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144 Horizontal and Vertical Laser Insert

144 Horizontal and Vertical Laser Insert


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This insert tube for the EcoLaser contains the combined vibrational information of all 144 beneficial qualities of the Vibrational Spectrum.  It provides a composite vibration, from which any living system can extract which ever aspects they are in need for balancing.

Since these vertical waves are associated with a wide range of problems in living beings (at all levels including physical, energetic, emotional, mental, etc.) use of the 144 Antidote Insert tube for the EcoLaser is a quick and easy general application which is helpful in many different situations.

Suggested Uses:

For all of the below methods, test the subject while applying the method in question to ensure this will help balance their energetic field.

1. Put the selected Insert tune into the EcoLaser and beam the pattern into a glass of water or juice; its vibrations will then be transferred into the body when the person drinks.

2. It can also be used to beam any material a person will be using.  Examples include putting it under a poultice to infuse it before using it on the body, on supplements, etc.  The EcoLaser is a great tool to infuse into materials including fabric due to its high penetrating power and intensity.

3 Be sure to test the person energetically to see if it is beneficial, and check in intermittently to see if the person has had enough and it should be removed (this is a very high amount of vibrational information for some people, although other people can wear the energy pattern happily for long periods of time.)

4. Test to see f there is a stronger effect with just one of the two insert tube for the EcoLasers or both together.  If you choose to beam both into water beam the patterns into 2 separate glasses and drink the 144 Antidote pattern first.

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