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Light Intensity Laser Insert

Light Intensity Laser Insert

The LIGHT Intensity insert tube is imprinted with a transformative higher harmonic frequency program. This vibrational program is greatly magnified when combined and used with the EcoLaser’s coherent light. This LIGHT imprinting process neutralizes toxins, corrects and harmonize “disturbances” and helps to establish a balanced energy flow. The body and energy field, physical materials or environmental areas can be re-polarized, balanced and “brightened” to a higher rate of vibration.

Directions: Unscrew the selected tip of the EcoLaser and drop either end of metal tube into the body of the laser. Screw the tip back onto the EcoLaser before using. Any of the caps can be used with the Energy Tube. Energy testing can be used to indicate the optimum time. The light can be beamed into water or onto materials and substances. Do not hold the laser over an area for more than a minute at a time. The area often corrects in under 20 seconds.


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