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The Best Resources for Home Use of Medical-Grade Ozone Therapy



By Robert J. Gilbert, Ph.D.

One of the most powerful and important health-preserving technologies in holistic health is Ozone therapy. Medical-grade Ozone can kill a huge range of toxic — and even lethal — bacteria and viruses, in addition to massive oxygenation of the entire human body.

Although ignored in mainstream medicine today (as with so many essential holistic health methods), we are very fortunate that it is now possible to purchase Medical- Grade Ozone devices at a low cost for easy home use!

I personally use regularly the Promolife Home Ozone devices (the best on the market, based on my own experience) in my own home and office, and they have been of tremendous benefit to my own health and that of the many friends and colleagues I have shared them with.
I especially use the “Ear Insufflation” method (Humidified Ozone directly into both ears, where it is absorbed directly into the head) on a regular basis, to strengthen my system in regards to colds, flu, etc.

I became an affiliate with Promolife only after extensive evaluation of their technology vs. the others on the market in North America.

Please see below for the Home Ozone complete set I use and recommend to all my friends, plus an additional accessory which is of tremendous benefit to women.

Also please see below a list I have compiled for you of free internet resources to learn more about the incredible power of Home Medical-Grade Ozone therapies. Please bear in mind that I’m not a medical doctor and am not making any medical claims for Ozone therapy. I’m passionate about sharing my very positive experiences, and invite you to explore how it can benefit your life as well.


Redwood Premium Ozone Package $2,349.
OZONE7 at checkout for 7% off of your purchase.
Price as of November 2023

This package contains our Top Pick Generator, the O3Arc Standard Digital Ozone Generator plus many important accessories for practical applications.

This package is what we ourselves ordered and use at the Vesica Institute. It provides the items needed for the most essential home applications (including the Ear Insufflations mentioned earlier).

ozone generator o3arc The Best Resources for Home Use of Medical-Grade Ozone Therapy Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

This package includes everything you need for ozone insufflations, ozonated water, breathing ozone, cupping and more.

This package comes with an industrial CGA 540 oxygen regulator (regulator color and style may vary)If you need a medical regulator or O2Ready regulator (pre-filled tanks), please let us know when your order is placed.
If insufflations, drinking, using ozonated water, breathing ozone, and cupping are the most important aspects of ozone therapy for you, this package will provide everything you need. Here’s what is included:

  • O3Arc Standard Ozone Generator with tubing and connectors

  • Water Bubbler/Humidifier Combo with Ozone Destruct (1000ml)

  • Teflon Earscope for Ear Insufflations

  • 200ml Syringe

  • Ten Multi-Chamber Insufflation Bags

  • Fifty Luer Lock Catheters

  • 2″ Ozone Cup

  • Ozone Oil Bubbler/Trap Combo with nasal cannula

  • 540 Oxygen Tank Regulator (regulator color and style may vary; tank not included)

  • PurO3 Ozonated Oil Sample Package (1 oz Ozonated Olive Oil, 1 oz Tooth & Gum Support with Peppermint, 10 pack of Ozonated Olive Oil Suppositories – $57.85 value!)

  • All the tubing and connectors needed for setup, including a detailed visual instruction guide.

  • Custom gamma chart for accuracy. Your ozone generator is calibrated with the exact regulator you choose to produce ozone up to 100 ug/ml.

Detailed Instructions

A visual instruction guide is included with your order, which shows you all the pieces that come with your package and how to connect them.

Additional Item – Highly Recommended for Women!

For the extremely beneficial vaginal insufflation method for women, the Ozone package above only includes basic catheters for insertion into the body for internal use of Ozone for these areas; these also work for anal insufflation.

ozone vaginal insufflation kit The Best Resources for Home Use of Medical-Grade Ozone Therapy Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

Women should seriously consider also purchasing as a separate item the vaginal insufflation kit, rather than the simple catheter included in this kit.

This updated US-made Vaginal Insufflation Kit is made from 100% medical-grade silicone.

Designed by women for women, this device is intended to increase the surface area ozone will contact. The spiral design allows maximum contact with the vaginal wall, including vaginal arteries and internal pudendal vessels. This allows for maximum absorption and benefits, and is also very comfortable to use.

This is the best Vaginal ozone insufflation applicator we have found available anywhere in the world!

Vaginal Ozone Insufflation Kit $59.95
*Use OZONE7 at checkout for 7% off of your purchase.
*Price as of November 2023

NOTE: Medical Ozone generators require attaching an oxygen tank containing pure oxygen (O2), in order to then produce pure Ozone (O3).
When ordering the complete package above, you will receive an oxygen regulator shipped to you as part of the package (included in the price of the complete package).

This regulator will be for industrial oxygen tanks (easily available for purchase to the general public) as these are very pure oxygen but do not require a medical prescription, whereas “medical” oxygen tanks require a prescription to purchase in the U.S. (even though both industrial oxygen tanks and medical oxygen tanks are, according to many reports, filled from the same master cylinders).

Also note that in addition to the illustrated guide you will receive with your complete Home Ozone Package, PromoLife also has extensive free videos on their website detailing what you need to know to set up and use your Ozone devices at home!




Promolife is the only one out of the major Medical Ozone companies in North America, which we could determine uses Ceramic dielectrics technology rather than Quartz Glass for Ozone cells. The Ceramic used by Promolife has the same chemical composition as does Sapphire and Rubies.

Here is a quick summary of the difference between the technologies:

  • Hardness and Durability: Quartz glass has a relative hardness of 7 in the Mohs hardness scale, whereas the Ceramic used with Ozone (which has the same chemical composition as natural Sapphire) is a 9 on the hardness scale; Ceramic is harder, more durable, and does not suffer from the same potential for thermal shock creating faults in the Quartz glass structure.

  • Heat Resistance: Ceramic has a much higher heat tolerance, and also has superior heat dispersion, than does Quartz glass; for this reason, Ceramic is used instead of Quartz Glass in high temperature crucibles in blast furnaces to refine metals.

  • Precision of Ozone output: Ozone generation creates heat; even if manufacturers claim their method is “Cold Corona” it still is heat generating. Quartz glass retains this heat much more than the Ceramic does; this higher heat retention of Quartz glass in turn can make the output level of Ozone unstable, especially at higher Gamma intensity levels. Ceramic units can have more precise and stable Ozone generation levels. This is why the leading technological firms in the world which need extremely precise Ozone levels in their systems all use Ceramic; this includes NASA, Boeing, Oak Ridge National Labs, etc.

Here is a very useful article with more details on why Ceramic is preferable to Quartz Glass in Ozone cells:
Glass vs. Ceramic: What’s Better for Ozone Generators

Again, Promolife is the only one of the major North American companies to our knowledge which offers the superior ceramic cell dielectric technology.


Promolife is also the only one of the North American Medical-Grade Ozone manufacturers which, to our knowledge, offers a new and radically improved type of Ozone production cell.
Rather than a traditional cylindrical Ozone production cell, Promolife now offers two models – the O3Arc which comes in the package described earlier, and the O3Arc Plus – which have a new flattened tube. This flattening of the tube increases the surface area significantly (more than doubles the surface area) which allows for much improved heat dissipation.

ozone tube design The Best Resources for Home Use of Medical-Grade Ozone Therapy Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

This greater heat dissipation avoids the degradation of the Ozone by the heat, so this in turn creates much more precise levels of Ozone production, especially at lower flow rates.

This provides some background to why we selected the O3Arc as the Ozone generator we use at the Vesica Institute, which we will discuss in more detail in the next section.

Promolife has had tested these units using these new ceramic and flattened tube technologies, and they have been found to create ultra-pure Ozone with no harmful by- products.

As a side note, from my time as a U.S. Marine Corps Instructor in the Nuclear- Biological-Chemical field, I am familiar with the major advantage of a flat increased surface area cell rather than a traditional cylindrical cell. Geiger counters use a Geiger- Muller tube to detect radioactive particles and to give a count regarding radiation level. The best units have a flattened “pancake tube” with increased surface area, which gives much more sensitive and accurate radiation readings, than do standard units with a basic cylindrical tube.

Summary: The combination of the new Ceramic technology and the flattened increased surface-area Generation Tube in the Promolife company products makes them our top pick for Technology.

One other superior technology aspect with Promolife, is that they also offer precise digital setting of Ozone output in relatively inexpensive units (including the Complete Package recommended above), a feature that is only available in MUCH more expensive units from some other companies.


Let’s start with a statement by Robert Rowan M.D., an outspoken advocate of Ozone Therapy (who is known in the field for his successful use of Ozone against Ebola in Africa), who stated:

“Ozone [is]… the ideal antiviral … Designing drugs to damage the lipid coat is probably going to fail because those drugs are going to be toxic.

One of my goals in all of this is to try to get Ozone [as] standard of care. I believe it’s running up against a wall deliberately, because if Ozone and oxidative therapies, including vitamin C, hydrogen peroxide or ultraviolet blood radiation got out there, you would see a change in the landscape of medicine in this country…

For information on Robert Rowan M.D.’s work with Ozone against Ebola:

An overview of the entire field of Ozone Therapy can be found in this publication: Ozone Therapy and Its Scientific Foundations by the International Scientific Committee of Ozonetherapy (ISCO3

Another extensive overview article available online is: “Ozone Enters its Age of EnlightenmentOzone therapies today, and tomorrow”
by Gerard Sunnen, M.D.
This article includes an important overview of bacteria and viruses which Ozone is especially powerful against. Here is a key excerpt:

“Exposed to ozone, all bacterial species fare poorly. Bacterial envelopes are composed of invaginating multilayers whose components are ozone-reactive…
Lipid-enveloped viruses are especially sensitive to ozone challenge, implicating that lipid alteration is a salient mechanism for their viral death. Viruses containing lipid envelopes include:
the Hepadnaviridae (Hepatitis B);
the Flaviviridae (hepatitis C, West Nile virus, yellow fever);
the Herpesviridae [Herpes Virus], a large family grouping the Simplex, Varicella-Zoster, Cytomegalovirus, and Epstein-Barr viruses;
the Orthomyxoviridae (influenza);
the Paramyxoviridae (mumps, measles);
the Coronaviridae (SARS);
the Rhabdoviridae (rabies);
the Togaviridae (Rubella, encephalitis);
the Bunyaviridae (Hantavirus);
the Poxviridae (smallpox);
the Retroviridae (HIV),
and the Filoviridae (Ebola, Marburg), among others.

Indeed, once the virion’s lipid envelope becomes fragmented, its DNA or RNA core cannot progress in its life cycle.


*This page may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, we may receive a small commission. This helps support The Vesica Institute’s research and operations. Thanks for your support!