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The Quantum Revolution in Healing: Wave Transmission of Biological Health or Illness Effects
Part 1 of the 2023 Resource Guide

The Quantum Revolution in Healing:
Wave Transmission of Biological Health or Illness Effects

Part 1 of the 2023 Resource Guide

double slot final 1200x670 1 The Quantum Revolution in Healing: Wave Transmission of Biological Health or Illness Effects <br>Part 1 of the 2023 Resource Guide Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

Physics underwent the “Quantum Revolution” over a hundred years ago, which demonstrated the dual Wave and Particle nature of all physical existence.
What we think of as physical matter is in reality created by the vibrational wave behind it, or what Physics calls the “Collapse of the Wave Function” which creates particles.
Modern physics tells us that what we experience as solid matter is in actuality over 99% empty space, giving the illusion of solidity from the density of the vibrational pattern which creates its structure and holds the physical matter together.

However Medicine ignored the findings of the Physics revolution, not wanting to deal with the fundamental revision of the nature of Life and Health this would require; it has remained stuck in a “particle only” based paradigm.

It has also resisted this change because of the deep financial influence, and control over the educational system for Medical Doctors, of the Trillion-Dollar Pharmaceutical Industry which is completely premised on the particle nature of medicine (and the profit model of life-long prescription medicines which manage — but never cure — a person’s illnesses).
Today, ancient and modern Energy Medicine practices are making a massive resurgence, despite being actively suppressed by the pharmaceutical industry (and its agents which control medical licensing and government health regulations).

The foundation of modern scientific evidence for the transmission of biological effects related to health or illness by invisible waves (rather than by simply liquid droplet or airborne transmission as in standard theory) is the work of Russian researcher Alexander Gurwitsch.

gurwitsch 1 The Quantum Revolution in Healing: Wave Transmission of Biological Health or Illness Effects <br>Part 1 of the 2023 Resource Guide Vesica Institute for Holistic StudiesIn 1923, Gurwitsch demonstrated that when two onion roots are situated in a common plane, in such a way that the growing tip (meristem) of the first root points toward a specific point along the axis of the second root, at a distance of several millimeters, then the frequency of cell division (mitosis) was increased in the region of that specific point, compared to the opposite side of the second root.
In other words, an invisible radiation came from the growing stem which dramatically affected the growth and health of other biological systems.

This “mitogenetic effect” (as Gurwitsch called it) was not created when a transparent quartz window was placed between the two roots, but disappeared when he replaced the quartz window by ordinary glass or opaque materials.

By a variety of further experiments, Gurwitsch was able to establish that the physical agent of this stimulation of the rate of mitosis in the second root (the mitogenetic effect), was a very weak, ultraviolet light radiation emitted from the meristem of the first root. Gurwitsch named the phenomenon mitogenetic radiation, since he believed that this light radiation allowed the morphogenetic field to control embryonic development. His published observations, which related that cell-proliferation of an onion was accelerated by directing these rays down a tube, brought him great attention.

gurwitsch 2 The Quantum Revolution in Healing: Wave Transmission of Biological Health or Illness Effects <br>Part 1 of the 2023 Resource Guide Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

Gurwitsch’ research was taken much further in research conducted at the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Novosibirsk in the 1970’s. This research demonstrated that when a cell culture in a Petri dish was infected with a toxin (pathogen, chemical poison, or toxic irradiation) that it could send out radiations which infected nearby cell cultures purely through wave transmission, with no physical contact (i.e. no particle transmission, wave only) between the two.

This research was reported in the West by U.S. Army Lt. Col. (and nuclear engineer) Tom Beardon in his book entitled The Excalibur Briefing. This research supports modern medical research and “energy medicine” demonstrating purely wave conduction of biological health or illness effects, transcending the old paradigm of purely particle-based biological transmission.

  • In reality, it should be expected that all wave-radiating sources, including living beings, chemical toxins, and Electro-Magnetic radiations, are constantly energetically transmitting their energetic qualities and interacting with / reinforcing one another.
  • Accepting this reality will fundamentally change our paradigm of creating health and illness, and how the chemical / radiological environment must be cleansed to avoid catastrophic health issues and epidemics.
  • It also opens up new possibilities for advanced energetic “Waves of Health” methods to counteract the energetic “Waves of Illness”.
  • These new possibilities connect us to the lost wisdom of earlier cultures, which used a much more expanded paradigm of life energy and energy fields than is used (or allowed) in particle-based modern Allopathic medicine.

Modern imaging systems, most not yet known to general public, can now make visible the powerful effect of Waves of Health and Illness.

The images below are from the little-known German language text Vom Wesen Des Wassers (“From the Being of the Waters”).

blood slide 1 The Quantum Revolution in Healing: Wave Transmission of Biological Health or Illness Effects <br>Part 1 of the 2023 Resource Guide Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

The first set below shows how the “Wave of Health” coming from a Eurythmy practice (a system of physical and energetic movements which recharge the body’s life energy) changes the blood quality; this is seen in the dark starting state of the highly magnified blood sample in the top middle picture (before doing the practice), compared to the radiant, starlike blood sample in the bottom middle picture (after doing the practice).

The second set below shows the impact of a “Wave of Illness” coming from nuclear radiation, with literal “Black Holes” being punched through the inner structure of the highly magnified water sample. This shows the destruction of healthy energy and structure from toxic invisible radiations.

black holes part 1 The Quantum Revolution in Healing: Wave Transmission of Biological Health or Illness Effects <br>Part 1 of the 2023 Resource Guide Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

For more information on this coming scientific and medical revolution, see our Waves of Health and Illness Conference 
This recorded 2020 event features rare presentations by:

  • Dr. Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D. (founder of the Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies)
  • Dr. Ibrahim Karim from Cairo Egypt (founder of BioGeometry)
  • Dr. Jerry Tennant (author of Healing is Voltage and creator of new cellular regeneration techniques)
  • John Stuart Reid from Britain (Cymatics research scientist, creator of the Cymascope for imaging invisible waves and new forms of medical imaging)
  • Prof. Gabriel Kelemen from Romania (a brilliant but little-known researcher into the fundamental energetic patterns of creation and Cymatics)
  • Mandara Cromwell (creator of modern Cymatherapy healing devices to restore the Prime Resonant Frequency to different body and energy field areas)
  • And others.

waves of health and illness The Quantum Revolution in Healing: Wave Transmission of Biological Health or Illness Effects <br>Part 1 of the 2023 Resource Guide Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies


Modern Science recognizes two different types of common energy waves; one is related to LIGHT and the other is related to SOUND.

Picture7 The Quantum Revolution in Healing: Wave Transmission of Biological Health or Illness Effects <br>Part 1 of the 2023 Resource Guide Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

In the new Waves of Health and Illness paradigm, BOTH types of waves can be used for powerful healing & longevity practical applications!

The first type of wave is what most people think of as an electro-magnetic wave, which is technically known as a “Transverse” wave. It is called Transverse because particles move perpendicular to the direction of energy movement; in other words, the particles move at a 90 degree angle to the direction of movement.
This is also related to how electrical current in a wire creates a magnetic field at a 90 degree to the electrical current movement.

Most waves which people think of as “Electro-Magnetic” waves are transverse, including Light.

The second type of wave is called “Longitudinal” Waves, where the particles move parallel (i.e. in the same directional axis) to the movement. This movement is sometimes compared to a “Slinky” child’s toy, which can compress or expand along its main axis; this also leads to this type of wave being sometimes called a “Compression” wave.

longitudinal and tranverse waves part 2 The Quantum Revolution in Healing: Wave Transmission of Biological Health or Illness Effects <br>Part 1 of the 2023 Resource Guide Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

Whereas Transverse Waves are related to LIGHT, Longitudinal Waves are related to SOUND.

Although the general public has little understanding of these waves, we will see in later sections of this Resource Guide that both Longitudinal Waves (in Part 3 – Cymatherapy) and Transverse Waves (in Part 9 – Microcurrent Therapy) can be highly biologically active. They both have extremely powerful and beneficial healing potential, which can now be applied easily in your own home due to the latest generation of technological advances.


Before we end this short introduction to Waves of Health and Illness, we need to clarify the larger context of Electro-Magnetic Waves in relation to Life Energy; this topic is tragically very misunderstood today in modern metaphysics. We will introduce a few basics here, and then delve into deeper secrets in Part 5 of this Resource Guide: The Universal Vibrational Spectrum and Vibrational Radiesthesia.

First we must understand that In the ancient world, virtually every major healing system (Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, etc.) was based on the understanding of the vital life forces which build up and sustain all biological life. These vital life forces were given various names in different traditions: “Chi” in China, “Prana” in India, “Ether” in Greece etc. These vital life forces are a very subtle form of wave that creates and animates the physical matter of living bodies; these subtle waves cannot be detected by standard mechanical electromagnetic meters.

(Note that this is a very simplified introduction; there is a more advanced level of understanding these life energies which includes their being not only “waves” but also having aspects of “negative” space, or “counter-space” compared to the “positive” space of physical objects. This important — and highly mind-expanding — science of “Etheric Physics” using Projective Geometry was developed by Rudolf Steiner and the European Rosicrucians in the 1900’s, however this is too involved for our current discussion and will be explored in online resources from the Vesica Institute at a later time.)

The best and most comprehensive method to detect these true Biological Life Forces of a more subtle nature is known today as Vibrational Radiesthesia.
Radiesthesia (the detection and application of subtle Radiations / Waves) is based on hidden practices from ancient Egypt and other great traditions, which were rediscovered and brought into modern times by French researchers in the 1930’s. Vibrational Radiesthesia is described in Part 5 of this Resource Guide.

The Vesica Institute teaches the original French discoveries and practical methods, including the techniques used by thousands of medical doctors in Europe before World War 2 which were known as “Medical Radiesthesia”, in our online Vibrational Testing & Healing series of trainings.
(We of course make no medical claims for this or any of our trainings, we offer this lost knowledge and these powerful techniques for your personal exploration only and do not offer medical advice, nor do we diagnose or treat any illness.)

The Vesica Institute also teaches BioGeometry, a modern master science of detecting and applying subtle energy qualities developed by Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo Egypt. BioGeometry is built on the foundation of French Radiesthesia and then expands into revolutionary new advances in practical energy balancing. For more information on BioGeometry see Part 6 of this Resource Guide


Tragically, despite virtually every classical healing system throughout history having focused on the true biological life force, modern materialistic Biology actually asserts that there is NO such thing as “Life”.

Even though Biology means literally the “Knowledge of Life”, modern Biology dogmatically states that what we consider life is really only a series of mechanical processes, and that if you believe that “Life” exists then you are a “victim of the Vitalist fallacy”.

Modern materialistic science and medicine believes that there are only two levels to existence.
These levels are broken into their component parts within two spectrums: the Physical Spectrum (which we call the Periodic Table of Elements, the spectrum of all physical matter) and the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum (the energetic substructure of physical matter).

How is it that the Earth underwent a tremendous technological transformation over the last 100 years? This happened because modern science cracked the code of these two spectrums, the Physical and Electro-Magnetic. Without the identification of these two spectrums, our modern technology would not be possible.

Why is Spectrum Analysis so essential for all advanced technology? Because we can only identify what part of that spectrum has the power / function that we need (for example which exact element in physical matter, or what frequency in the EM Spectrum), if you have identified every part of the complete system and know exactly what each part’s precise powers / functions are.

For example: a computer chip is based on Silicon combined (“doped”) with other substances from the Periodic Table (Physical Spectrum) such as Boron, then is combined with precise frequencies from the EM Spectrum in order to power the chip. Cell phones are crafted of precise elements combined with completely different radio communication frequencies (Megahertz, Gigahertz) than those which power the home computer chip (50 or 60 Hz for the main power supply).

But are these two spectrums truly all that exists?

Why has the last 100 years of technology based on only these two spectrums created such massive ecological destruction, increase in Cancer rates and other potentially terminal illnesses, etc.?

Modern technology based on only these two spectrums does not take into account its effects of living beings, whether humans, animals, plants, or the Earth itself.


By excluding Biological Life itself from all of its considerations, modern technology is creating a world which actively destroys life and health. Only by bringing the Biological Life Force itself back into our knowledge base can we redeem modern science and medicine.

This means we need to add to the only two spectrums currently considered in modern science (the Physical Matter and Electro-Magnetic Spectrums) the Spectrum of Life Energy itself.

The Good News: This Spectrum of Life Energy, and the means to detect it, were discovered by French Radiesthesia researchers in the early 1900’s. This is the Universal Vibrational Spectrum.

The Bad News: World War 2 led to such widespread trauma and destruction that this huge advance was never properly described to the public, and the research never recovered after the War.

The Vesica Institute is working to bring the knowledge of the Universal Vibrational Spectrum and the French Radiesthesia techniques to detect & apply it, and the tremendous advances made in modern energy science by BioGeometry, to the public.

spectrum of creation levels The Quantum Revolution in Healing: Wave Transmission of Biological Health or Illness Effects <br>Part 1 of the 2023 Resource Guide Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

You can find more info on the Universal Vibrational Spectrum and Vibrational Radiesthesia in Part 5 of this Resource Guide. This includes the secret of how the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum is different from — but intimately linked to — the Vibrational Spectrum of Life Energy.

You can find more info on modern BioGeometry from Egypt, in Part 6 of this Resource Guide. BioGeometry also clarifies the multiple levels of existence beyond the Electro-Magnetic / Physical and the Vital Energy levels, with practical methods to detect energy on all levels of existence and to apply these for profound healing.

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