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Common Mistakes & Problems with Spiritual and Vibrational Practices

Uniting Spiritual Vibrational PracticesCommon Mistakes & Problems with Spiritual and Vibrational Practices

An excerpt from the Vesica online training
Uniting Spiritual & Vibrational Practices
by Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D.

* Attempting Energetic Shielding methods without first creating a stable foundation in the emotional and mental bodies. If our chaotic mind is constantly generating detrimental thoughts and emotions, this will literally dissolve the shielding from the inside.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, it is a common mistake to create shielding which is completely closed, not leaving a part of it open to release detrimental thoughts, feelings, and energetic waste, resulting in these self-generated toxins becoming trapped with us inside the shielding.

* Cord Cutting performed as a purely external activity and not tied into spiritual practices. This is very common today, and is based on our not understanding energetic cords as a vibrational manifestation of Spiritual Resonance.
Cut cords commonly reattach because a person may themselves regenerate the cord by once again directing their thoughts and emotions towards the person they were corded to. Detrimental resonance, resulting in cords running toxic energy, is set up whenever detrimental thoughts and emotions are generated by two people towards one another; at a bare minimum neutrality (not thinking about or generating emotions toward the other person) is required to avoid the cord reconnecting. Optimally we will do a sincere blessing for the other person, and thereafter not direct any thoughts or emotions of a vibration lower than blessing towards them, even if they continue to direct toxic thoughts and emotions towards us.

* Spiritual seekers today often focus on how to protect themselves from other people’s detrimental energy and activities, but do not stop to think how their own detrimental thoughts, emotions, energies and activities are harming others.

This same tendency is found in regression practices, where we often spend many sessions recalling traumatic episodes in multiple lifetimes where we are the victim, before we reach the stage of spiritual maturity where we are willing to recall the times when we ourselves were the victimizer and how we have harmed and victimized others.

This leads to remembering in conscious regression our many lifetimes of swapping off roles of victim and victimizer with other people — whom we often have difficulties with in the current lifetime — creating a back and forth dynamic of detrimental resonance. The cycle can be broken through core spiritual practices.

* Not undertaking sufficient core spiritual practices to create needed advancement in spiritual structure.
Ignoring essential practices; practicing without regularity; not applying internal honesty regarding one’s own core weaknesses and dysfunctional patterns.

* Performing spiritual practices without clearing energetic toxins from the energy field first.

* Having a diet of toxins (sugar, caffeine, alcohol, pharmaceuticals etc.) which destabilize the mind, emotions and energy field.

* Not establishing a calm and clear mental / emotional base for practices.

* Projecting energy to other people without sufficient clearing of the healer’s mind and emotions, resulting in detrimental thoughtforms being projected into clients’ energy fields.

* Projecting energy into other people’s fields from one’s own energy field / energy centers which are not cleared, resulting in projecting one’s own detrimental vibrations into the other person.
Not being conscious of shielding clients from one’s own toxic vibrations, nor of applying energetic filters to the energy projected.

* Not performing objective testing of the energies which are being projected out of a person’s energy field, including supposedly “healing” energies, to see what their actual vibrational quality is or how they are actually affecting another person.

* Not entraining properly to the vibrations being projected; resulting in projecting the wrong or distorted vibrations into other people’s energy fields and bodies.

* Many core concepts of spiritual development and higher spiritual realities are not
easily found in modern metaphysical circles in a complete or coherent form. We have fragments of teachings from many different traditions which are not united into a clear coherent picture of what is essential.
The true nature of the Earth Realm and our Physical Incarnation, Spiritual Beings, Spiritual Initiation, and the alchemical changes to one’s core structure which lead to real development — and to a tangible change of one’s conditions and possibilities both in life, and after death — are often not understood or pursued sufficiently to be effective.

* Spirituality is often pursued for superficial reasons, which do not lead to true self-transformation. These superficial reasons include:

– Spirituality as a form of Entertainment.

– Ego Gratification.

– Attaining Material Possessions in a way which simply supercharges the lower Ego and our neurotic “Grasping” of things outside of ourselves (a misuse and distortion of the Law of Attraction, which is extremely common today).

– Narcotic comfort (using spirituality to get out of inner pain, and to avoid fear and anxiety about physical world realities by following illusory spiritual paths and teachings.)