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Protection Solutions Water

Protection Solutions Water


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What is it?
The SafeSpace Protection Solutions bottle is permanently imprinted with the composite of all 42 antidoted patterns from the entire Source of Toxicity dial.
Whatever water or liquid is placed in the bottle is infused with the composite of these antidote vibrations.

When the bottle is empty it can be refilled.  Since the bottle is permanently imprinted, the. vibrational effect goes into whatever liquid is placed in the bottle, so that one bottle (if not broken or damaged, or exposed to  extremely strong toxic vibrations / materials) can last a lifetime.

For optimum effectiveness no other energetic formulas should be added to this water.

What do I use this for?
To receive the composite antidote vibrations from the Source of Toxicity Dial in one powerful collection.

How do I use this?
Dropper Option: Place half a dropper of the water under your tongue as needed. This may help clear and reenergizes one’s energy field.
Spray Option: Cut the attached spray top tube to fit the bottle, then replace the
dropper top with the spray top. Spray liberally over the head, body, and entire
energy field.

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