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Cell Salts Laser Insert

Cell Salts Laser Insert


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Cell Salt Therapy is based on the work of Wilhelm Schussler, MD., a German doctor whose life work was based on the formulation of the 12 Cell Salts.  These inorganic tissue sals are extremely important, if not essential to a balanced human body.  They represent the basic components of the body at a cellular level.  Each Cell in your body has the twelve salts in its makeup.  It is a known fact that the structure and vitality of the body’s organs depend upon the necessary quantities and proper proportions of their organic constituents.

The Cell Salt insert tube is vibrationally imprinted with the exact frequencies of the 12 Cell Salts, potenitized at 3x, 6x, and 12x.  These potencies are used homeopathically to correct minor problems, as well as nutritionally to insure against deficiencies.

The energy program from the cell salt tube can be transferred into water using the Eco Laser.   Drinking the imprinted water is a very effective way to use the formula because directly transfers the correcting energy into the. body.

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