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Sugilite is a complex mineral: Potassium sodium lithium iron manganese aluminum silicate, with Titanium also often present.

The stone gets its beautiful purple color from the Lithium, which is known in Chinese Daoist Stone Healing (DSH) as a “Shen Tonic”; this means it helps to clear and stabilize the emotions, mind, and spirit.

Sugilite is named after its discoverer, Japanese geologist Ken-ichi Sugi. Sugi believed that the stone could be applied for neurological conditions.  Although not discovered until 1944, it has been brought into modern DSH by Jeffrey Yuen and is quite popular in these circles.

Sugilite is indeed considered a major stone for neurology in DSH, as well as having many other applications. It is considered a very high vibration stone, which acts in a slow progression and improvement. This leads to it also being seen as a longevity and anti-aging stone, with possible “age regression” (moving to earlier more youthful energy) over time when combined with proper mental outlook and lifestyle choices.

Sugilite became quite popular in recent years, leading to a dramatic shortage of it on the market and prices which continue to increase significantly every year, I have seen vendors at the Tucson gem show who literally doubled the price of Sugilite from one day to the next, as it began to run out and they realized they could not get any more. It is a stone which may be better to obtain sooner rather than later, for this reason of scarcity and increasing prices.

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  • Sugilite is considered a very important stone in DSH to support a person when there are tumors or any form of cancer. We at Vesica of course make no medical claims for any vibrational work, we simply report that it is common amongst Daoist Stone Healers to use Sugilite to help support people with cancer, both with the stone to be worn and the use of it in daily elixirs.
  • Sugilite is used in DSH to support any needs in the pelvic basic, such as hemorrhoids or prolapses; it is considered in DSH to be one of the most important stones for clearing trauma from the womb from issues like miscarriage, abortion, sexual trauma, C-section, rape, or incest. In DSH the resonance with the pelvic basin is connected to the hexagonal structure of Sugilite crystals.
  • Sugilite formed at the primary level of the Earth (Yuan level) so it is used in DSM for the primary systems which are known in Chinese Medicine as the “Curious Organs” (energy systems that don’t have their own energy meridians): Bones, Brain, Gall Bladder, Bone Marrow, Blood Vessels, Spine, Uterus.
  • Sugilite is also considered a major stone in DSM for supporting the endocrine glands, especially the pituitary, pineal and adrenals.
  • On a spiritual level, Sugilite is used to clear negativity and open to divine love, and to remind the soul why it incarnated on Earth. It is considered one of the most powerful stones for support the development of psychic powers. It is used to support vision quests, journeys into other realms. Helps a person not to react to life challenges.
  • Sugilite is believed by some DSH practitioners to have the ability to support the activation of Kundalini (which may also be an aspect of the multiple anecdotal reports we have been told from DSH practitioners regarding tumors disappearing with their patients who use Sugilite; some of these practitioners consider this linked to esoteric traditions which describe transforming areas of the body through the “Kundalini Burn” process. Again we make no medical claims, we are simply reporting historical concepts and anecdotal reports from practitioners in the DSH tradition.)

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  • Sugilite is technically considered in DSH to bring rising yang energy in the upper body down into the lower body; it draws down rising Liver Yang (which rises when there is not enough Yin, not enough stillness) and anchors the Liver Yang. This coalesces a person’s energy more deeply into the body. Very useful for Yoga, Chi Kung, all types of internal energetic development; Ametrine and Beryls (Emerald, Aquamarine) are also very helpful for anchoring the core Jing / Essence in the body. Sugilite is also considered in DSH to clear Damp Heat, Heat in the Blood.
  • A cause of uprising Liver Yang is deficient Kidney Yin, One aspect of this is feeling terrified inside, childhood fright; another aspect of deficient Kidney Yin is that this is considered in Daoist circles to lead to impotence, sexual dysfunction. One practitioner reported a young woman patient with a busy business who could not orgasm; her face was always flushed and red, she was always on the go, drank too much alcohol, reaching for outside sources of gratification, no energy in the pelvis to orgasm — these are considered in DSH to be aspects of the deficient Kidney Yin leading to Rising Liver Yang. The DSH practitioner recounted that this young woman’s ability to orgasm returned after using Sugilite. Sugilite is also considered excellent for those engaging in Tantric practices.
    Related to this, is the concept that Sugilite also supports the Heart – Kidney axis: DSH considers all purple stones to do so. The Heart-Kidney axis allows our true essence to express itself in the world. It also connects the Fire of Love in the Heart to the Water of Jing / Essence / Core Life Energy in the Kidneys; one aspect of this is that sexual activity is grounded in Love for the partner.
  • In DSH Sugilite is seen as very compatible with Amethyst; it is cleansed and recharged on a bed of Amethyst by some Daoist practitioners, or on Hematite bed by Jeffrey Yuen. Sugilite should be cleaned regularly, it can absorb external vibrations.
  • Sugilite is used in DSH as an elixir or on the body. Many DSM practitioners reported using the stone to make direct elixirs (ie, stone placed directly in water) taken on a prolonged basis; however those concerned about the softness and the complex chemical structure of the stone may prefer to use an indirect elixir (where vibrations are transferred into the water without placing the stone directly in the water). Placing the stone in a Quartz Test Tube and then placing that tube in water to transfer the vibration to the elixir, is the most effective method we have found, which we describe in our live Vibrational Science of Stones classes. We carry Quartz Test Tubes in our shop, for this purpose.

We offer different types of Sugilite which can be used for elixirs, including the very inexpensive Micro-Tumbled Sugilite which can be used for direct or indirect elixirs.
Other more expensive forms of Sugilite can also be used for this purpose.

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