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Episode 3: Awakening the Grail Chalice


sacred geomtery title card gaia Episode 3: Awakening the Grail Chalice Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies


by Dr. Robert J. Gilbert

[Note: Gaia changed the episode format so that this Episode 3 now appears as Episodes 5 (Teachings) and 6 (Energy Sphere Practice) and 7 (Torus Energy Activation Practice).]

First Image below Copyright the Vesica Institute 2022.

All other Images illustrating the Script are Copyright Gaia 2022, and are used with permission.




In this episode we will explore a key Sacred Geometry pattern, which is essential for recharging energy in the human body. This pattern not only exists throughout the human body, it is also a key energy source from the sub-atomic all the way up to the galactic level, and even connects to higher dimensions. Spiritually, this is the same pattern which creates the form of the Chalice of the Holy Grail.

You will learn in this episode three essential methods to use this Sacred Geometry pattern to clear and energize your entire body and energy field.

Every form in Sacred Geometry is like a “letter” of a divine alphabet. These letters of form then combine into “words” — which are complex combinations of Sacred Geometry patterns which create all levels of reality.

Sacred Geometry is sometimes described as the Divine Language of Creation, or as an Angelic language, because higher spiritual beings can communicate and create through the language of Sacred Geometry.
This Divine Language of Sacred Geometry forms was also known as the “Secret Script” in some spiritual traditions.

The spiritual initiation process of humans learning to read this Divine Language has been expressed in many different ways, including as learning to Read in the Book of Nature.

We saw in our last episode that Sacred Geometry patterns are at their highest level Thoughtforms in the Mind of God, which provide the energy blueprints for the creation of all physical existence.
These patterns hold the secret of materialization; how to control the manifestation of Energy and Spirit into solid physical matter.



In our previous episode we introduced the first pattern, or what we could call the first “letter” in the language of Sacred Geometry: the Point in the Center of the Circle. The Point in the Center is the Zero Dimensional gateway to the Divine Plane. The Point in the Center is called the Singularity of Physics. It is the Unified Field where everything is united into the ONE.

The Point then expands outwards to create a Circle or a Sphere in 3 Dimensions. The Sphere is the container for materializing the physical world.
In our previous episode we experienced how the Point in the Circle or Sphere image is the secret to activating any energy center in the human body, as you learned then how to use this energy pattern to activate the Cave of Brahma in the center of your head which then creates the Golden Sphere of activated consciousness around your entire Head.

We also saw from modern Egyptian BioGeometry the geometric shapes which resonate with specific levels of manifestation, which are the planes of creation.
The Zero-Dimensional Point, the Centerpoint, is the literal gateway for the Divine Plane; the Circle or Sphere is the container of the Physical Plane.

The key to this thoughtform from the Mind of God, is that the Circle and Sphere carry the power to create an alchemical sealed chamber, inside of which new life can be created.

The Circle and the Sphere are considered the perfect forms in the Divine Alphabet of Sacred Geometry, because they are perfectly balanced.
Every point on the periphery of the circle or sphere, the boundary of creation, is the exact same distance from the Divine Plane at the center.

Let’s read in the book in the nature, and see how the Sphere is a key to manifestating Consciousness and Energy from higher worlds into Physical Matter.

Ancient diagrams of spiritual creation of the world are filled with images of circles and spheres which hold creation.

In ancient Egypt , the Scarab beetle was considered sacred, linked to protection and magical rejuvenation, because it creates spheres out of dung which will then burst forth with its children. This is a microcosm of the divine Sphere of all creation. The Scarab was also linked to the power of the Sun, the Sphere which rolls across the sky giving life to the world.

We see physical reality because we have the Sphere of our eye.

All of our current technology is based on Electro-Magnetic energy, which is usually thought of as 2-dimensional “waves”. New research is showing that rather than flat sine waves, electromagnetic energy is in reality 3 dimensional Spheres.

The Experiments of engineer Larry Spring showed that the frequency of so-called electromagnetic waves actually indicates the physical size of an electromagnetic sphere which is rotating while traveling in space. This means that that the positive and negative alternation of the 2-D wave is in fact simply a 2-D outline of part of the boundary of the rotating electro- magnetic sphere.

Similarly, acoustic imaging expert John Stuart Reid of Britain has shown that sound waves are in fact Spheres, pulsating bubbles of acoustic energy. We’ll explore John’s breakthrough work in Cymatics sound imaging in a later episode of this series.

The European Masons who built the great Cathedrals of Europe called their work “The Royal Art”. The Royal Art is the transformation of the physical world into the New Golden Age through applying the Divine Patterns of Sacred Geometry, just as the Maons transformed stones and trees into Temples, into physical chalices for the Divine to pour into. The Royal Art is a high secret of original Masonic initiation, which is the establishing on Earth of the Sacred Geometry patterns for the next round of human evolution; but tragically it has almost been forgotten today.

The Masonic image of the Compass and Square is based on the practical tools to create circular and square forms in sacred design.
The great sacred builders of the past, from Europe, Egypt, India and every other great world culture, knew that each time they created a circle or sphere in their designs, they were recreating the original act of Creation from the Godhead; this is the creation of the circular boundary for creation around a divine center, as we explored in episode 2 with the point in the center of the circle pattern.

Very few human beings can draw a perfect circle freehand; to do so requires that the person be perfectly anchored in the divine center around which the circle rotates.
In earlier times when people saw a master artist draw a perfect circle freehand, they understood that this was a sign of the high spiritual attainment of the person.

The drafting compass works by first establishing a stable, fixed divine center, and then the perfect circular rotation around that center becomes possible for everyone.

Master Masons would sometimes be buried with their personal drafting compass, which had been filled with their own energy and with divine energy through a lifetime of movements around the center.

Ancient Adepts in Egypt and other cultures knew the power of the Circle and the Sphere as primordial Sacred Geometry patterns of creation.
Ancient Egyptian adepts used the spiritual practice of “encirclement”, which was putting a person in the energetic boundaries of a circle, either to contain a dangerous person, or to protect a person in need.
This later evolved into the use of encirclement in medieval Europe, with the construction of the protective circle for the Magician to stand within during times of exposure to dangerous non- physical forces.

In episode 2 we introduced the Sacred Geometry secret that we can activate aspects of our energy field through applying sacred geometry movement patterns.

In both ancient and modern times, methods of BioEnergy healing teach how to feel and how to project life energy for healing purposes. One of the most fundamental practices is to create within the hands an energy sphere, which is programmed for a specific function by the vibrational power of a color given to it.

Gold light vibrations could be used to repair tears to the subtle energy nets of the body or to activate connections to the Divine, Rose to activate love and compassion within the heart, Green to dissolve toxicity, etc.

In some cases, thoughtforms of what a person desires to manifest are placed within the sphere of energy, and sent out into the world.

In cases where what is desired to manifest is the healing of a person, the sphere is filled with the color vibration which will manifest that healing, and the energy sphere is projected, either in person or at a distance, into the appropriate energy center of a person’s body.



We can now experience a simple practice to create and absorb a Sphere of Bio-Energy. Remember the fundamental ethical rule of safety when learning energetic methods, which is to first practice them on yourself until you master them, before using them on others, and to only use them on others with their explicit permission.

We will begin with the Energy Field Awareness Practice, which is simply to become quiet inside and tune into the feeling of energy in and around your body, as well as observing whatever thoughts and emotions are in your consciousness at the moment.

You don’t need to change or manipulate in any way what is in your energy field or your mind during the Energy Field Awareness Practice — simply observe and become aware of whatever is present. This gives you a baseline to observe changes in your energy or consciousness from any energetic or spiritual practice that you do.

Now we will begin the classical Energy Sphere creation practice.

Our hands are used to project life energy — called Prana, Chi, Ether etc. — in traditions all over the world. The most powerful energy emission point in the hands is the center of the palm, which is acupuncture point Pericardium 8 in Chinese Medicine. Energy emissions may also come from the fingers, however the center of the Palm is the most powerful hand energy center.
Remember that Energy follows Attention – wherever you put your attention, your energy goes there. Simply by putting attention on the Palms of the hands, you start to activate the energy emissions there.

Take a few deep breaths, relax, and become quiet inside.
Place your attention on the Center of your palms, feeling the natural vibration there.
Now to increase the sensation of the vibration, Rub the palms of your hands briskly together, then stop and feel the vibration at the palms, and between the two hands.

Move your palms closer and further from each other, feeling the compression of the energy between them when you move them closer together.

Play with that energy, moving your hands in spherical rotations, forming the energy between the palms into a sphere held between the hands.

Use your attention and Mind Power to move your awareness and energy into the center of the sphere, which is the Zero Point Centering practice you learned in episode 2 of this series. This activates the Divine plane, the Unified Field power.
Then from the center of the Sphere use your mind power to radiate the energy back out to the boundary of the sphere, which is the Radiance practice.

Lead the energy of the Sphere to cycle sequentially through the Zero Point Centering and Radiance, to gently implode into its own center and explode back out to the boundary of the sphere in a rhythm, creating a steady pulsation of the sphere as if it were a beating heart.
[I show my hands moving in this rhythm.]

Set up the pulsation of the Sphere to match the rhythm of the beating of your own heart in your chest. Feel the change in the vibration of the sphere in your hands, when you set it to pulse with the beating of your own heart.
Imprint now into the sphere with your Mind Power a gentle light blue pastel color, like the color of the clear sky, which can help calm and sooth stress and agitation. The vibrational power of

Blue also specifically helps to stabilize and hold the sphere together, and to preserve thoughtforms projected into the sphere.
Feel the change in the vibration of the sphere in your hands, when you imprint the light blue color into it.

Generate in your Mind a thoughtform of dynamic vitality and health, of disintegrating any toxic invasions or accumulations in your body.
See in your Mind’s eye clear images of yourself bursting with this vital energy and health, with any toxicity or issues dissolving away to nothing. Accompany these images of health with generating the feeling of health and happiness in your body and energy field.

healing sphere practice 2.jpg Episode 3: Awakening the Grail Chalice Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

Be aware these images and feelings are creating a coherent thoughtform inside your head. Then project this thoughtform from the area between your eyebrows into the Sphere.
Feel the change in the vibration of the Blue Sphere held between your hands, when you add this thoughtform of health and vitality into the Sphere.

healing sphere practice 1 Episode 3: Awakening the Grail Chalice Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

Then move your hands to push the Blue sphere into your own solar plexus.
Absorb the sphere then into your Solar Plexus, laying your hands on top of the solar plexus as the sphere is absorbed.

Close your eyes and relax, feeling the shift in your body and energy field when the Blue Sphere releases its beneficial contents into your solar plexus.

Now use the Energy Field Awareness Practice to quietly tune into the shift of energy in and around your body from having created and absorbed this Sphere of energy. How does your energy feel different than it did before the start of the practice? Observe also any shifts in your mental thoughts and emotional feelings from absorbing the sphere.
This process of creating the energy sphere can also be used for manifestation purposes, by placing specific thoughtforms within the sphere of what you choose to manifest, and then placing the visualized sphere within the energetic environment where this situation can materialize. This practice can be repeated and reinforced daily to keep the sphere active and working.
Now we can explore how the Sphere can be converted from a container of energy and thoughtforms, into a dynamic energy recharging and circulation form: the Torus.



Torus energy practice Episode 3: Awakening the Grail Chalice Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

Whereas the Sphere is a container to hold new life and other content, the Torus is the packed thoughtform from the Mind of God to preserve the balanced form of the Sphere — where the centerpoint of the Divine Plane is equidistant from every point on the perimeter — while alchemically transforming the container function of the Sphere into a dynamic flow between the center and the periphery.
The Torus can maintain the balanced Sphere energetics while actively circulating energy between the Divine Center and Physical Periphery.

To transform the Sphere into a Torus, a vortex opens up at the top and bottom of the sphere, creating an open channel through the center of the Sphere.

This open channel in the sphere follows the geometry of the vortex in its being at its widest extent at the outer boundary, drawing in sharply to become most narrow at the center of the sphere. This creates a kind of hourglass form in the interior of the sphere, known technically as a hyperbola.
This hyperbola can be created by having two Vortices meeting at their tips, similar to two cone geometric forms meeting at their tips.

In the esoteric Christian tradition, this Hyperbola form is the geometric foundation for the Chalice of the Holy Grail, the Grail Cup.

The entire human body is a Grail Cup, which receives the flow of Divine Nectar from both above – the heavenly flow – into the Crown Center, while also receiving through the base of the abdomen from below, the earthly flow. This Grail Cup hyperbola in the human body is connected to the entire sphere of energy constantly flowing around our body, creating the Torus circulation running through our entire central channel.

Today the essential practice of activating our entire energy field to become a Grail Chalice for Divine energies has almost been forgotten. This same “Grail Cup” Torus geometry we have on the vertical axis of our central column, also manifests within the horizontal axis of our major front/back chakra pairs.

chakra Episode 3: Awakening the Grail Chalice Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

There are various forms the Torus takes in natural systems: some are more perfectly spherical, and some are flattened like a bagel or donut. Some have wider internal openings of the donut, and others come to a very tight center of the hyperbolic movement.

There is also another very important but little-known significance to the Torus, related to higher dimensional realities. We discussed in our first episode how Higher Dimensional geometric forms can appear as “shadows” on lower dimensional levels.

As an example, we can see that a fourth dimensional hypercube is generated in the movement from 0 – 4 dimensions. Seen from one particular perspective, the fourth dimensional HyperCube can appear with an 8 pointed star form inside, when projected onto a 2-D flat plane.

hypercube 2d Episode 3: Awakening the Grail Chalice Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

There are also shadows which we can see as 2-D flat projections of even higher dimensional Cubes, such as these for the 5th through 8th dimensions.

higher dimensional cubes Episode 3: Awakening the Grail Chalice Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

There are other perspective views on how a fourth dimensional Hypercube can manifest within the 3-D world which our senses perceive. One of the most important alternative perspectives, described in scientific texts, is this Hypercube form which looks like a smaller Cube within a larger Cube.

Similarly, a 3-D sphere becomes a HyperSphere in the fourth dimension of space.

When projected onto a 2-D surface, the 4D Hypersphere appears as a circle within a Circle; projected into 3 Dimensions, the Hypersphere appears as a Torus.
This reveals that the Torus is actually the 3-Dimensional shadow of the higher 4th-dimensional form of the Hyper-sphere, which is the spiritual archetype of the Sphere of Creation from a higher non-physical realm.

The higher dimensional Hypersphere of the Torus is also deeply connected to modern scientific concepts of Hyperspace, including being able to move from one point in space immediately to a distant point of space without crossing the space in between.

This is connected to the concept of a black hole, where gravity becomes so strong that it creates a distortion of space-time. The gravity literally tears in a hole in the Net which we described in Episode 1, the sacred geometry of space-time itself.

When the Net of Space-Time is torn, modern Physics indicates that this can create the hyperbola form, the interior form of a Torus, which may link one space-time reference point to a distant point.
This hyperspace portal is also known in Physics as an Einstein-Rosen bridge.

Some theorists believe that the Black Hole which takes things out of physical existence may lead to a White Hole from which new creation emerges into physical space-time – this entire process takes the form of the hyperbola, the Grail Cup, within the Torus.

Just as the Torus is linked to higher dimensions and to Black Holes, when it crystallizes into physical matter it appears at every scale of creation, from the galactic to sub-atomic levels.

At the Galactic level, Torus structures have been seen or theorized with large cosmic structures such as Galaxy M87, where the black hole in the center of the Galaxy is the center of the Torus.

On the opposite end of the scale, Torus geometric forms have been found throughout sub- atomic structures.

Atomic force microscopy reveals subatomic structures which have Toroidal shapes. For example, iron particles can create a microscopic series of Torus on a copper surface, which appears as a spherical lattice pattern.

Superstring theory in modern Physics describes the smallest aspects of matter as being different vibrational modes of 1 dimensional lines or strings. Superstring theory requires there to be at least 10 dimensions in order for their math to work out.
Two of those hidden dimensions are theorized as being held in tremendously small torus forms within the sub-atomic matrix.

So we see the Divine Packed Thoughtform of the Torus manifests physical creation from the Hypersphere on higher dimensions, to then crystallize into physical matter at all levels of scale, from the Galactic to the sub-atomic.
Between these extremes of large and small scales, we have the scale of our lived human experience, where the Torus occurs everywhere.

We find the Torus as the protective energy structure around the Earth itself, in the Magnetic Field and Van Allen Belts:

In the Magnetic Field around a Bar magnet;

In the form of the fruits which we eat to sustain our lives, such as the form of the apple; In the Energy field around the human being;

In the Energy field created around the human heart, which creates nested Torus forms one inside another in the electromagnetic field of the human body every time our heart beats.

Living energy systems are dynamic, constantly increasing or decreasing their internal energy level.
The Torus allows the perfect Spherical Circulation to grow to a larger Spherical field when the energy level increases, and to morph to a smaller perfect Spherical field when the energy level decreases, all the time keeping the perfect balance between the Divine Center and the Earthly boundary.

Some esoteric groups take advantage of the natural Toroidal Field around old growth trees, to place or plant at their roots specific stones which have beneficial vibrational properties needed by the larger environment.
These energetic properties of the Torus in biological life also apply to modern electrical systems, where the Toroidal shape has been found to be optimal for electrical transformers.

Toroidal Nuclear Fusion reactors are currently being developed, which could provide unlimited clean energy for the entire planet and replace fossil fuels, through fusing together hydrogen atoms from water. These Torus-shaped reactors can create the same fusion reaction which powers the Sun.



Now that we have “unpacked” many aspects of the packed thoughtform of the Torus sacred geometry, we can apply this powerful pattern to our own energy field.

In Episode 2 we introduced the secret of the Sacred Geometry Structures of the Human Energy Field, and how they are keys to unlocking the hidden divine powers waiting to be activated within every human being.

We can apply Sacred Geometry forms to activate or modify our internal Sacred Geometry energy structures.

Only when these Sacred Geometry patterns are directly applied to your energy field, will the power and benefits of these forms become real for you.

We showed earlier that energy channels in the human body with opposite vortex pairs are in reality a Torus, either on a vertical or horizontal orientation.

The vertical energy flow between the Perineum at the base of the abdomen and the Crown Center at the top of the head is the most important Torus in the body; it is our heaven and Earth axis, which makes us able to stand erect. It runs through the midline Central Channel of the body, the most important energy axis of the human body, which is not the same as the energy flow up the spine.

vertical charka Episode 3: Awakening the Grail Chalice Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

Join me now as we apply the Sacred Geometry form of the Torus to activate and clear our entire energy field, and experience how we are ourselves in reality a Grail cup, which receives the divine essence from above and below to activate our Central Channel of energy.

We’ll start with our Energy Field Awareness Practice which we used in previous episodes as the way to get a baseline reading on your energy field before beginning any energetic practice, so that you can then more clearly see the effects of that practice afterwards.

Simply close your eyes and tune into the feeling of energy in and around your body. What does the energy feel like? Then observe what is currently in your thoughts and your emotions.
Remember you are just observing what is present inside you before the practice to get a baseline reading, you are not trying to change or manipulate anything.



Now we’ll begin the Torus practice. Stand up, with your feet shoulder width apart. We will mirror with our hands the movement of the energy flowing in the Torus.

The first part of the practice will be to run the energy in the Torus through your central channel from below to above and then around the body. This is the Earthly energy flow.

torus earthly energy flow Episode 3: Awakening the Grail Chalice Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

On the inhalation you will pull the Earth energy up your central channel to the area above your crown center, to the height of where your middle fingertips touch the central column above your head when your arms are fully extended. You will start with your attention at an equal distance below the feet as the distance which your middle fingertips extend above your head in the column above. Make a mental note now of where this point is in the Earth between your feet.

torus earthly energy flow 2 Episode 3: Awakening the Grail Chalice Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

When you have fully inhaled, your hands will be fully extended above your head with the middle fingertips touching the top of the Torus in the column above your head.

On the exhalation, the energy will flow downward from this point above your head, around you to all sides of the body, with the middle fingertips of your arms at full extension to your right and left sides, showing the extent of the Torus energy movement to all sides.
Your hands will mirror the energy flow down the sides until at the end of the exhalation you have returned to the starting point, pointing both hands down to the point below the feet.

tours activation practice 1 Episode 3: Awakening the Grail Chalice Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

A very important note: although our arms will be mirroring the flow of energy along our sides, in reality the Torus flow is all around us like a Sphere.
Make sure you consciously extend the energy just as far behind and in front of you as you do to the sides, even though your hands are not showing the flows to front and back.
Be aware that most people unconsciously project their energy much further forward than they do to the back, which creates a subtle energetic imbalance; make sure you extend the Torus energy as a perfect sphere all around you, to both sides and front and back equally!

This exercise is very valuable for restoring the correct geometric flow pattern to the energy field around our body, rather than the squashed and distorted form it takes unconsciously for most people.

We will now do a practice run of the Earthly Torus flow together.

Start by putting your attention at the point between your feet down in the ground. Place your fingertips together, with your hands pointing down between your legs to the area between and below your feet which you just identified.
Inhale and pull the Earth energy up from beneath you, up between your feet, between the legs; when the energy reaches the level of your fingertips which are pointing down, let your hands rise with fingertips staying together, moving your hands up to mirror the energy movement all the way up. Feel when the energy penetrates into the perineum at the base of your trunk, and continues upwards through your central column until it exits the head at the crown center and then reaches the top of the Torus, at the place where your middle fingertips touch when your arms are fully extended above your head at the end of the inhalation.

Now exhale, letting your hands part and mirror the flow of energy down along your sides with your arms at full extension, until at the end of the exhalation the fingertips come back together with hands pointing to the base of the Torus between and beneath your feet.

We will do three repetitions together now.
[Do three repetitions, guiding the viewer through the practice.]

For your regular practice after this show, do a total of 7 repetitions of this flow each time. Now close your eyes while you let your hands rest by your side.
Once again do the Energy Field Awareness Practice, so you can feel how your energy has shifted from doing this Earthly Flow practice. With your eyes closed, Tune into the feeling of the energy in and around your body.
How does your energy feel different to you after doing the Earthly Torus flow practice?

Note that common sensations with the Earthly Torus flow are increased heat and energy flow in the body, along with a feeling of stability and groundedness.
Sometimes you will be particularly aware of areas of your body where the energy was blocked or stagnant, as the increased energy flow makes you aware of these problem areas needing to be cleared and have their full power restored through more repetitions of the Torus energy movement!



Now we will experience the complementary opposite flow: the Heavenly flow from below downwards.

The practice is the same as with the Earthly flow, only now we are reversing the flow directions. Practice with me as we go through the essentials of the practice.

Start with your arms at full extension above your head, fingertips together at the top of the Torus.
As you inhale you will pull the energy from this point above your head into your crown center, feeling the profound impact of this energy flow into your central channel. Let your hands mirror the movement of the energy through your central channel until it exits out the perineum, reaching the point between and below your feet at your full inhalation, with your arms at full extension downwards with the fingertips together pointing at the location between your feet.

Then exhale and bring the energy up in all directions around you along the sphere boundary of the Torus, mirroring the energy movement with your arms extended outwards to the sides rising up, until the fingertips come back together at full arm extension above your head at the end of the exhalation.

We’ll do this together 3 times.

When you practice this in the future, do 7 full repetitions of this energy flow every time. Now relax and let your arms drop to your sides.
Close your eyes and again do the Energy Field Awareness Practice, tuning into the changed feeling of energy in and around your body. How does your energy feel different now?

The energy sensations of the downwards Heavenly energy flow can be quite different from the upwards Earthly energy flow, although both can create significant heat and energy movement in the body! Each direction of flow has its own effects for clearing and recharging your energy field.
You could choose to do either direction of flow, or do them one after another as we have done here to get the benefits of both.



There is also another, more advanced method for the Torus flow, one which tends to be hidden in classical traditions and which is very potent. This is the advanced practice of running the Earthly and Heavenly flows simultaneously, in other words both directions at the same time.

This is a major secret of advanced energy practices: When two complementary energy flows collide together, this can open up a gating effect for higher dimensional energies to enter into a system. This is the same alchemical principle as the union of opposite, complementary Female Yin and Male Yang energies opening up a gating for a new life to enter into the world.

For this exercise we will use one hand to mirror the upward moving Earthly Flow, and the other hand will mirror the downward moving Heavenly flow. It is fine to use whichever hand you prefer for each flow.
If you have no preference then start with your right arm at full extension connecting to the top of the Torus above your head, and your left arm at full extension pointing down to the bottom of the torus between and beneath your feet.

For this practice you will on the inhalation simultaneously breath energy down the central channel from the point above the head, and up the central channel from the point beneath the feet. These two flows will pass through one another, creating the gating effect for higher level energies.

Each hand will mirror the movement of each directional flow, your hands moving in opposite directions will pass by one another around the level of the navel at the mid-point of your inhalation.

Practice with me now the coordination of the breathing with the movement of energy, which is mirrored in the hands movement.

Torus energy practice 2 Episode 3: Awakening the Grail Chalice Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

With one arm fully extended down and one arm fully extended up, breath in and pull the energy down from the top of the Torus above your head and into the crown center to descend down the central column, mirrored by your hand movement downward to the same height as the descending energy you are focusing on;
while simultaneously you are breathing in and pulling up the energy from the bottom of the Torus beneath your feet, mirroring the energy movement upwards with your hands.

As you pull in the energy on the inhalation from both the top and the bottom of the Torus simultaneously, be aware when the ascending and descending focal points are passing through one another around the level of your abdomen; this is when your two hands pass one another.

Although we are focusing on just one part of each energy movement with our hands moving upwards and downwards, in reality there are two complete rotating Torus movements, and the entirety of both Torus fields are moving through one another throughout the practice.

Then at the end of the full inbreath, your arms will again be fully extended upwards and downwards, only now the opposite arm is at the top or bottom position than when you began the inbreath.

Now with the exhalation, each hand will again mirror your focal point of the complete movement of the energy as they sweep off to each side, to show the spherical boundary of the Torus going up and down on opposite sides simultaneously, until at the full exhalation the hands are back in their original fully extended positions up and down, in place to begin the next inhalation and energy movement.

Torus energy practice 3 Episode 3: Awakening the Grail Chalice Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

This exercise not only opens up a gate for higher level energies to enter your system, it also is excellent for activating and coordinating both brain hemispheres through the simultaneous counter-movements of both sides of the body.

As you experience this practice, Focus on the feeling of the two divine nectars: the illuminating heavenly flow energy and the strengthening earthly flow energy as they alchemically connect like lovers inside your body and all around you. Be aware of the exquisite nectar, the flavor, the quality of the dynamic flow of both energies through one another, streaming in and around your body.

Let’s now do the movement 3 times together.

In the future, do 7 repetitions when you do this practice, to get the full power of it.

Remember to close your eyes at the end of the practice and relax, dropping your arms by your sides. Use the Energy Field Awareness Practice to simply observe how the energy feels in and around your body.

How has this counter-rotating movement of the two Torus affected your energy and consciousness?
How does this feel different to you from the simple Earthly or Heavenly torus flow practices?

If the energy generated by these practices feels too intense for you, it is important to know that the safe place to gather and store energy in your body is in the lower abdomen region; it is not safe to store intense energy accumulations in the chest or the head.

So if you do feel too much energy in your body from these practices, simply focus your attention on an area about an inch and half below the level of the navel, in the center of the your body. Spin the energy there in a vortex, either clockwise of counterclockwise whichever feels more comfortable to you, into this location to pull in and gather the energy here. This is a safe place to collect and store the excess energy you have generated.

You can now activate the Torus in your energy field any time you choose, bringing the clearing and recharging divine energies into the Grail Cup of your body through using this practice.

There are many other powerful and important Torus energy activations for the human body and energy field.
You can learn these advanced activations through the online courses on my website,

Join us for our next episode, when we explore the most famous forms in Sacred Geometry — the Platonic Solids, and how you can use them for a powerful expansion of your consciousness.

See you then!

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