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Shungite is a carbon-based stone from Russia which has become popular in recent years in North America. Many Electro-Sensitives have found it to be strengthening and balancing.

Shungite actually has multiple forms. Some has higher carbon content, some has more silica content etc; unfortunately it is often sold without any information on which type of Shungite it is, and its mineral contents.

What has developed in the market is differentiation between two types: Regular Shungite and Elite Shungite. Regular Shungite has lower levels of Carbon, often around 30%+. All forms of Shungite that are sold in carved forms – Eggs, Spheres,  Pyramids, “Merkaba”, etc. – are made of Regular Shungite. It naturally appears grey-black, and may leave some residue on the hands after it is handled.

Elite Shungite is over 90% Carbon; for that reason, it is too brittle to be carved into any form, it shatters instead. Elite Shungite only comes as small pieces which have a shiny, silvery look. It is sold in packs which have two primary uses:

1. Put the pieces in a cotton pouch and then carry or place the pouch on the body.
2. Use the pieces to clear and charge drinking water, for internal use. A popular Russian method is to place 1 oz. or so of Elite Shungite pieces in a glass or ceramic water container, and the water is regularly replenished when it is used up. The Elite Shungite pieces are replaced at 6 months or 12 months of use, depending on how often the water is used and replenished during that time (ie, how many gallons of water have been treated with the Elite Shungite pieces.)

One of the major promotional points for Shungite is the claim that it is one of the only natural sources for “Fullerenes”, an unusual highly structured form of the Carbon molecule. From an esoteric perspective, this is the alchemical transformation of Carbon to its highest, most evolved level; since humans are often said in science to be a “Carbon based life form”, this has serious implications for the human body and internal alchemy.

However multiple scientific analyses of this claim that Shungite has Fullerenes have been made, and it now appears that ONLY Elite Shungite has Fullerenes; they are not found in Regular Shungite, which is what all of the different carved forms Shungite found in the market today are made of.

So for all carved and wearable forms of Shungite, they are Regular Shungite; however this is still of value, and many electro-sensitives report highly beneficial results from using Regular Shungite, and that is the only form of Shungite which can be worn on the body in forms like beads etc. (Elite Shungite can be worn in the form of a cotton pouch which holds pieces of it.)

We have both the Regular and Elite Shungite forms in our shop in the Assorted Stones for Beneficial Vibrational Emanations under the subcategory Stones to Help Environmentally Sensitive People.

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