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Smart Disk – for Smart Meters

Smart Disk – for Smart Meters


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What is it?
The smart disk has a specially designed vibrational field designed to help balance the energetic impact of Smart Meters. It is magnetic and will snap onto metal components on or around the Smart Meter.

What do I use this for?
The Smart Disk helps to balance the impacts from the vibrational field created by Smart Meters. Many persons who are sensitive to this disturbance have reported benefits when the Smart Disk is in place; these benefits are also immediately visible through testing with Vibrational Radiesthesia.

How do I use this?
Simple place the Smart Disk on the location of the Smart Meter where you find the strongest Vertical -G measurement using a Vertical Wave pendulum. The disk will magnetically attach to any Smart Meter. Confirm the balancing effect by testing your Personal Wavelength while focusing on the meter for several minutes, so that you are testing through one of the “burst” cycles coming from the Meter, showing that you stay strong in your Personal Wavelength through the burst cycle.

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