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Explore the 5 Areas of the Vesica Institute

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BioGeometry® is the breakthrough energy science created by Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo Egypt. We offer complete on-line trainings and as well as rare energy tools imported directly from Egypt.

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Spiritual Science

Experience profound activations of human energy and consciousness, while learning the deep esoteric knowledge and practices of Great Spiritual Traditions of the past and present.

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Sacred Geometry

Our new TV series Sacred Geometry: Spiritual Science on the GAIA channel is now launching! See our Gaia Series Public Resource Page and become a free Vesica Member to access much more!

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We have created new methods of vibrationally testing crystals and minerals, to confirm they have the optimal energetics for energy healing and spiritual applications. We offer on-line trainings and a full line of vibrationally tested stones for powerful practical applications.

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Vibrational Healing Sciences

Learn the secrets of holistic health, energy medicine, and vibrational science. We offer cutting edge trainings and powerful practical solutions through SEER, Subtle Energy Explorations & Research®.

What's New at Vesica

September 27-29th, 2024. Open to BioGeometry® Advanced Training Graduates. See inside for more details.
Live Zoom Meetings on 3 Saturdays:
August 10th, 17th, and 24th.
June 22-23, Colorado: Use promo code “GILBERT” for $99 off your LIVE In-Person Ticket Price.
This unique course teaches a series of previously hidden spiritual practices. These clear and concise practices create a fully conscious connection to beneficial spiritual realities.
Dr. Robert J. GIlbert discusses one of our more popular courses which teaches Spiritual Initiation and the Modern Independent Path.
Dr. Gilbert provides a strong foundation for anyone interested in understanding how to unlock spiritual illumination in a balanced and integrated way. Watch now on the “Know Thyself” Podcast with André Duqum.
To learn powerful, practical applications of the Ancient Egyptian knowledge of the Net and Sacred Geometry, take our life-changing BioGeometry trainings.
Discover the secrets behind Sacred Geometry, a dynamic snapshot of the energetic field crystallizing into ancient patterns known in spiritual traditions.
Huge discount sale on Air and Surface sterilizing Hypoair units. Full Details here.
Experience the Healing Power of this Breakthrough Sound Code Technology.
Dr. Gilbert discusses Rosicrucians, Freemasons, Sacred Geometry, and More.
Dr. Gilbert talks with Danica about BioGeometry®, Sacred Geometry, Spiritual Science, and more. Watch now through the link below.
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Vesica Online Courses

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The Vesica Institute is dedicated to creating
A New, Universal Spiritual Science.

We provide access to hidden knowledge & practices from multiple world
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