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The True Rosicrucian & Holy Grail Traditions

True RosicrucianA Profound Unveiling of Powerful Hidden Traditions

An Online Series of 6 Courses

Presented by Robert J. Gilbert, Ph.D.

Tuition:  $1299 for 3 years of unlimited access.

Dr. Gilbert is known for his deep understanding of the Rosicrucian and Holy Grail Traditions as living streams of Spiritual Initiation, however he has only ever given one full series of live trainings in the subject. This series ran from 2002 to 2003, and has never been repeated.

This is the most profound unveiling of these powerful hidden traditions ever offered by the Vesica Institute.

Fortunately, this series was videotaped and preserved. However, until now, it has been a part of the inner archives of the Vesica Institute and not available in any form.
The live recording of this Rosicrucian series has now been transferred to a digital format, and is available publicly for the first time as an online training series!

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Tuition:  $1299 for 3 years of unlimited access.

The True Rosicrucian & Holy Grail Traditions

An online series of 6 courses

Register for individual courses, or for the entire series

Included in this Series:

  • Each course is an edited version of a complete weekend live seminar, taught by Dr. Robert J. Gilbert.
  • Special Extended Online Access to your course: 1 year of access from the time of registration for single courses, or 3 years of series access for purchases of the complete series.
  • Includes Hard-to-Find Inner Teachings from the original European Rosicrucian and Holy Grail Traditions.
  • Detailed Explanations of some of the most important — yet hidden – Spiritual Mysteries.
  • Rare Spiritual Exercises are included in the series, including some which are not available in any of our other online Spiritual Science courses.
  • Collected information drawn from over a hundred original sources, plus Dr. Gilbert’s own new teachings.
  • Based on 17 years of Intensive Research and Personal Exploration of Key Spiritual Initiation Methods.

Please Note: This Rare Archive Footage was shot on an earlier generation of video equipment, however all images and sound are clear.

Each Course Includes its Own:

– Streaming Videos of the Course
– Downloadable MP3 Audio of the entire Course
– Extensive Course Manual in downloadable PDF format

The Six Courses in this Series:

Course 1: Foundations of the Rosicrucian & Holy Grail Traditions 

This first course provides the essential background concepts and context for the entire series.

Topics and Practices in Course 1 include:

  • Essential Foundations of the Rosicrucian and Holy Grail Traditions
  • Basic Practice to Awaken Spiritual Perception
  • Spiritual Aspects of Essential Initiation Practices
  • Stages of Spiritual Initiation
  • Hidden History of the Holy Grail and the Rosicrucians

Course 2: Inner Realities of Spiritual Festivals

This second course in the series introduces the Spiritual Festivals within Rosicrucianism as essential aspects of a multi-stage Initiation process.  

The Winter Festivals are especially emphasized in this course, as they provide foundations for the entire yearly process.

Topics and Practices in Course 2 include:

  • The Secret of Packed Thought Forms
  • The Essential Rosicrucian “Dissolving Practice”
  • The Hidden History of Esoteric Christianity
  • The 7 “I Am” Mantras Practice
  • The Breathing Process of the Earth
  • The Winter Initiation & the 12 Holy Nights.

Course 3: Sacred Geometry of the Rosicrucians

This third course in the series introduces the Rosicrucian use of Sacred Geometry to convey “packed” information thoughtforms and to guide Initiatory processes.

Topics and Practices in Course 3 include:

  • The Hidden Link between Sacred Geometry and Packed Thought Forms
  • Key Rosicrucian Images and their Meanings
  • Third Eye Activation Practice
  • The Secret of the 1,3,7 & 12: The True “Anchor Points” of Spirit in the Physical Body
  • The Secret of the 5 & 6: The Forgotten Larger Context of the “Merkaba” Vehicle of Soul Travel

Course 4: Ancient & Modern Forms of Spiritual Initiation

This fourth course in the series dives deeper into ancient and modern forms of Spiritual Initiation, including the essential Merkaba, 7 Heavenly Halls and Planetary Spheres processes.

Topics and Practices in Course 4 include:

  • The 7 Stages of Classical and Holy Grail Initiation
  • The Power of Structure: Permanent Activations of the Human Subtle Bodies
  • Key Principles of Spiritual Initiation
  • Sacred Geometry and the Original Merkaba Mysteries
  • The Secret of Advanced Initiation: The “7 Heavenly Halls” and Planetary Spheres Initiation Journey

Course 5: The Rebirth of Humanity and the Earth

This fifth course in the series focuses on the key Rosicrucian mysteries of Death and Rebirth, which are manifested in the Easter Festival and in the hidden stream of Female Initiates of the Sophia.

Topics and Practices in Course 5 include:

  • The Ancient Goddess Mysteries and the Divine Sophia
  • The Hidden Stream of Female Spiritual Initiates
  • The 7 Stages of Esoteric Christian Initiation
  • “Grail Points”: Divine Energy Centers in the Human Subtle Body
  • The Solar Logos and the Sophia
  • BioDynamic Agriculture and the Revitalization of the Earth’s Life Forces

Course 6: Hidden Realities of the New Millennium

This sixth and final course in the series collects for the first time many of the key Spiritual Time Cycles known by the Rosicrucians to manifest spiritual impulses on the Earth, sometimes through deeply challenging historical events.

The Rosicrucian approach to understanding and optimizing our human responses to these traumatic challenges is introduced in terms of the specific Spiritual Beings which influence each type of response.

Deeper realities of the Spiritual Influences on modern historical events are described, along with the karmic groups which are active now to help humanity in these challenging times.

Topics and Practices in Course 6 include:

  • An Overview of Essential Spiritual Time Cycles that Affect Humanity
  • Rosicrucian Approach to Balancing the Challenges of Modern Life
  • Spiritual Influences on Modern Politics (and their Connection to the Ancient Kabbalah)
  • Occult Lodges and Karmic Streams of the Western Tradition