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How to Upgrade Your AMI 750

Ami 750

Interested in upgrading your AMI 750 Device to accommodate the Cyma Ten channels and the new ten channels called “Keys To Health.”?

Some AMI 750 devices are available for a software upgrade.  

Sadly, with the pandemic, many parts became unavailable and not all versions can be upgraded. When you power on the device, watch the LCD screen in the right corner. Very briefly you will see an “r1,” “r3,” “r5,” or “r8” flash on the screen before it disappears. If your device has an “r8” it is available for upgrade.

Here are the AMI 750 Upgrade details and all that is included:

  • All Parts and Labor to upgrade your AMI 750 circuit board to accommodate the Cyma Ten channels and the new ten channels called “Keys To Health.”
  • One year warranty on all parts and labor
  • New tourmaline and germanium footpads (Two of Mother Nature’s gifts providing exponential health benefits)
  • New power cord
  • New manual
  • Shipping—UPS Shipping label emailed to you to send your device to our factory. Shipping back to your address after all the upgrades are completed.
  • The total upgrade cost is $1,500.

If you wish to proceed, please fill out the form below wiith your information
.  An invoice will be emailed to you from UPS label will also be emailed to you. Please print the label and tape it to the box with your AMI 750 packed securely within. Drop at any UPS Store.

Your Upgrade will be placed on Cymatechnologies engineer’s Priority List and returned to you as soon as possible.