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The Personal Wavelength

personal wavelength The Personal Wavelength Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

Class 1 of the 3 Class Vibrational Testing and Healing Series

Presented by Robert J. Gilbert, Ph.D.

Tuition: $295 for 1 year of unlimited access

This is the first of 3 courses in the Vibrational Testing and Healing Series.  This is the only English Language online course which teaches in detail the powerful “Personal Wavelength” health testing method used in the ancient world, and made public in France in the early 1900’s by French Priest Abbe Ferran. 

Find any Person’s Unique Energy Frequency & Create Personalized Healing Solutions.

In this course you learn to detect the “Personal Wavelength” which is the Core Energy Signature of any Person, Place, or Thing.  This method allows direct detection of serious issues anywhere in the Energy Body.  It also allows for the identification of which vibrational sources (people, food, supplements, locations, environmental energies, materials, etc.) are causing serious disturbances to a person, and which vibrational sources can be used to correct those specific issues. 

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Excerpt from the Personal Wavelength

Tuition: $295 for 1 year of unlimited access

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In This Class You Will Learn:

  • How to “Tune” into the Personal Wavelength (the unique Energy Signature) of any Person, Plant, or Animal — even inanimate objects!
  • The Hidden History of Personal Wavelength Testing: from the Ancient Egyptian Mysteries, to public release in 1900 by Jesuit-trained French Priests.
  • How to Go Beyond the Abilities of systems like Kinesiology (Muscle Testing), to find More Subtle Differences in Energy Effects on Living Beings.
  • How to Test which Types of Foods, Supplements etc. are the most Compatible, the most Healing, and the most Strengthening for a specific person (and even to know which specific Brand of a Supplement is the Best Match for a Person.)
  • The method used by Hundreds of European Doctors in the 1930’s to “Navigate” consciously through any level of a Person’s Energy System to locate all sources of Disturbance and Correct Them (“Medical Physical Radiesthesia”.)
  • How to Test the Energetic Balance or Imbalance in any Organ, Body Part, Acupuncture Point or Meridian, or Major Energy Centers (including Chakras.)
  • Testing for Side Effects: What parts of the body are weakened or harmed by specific sources.
  • How to Test for Harmful Zones of Toxic Earth Energy Lines or Electro-Magnetic Fields — and How to Know when you have successfully protected People from their Effects (hint: this can be different for different people.)
  • Testing for Polarities on the Human Body or on Objects — and How Polarity can Strengthen or Weaken specific systems in the body.
  • Testing to help Plants, Environmental Areas, Beneficial Insects (Bees etc.), and Animals.
  • Testing for Compatibility: Discover what combination of supplements, foods, materials, minerals, vibrations, etc. will strengthen or weaken a person.
  • How to to detect the presence of Specific Items (whether Beneficial or Harmful) within your body, food, drink, supplements, building materials, etc.
  • How to use “Witnesses” (Vibrational Samples) to Find Hidden Objects or Invisible Energies
  • How to Test Vibrational Tools to see which ones actually Balance Problems in your Energy Field — and which Ones actually Weaken and Unbalance You.


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Tuition: $295 for 1 year of unlimited access

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