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Reclaiming a Lost Spiritual Practice


An excerpt from the Vesica online training
Connecting to Spiritual Realities
by Robert J. Gilbert Ph.D. 

chakra 1 Reclaiming a Lost Spiritual Practice Vesica Institute for Holistic StudiesIn the human energy field, the energy Centers below our feet are a reflection of the Centers above our head in the Column of Glory. 

The Column of Glory is the classical name for the Middle Pillar, the column of energy which runs from high above our heads through the crown center and down through the vertical midline of the human body, exiting out the base of the abdomen to run between the legs and down deep into the Earth.

The first center above our head is reflected in the first center below the feet (down in the Earth), the second center above the head is reflected in the second center below the feet, etc.

Although tragically forgotten in many modern patriarchal traditions, the fundamental (and essential) method of activating the centers above and below the physical body is to always Reflect Heaven in Earth; the first center below must be activated to balance the activation of the first center above, etc.

The specific “Vesica” linkage exercise (taught in our Vesica Institute online course Connecting to Spiritual Realities course) is the fundamental method to connect the centers above with those below, creating concentric Vesica geometric forms; this creates a pattern around the human body which is the same as was built by the Operative Masons into the entrances to the great Cathedrals of Europe.

Article for Connecting to Spiritual Realities Reclaiming a Lost Spiritual Practice Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

These concentric Vesica patterns were designed by Initiated Masons into the Gateways to the Sacred Power Centers on the Earth (all Cathedrals being built on naturally existing Sacred Power Centers) because this design mirrored the activation of the centers in the Column of Glory by an Initiate in their own Energy Field, opening up the ‘Gateway’ into higher spiritual realities.

The European Cathedrals were ‘Books written in Stone’, showing through Sacred Geometry many secrets of higher Initiation; this is seen for example within Cathedrals where the Statues of Saints have steeple-like forms shown above their heads, with horizontal projections off the steeple at regular intervals indicating the location of the energy centers in the Column above the human head.

The Centers Below are our link to the Earth, which is essentially the Yin polarity: this is a secret of “Female” Initiation, which is essential for both men and women. The counterpart to the Centers Below of course are the Centers Above, which are in essence the Yang polarity of Heaven (balanced with the Yin Polarity of Earth, as noted explicitly in the Daoist tradition).

These Centers Below ground us into the Earth, helping our energy system to be strong and stable through being anchored deep into the Earth’s own energy system.

These Centers Below are needed in Angelic Communication to anchor and balance the activated Centers Above; however it is for most (not all) people quite a bit more difficult to make these centers below our feet fully conscious.

This is because the Centers above the head are directly adjacent to the center of consciousness (which is the human head), whereas the centers below are directly adjacent to the center of Will (at the lower abdomen); Will forces are almost completely subconscious for most people, whereas the Thinking forces of the Head are relatively easy to make conscious.

The Energy Centers below are linked to grounded power; deep will forces; and powerful healing forces.

Many of the Higher Angelic Ranks, also known as the Spiritual Hierarchies in the Western Tradition, work through the elemental forces in the Earth; the Angelic Ranks in reality created the Group-Soul Elemental Beings which make up the 4 Elements of Fire, Air, Water, and Earth.

These Angelic Beings who created the Elementals of the 4 Elements can be contacted consciously through the centers below the feet.
This is the reality behind the “Earth Angel” and “Earth Archangels” spoken of in some European traditions.

As a practical matter, always ground your activation of the centers above with activating the corresponding, balancing center below, and linking them together.

NOTE: The structure of some people’s energy fields makes it much easier for them to connect consciously to the Centers Below than it is for most people today. Examples include:

  1. Women (and some Men) with strong innate grounding into the Earth.
  2. Persons born and raised in traditional, non-technological societies which are in harmony with the Earth and natural processes, rather than functioning primarily from the intellect (which is emphasized in modern industrialized societies.)
  3. Persons who in previous incarnations were Initiated into the mysteries of the “Column of Glory” Energy Centers Below in the Earth.

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