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The Vesica 2023 Resource Guide

The Vesica 2023 Resource Guide

resource guide image final v2 The Vesica 2023 Resource Guide Vesica Institute for Holistic StudiesWe have created an overview of 12 Key Holistic Health Topics for 2023, each of which has its own webpage listed below for easy navigation.

Each page listed below stands alone with its own information and links to more resources on that topic.

However all of the topics below also are interconnected to become an overview of cutting-edge research and health resources, which the Vesica Institute is now making publicly available.

The topics are listed below in the sequential order which connect all pages into one unified narrative, if you are reading all pages for a complete introduction. Each page also can be read individually for quick access to that specific information.

Also for those of you who attended Dr. Gilbert’s recent presentations (or watched them online), these pages listed below also offer more details and links to practical resources for the topics introduced at these presentations.

The 12 Holistic Health Topics listed below are hosted on separate webpages, each of which can be navigated to directly from these hypertext links: