tend to pull us more deeply into the physical body (which is not what we need when trying to leave the body in sleep at night) Rose Quartz is a notable exception which is gentle enough to be kept in the bedroom.

Vibrational Analysis:  Rose Quartz has very little Centering Vibration*.  It has strong beneficial vibrations in the Red band (softly activating heart energy) and in Negative Green (Carrier Wave of Energy).

In the Chinese Taoist traditions, two main stones used to clear other stones (and energy fields in general) are Hematite and Quartz.  Iron Rose Quartz combines both of the two primary Clearing stones into one powerful package. 

How to Use Iron Rose Quartz

The power of the Iron Rose Quartz goes beyond either of its components, Hematite and Rose Quartz.  It has all the benefits of each of those stones, while adding in powerful new Alchemical energies.

Unlike either Hematite or Rose Quartz–neither of which has significant Centering Vibration*–Iron Rose Quartz emanates a very powerful Centering Vibration*.  This makes it a major stone in the small group of true Crystal Adaptogens.

Specific uses of Iron Rose Quartz are:

  • Crystal Adaptogen: balances the entire energy field, and harmonizes all the effects listed below.
  • Recharges the Human Body and Energy Field
  • Strongly Grounds and Anchors the Human Energy Field
  • Recharges and helps Clear Crystals laid on it
  • Ability to hold Instruction:  Having the Hematite within the Quartz matrix makes it much more “programmable” than regular Hematite
  • Softens and Adds Heart to the Energizing Effect of the Iron

Full information on applications with Iron Rose Quarz, including the effects of using it in different Shapes (Polished Pebble, Sphere, Flame, etc.) is in the How to Use Crystals and Gemstones for Precise Healing, Protection & Energy Balancing online course. 

Vibrational Analysis of Iron Rose Quartz

Iron Rose Quartz has the following Vibrational Emanations, when tested using the methods taught in our Vibrational Testing & Healing online training:

  • Strong Centering Vibration* (which is not found in regular Hematite, nor in regular Rose Quartz)
  • Negative Green: Highly Penetrating Carrier Wave of Energy
  • Infra-Red:  Warming, moving
  • Red:  Activating (but more gentle than regular Hematite due to the Rose Quartz softening)
  • Orange:  Clears and Expels toxic energies

How to Test for Natural vs. Heat-Treated Iron Rose Quartz

HEAT photo

Unfortunately, Iron Rose Quartz (often sold as Hematoid Quartz or Sacred Heart Rose Quartz) is often Heat-treated, which makes the color much stronger red.  This is done to increase sales, since buyers tend to prefer strongly colored stones.

Pictured here is a Heat-Treated piece of Iron Rose Quartz (large piece) next to a smaller, completely natural and untreated piece.  Note that the Heat-Treated piece is a much darker “burnt” Red color; heat treatment may also increase the internal crackling seen in the stone.

Tragically, this heat-treatment can destroy beneficial Vibrations in the stone.  Heat treatment can completely eliminate the Centering Vibration*, so that the stone is no longer a Crystal Adaptogen at all.

For those of you trained in testing the Vibrations from natural systems (taught in our Online Vibrational Testing & Healing training and in the BioGeometry live training) here are the primary vibrational markers to look for when testing to see if a piece of Iron Rose Quartz is Natural or is Heat-Treated, based on our research at the Vesica Institute:

VH Pend 2

1. Test the Vertical (Detrimental) Waves of Infra-Red and Red:  If the stone is natural, these will usually not be present, however if the stone is heated these vibrations will be strong.  (In fact, testing for these two Vertical waves is an important method to test many different stones for artificial heat treatments.)

2. Test the Centering Vibration*:  Natural Iron Rose Quartz will have strong intensity of this, however heat-treated stones will have little or no Centering Vibration*.

3. Test the Horizontal (Beneficial) Wave of Orange:  Natural Iron Rose Quartz has strong intensity of this vibration, however heat-treated stones have little or no Horizontal Wave of Orange.

 Source for Vibrationally Tested, Natural Iron Rose Quartz

All of the Iron Rose Quartz sold at the Vesica Institute has been Vibrationally tested to ensure it is natural, fully effective and has not been damaged by treatments.  We stock multiple forms of natural Iron Rose Quartz in our Online Shop

For further training in Crystal Adaptogens and in powerful Vibrational applications of a wide range of other stones, see our How to Use Crystals and Gemstones for Precise Healing, Protection & Energy Balancing  online course. 

HRQbunch The Crystal "Adaptogen" for Recharging and Grounding Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

* The Centering Vibration is the energetic signature of the unified source of creation, represented in classical traditions (including Egyptian, Rosicrucian, Masonic and others) as a point in the center of a circle.  This original source was referred to as “The One” by the ancient Greeks, “Bindu Point” in the Himalayan Tradition, “Wu Ji” in the Daoist tradition etc.
In modern times this harmonizing energy quality of the Center has been identified, extensively researched, and practically applied in the BioGeometry ™  system created by Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo Egypt, where it is referred to as the BG3™ or “The One Energy Quality”.  We highly recommend training in BioGeometry to learn more about how to detect and apply this essential balancing/harmonizing energy quality.  Please see our BioGeometry page for our upcoming trainings in this amazing energy science, and more information can be found in Dr. Karim’s public text Back to a Future for Mankind.

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