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ECO Laser

ECO Laser

If ordering internationally, please check your local customs laws to verify if you can import this item! We are not responsible for any issues arising from ordering items which are prohibited in your area. 


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*If ordering internationally, please check your local customs laws  to verify if you can import this item!

*Please note: Any laser tips prior to 2016 will not fit into the new model of the Eco Laser.  You will need to purchase new tips.

This laser has been specially modified to emanate high intensity levels of the Centering Vibration* and all 12 Beneficial Bands of the Vibrational Spectrum (see our Online Series Vibrational Testing and Healing for more information on these Vibrational Qualities.)

The ECO laser offers an extremely fast, powerful, and easy way to energetically Clear, Charge, and Balance any material with beneficial vibrations.

Dimensional Design’s proprietary, permanent encoding of these vibrations into the laser light sets the ECO Laser apart from other lasers on the market.  It is also a fraction of the cost of other vibrational lasers on the market, which often have a starting price well in excess of 3000 U.S. Dollars.

Optional Inserts are available to add additional desirable vibrations to the laser beam.

The ECO laser comes with 5 interchangeable Tips for different clearing applications; these are included with the laser, unlike the Optional Inserts which are available separately.  Each of the included Tips can screw on to the end of the laser, to give the laser beam different geometric forms.  The Tips are in the forms of: Circle, Cross, Straight Line, Directional Pointer, and Point in the Center of a Circle.


* The Centering Vibration is the energetic signature of the unified source of creation, represented in classical traditions (including Egyptian, Rosicrucian, Masonic and others) as a point in the center of a circle.  This original source was referred to as “The One” by the ancient Greeks, “Bindu Point” in the Himalayan Tradition, “Wu Ji” in the Daoist tradition etc.
In modern times this harmonizing energy quality of the Center has been identified, extensively researched, and practically applied in the BioGeometry ™  system created by Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo Egypt, where it is referred to as the BG3™ or “The One Energy Quality”.  We highly recommend training in BioGeometry to learn more about how to detect and apply this essential balancing/harmonizing energy quality.  Please see our BioGeometry page for our upcoming trainings in this amazing energy science, and more information can be found in Dr. Karim’s public text Back to a Future for Mankind.

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