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Episode 2: Four Secrets of Sacred Geometry



sacred geomtery title card gaia Episode 2: Four Secrets of Sacred Geometry Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies


by Dr. Robert J. Gilbert

[Note: Gaia changed the episode format so that this Episode 2 now appears as Episodes 3 and 4 of the series.]

Images illustrating the Script are all Copyright Gaia 2022, and are used with permission.

In this episode we will explore four major secrets of Sacred Geometry. These secrets will guide us into learning a very powerful method which can activate any energy center in your body or energy field. You’ll learn in this episode how to apply this method to activate the most important energy center in the human head.

This exploration will lead us into the highest sources of inspiration and spiritual visions, and into the many levels of our multi-dimensional world.



Our first great secret of Sacred Geometry reveals the true source of all physical manifestation.

self aware universe Episode 2: Four Secrets of Sacred Geometry Vesica Institute for Holistic StudiesThis secret is that Sacred Geometry patterns are in reality “Thoughtforms in the Mind of God”; which become the Divine Blueprints for all of Creation.

Let’s start with an important development in human spiritual evolution:
that large numbers of human beings are increasingly experiencing inner visions of the Sacred Geometry patterns behind the physical plane, along with visions of the higher worlds which interact with the physical.

These Sacred Geometry thoughtforms which more and more people are experiencing are packets of divine consciousness, holding inside of them pure structural patterns which then move down from the Higher Planes to manifest on every level of creation.

These Sacred geometric visions can come whenever we release our contracted perception of the physical world, and expand into deeper levels of awareness.

In my 30 years of teaching Sacred Geometry, in every class I would have students tell me that the pattern I had just taught them was one that they had seen before.

Students told me they had seen the pattern internally in a dream, a vision, an ayuhausca journey or other psychotropic experience, or a transmission from a spiritual teacher.

In some cases they had been taught a specific Sacred Geometry pattern as a private secret of a tradition into which they received initiation, being told they could never mention it to anyone outside the tradition — and then being astonished when they found out in my class that it was actually a part of the complete Sacred Geometry pattern language known to multiple traditions.

What are these glimpses of Sacred Geometry which so many people experience in their most powerful and transformative spiritual experiences?

Again, Ancient traditions knew that these Sacred Geometry patterns which underlie all of creation are in reality, in their deepest essence, Thoughtforms from the Mind of God. So our visions of these Sacred Geometry patterns can at their highest level mean a literal communion of our human Mind with the Divine Mind. This experience can transform our deepest sense of ourselves, and of what our true potential really is.

This idea that the basis of creation is Sacred Geometric patterns, which are thoughtforms in the Mind of God, is found in traditions all over the world.
This is related to the findings of some modern physicists, who say that the evidence in modern Physics shows that the essence of all creation is not physical matter, but consciousness.

A key aspect of consciousness being the foundation of all existence, is that light and consciousness are the same thing.

This is embedded in Genesis, with creation beginning with the statement “Let there be LIGHT”.

Modern Physics says that everything is fundamentally energy, and that Light exists both as a physical particle and as an energy wave.

Light is the fundamental constant of nature, linking the concepts of physical mass and energy together in the famous E=MC2 equation of Einstein.
Light sets the speed limit for the physical plane, Modern physics says that nothing in the physical world can travel faster than the speed of light.
This has all led to the concept that everything physical is actually made of Light, and that physical matter is simply Light Energy in a specific state of materialization.

Ancient traditions knew that:
When consciousness is experienced externally, it appears as LIGHT; When light appears internally, we experience it as CONSCIOUSNESS.

This is why auras of brilliant light are always shown in classical traditions around great Initiates; either just around their head with the activation of their consciousness, or around their entire body and energy field with higher levels of Initiation and self- transformation.

This brings us to what we might call the first “letter” in the alphabet of Sacred Geometry forms which create the world. This is the ancient symbol of the Point in the Center of the circle.

This was the Hieroglyph for the Spiritual Being of the Sun, Ra, in ancient Egypt, and became the image for the sun in astrology. Just as creation comes from Light, the source of Light and Life in our earthly lives is the Sun.

This same symbol is used as the sign for Gold in Alchemy; ancient traditions understood Gold to be a physical crystallization of the same energy quality as in Sunlight.

This pattern is also the sign for the Godhead, the source of creation, in the Rosicrucian and Masonic traditions, as seen in this image based on the work of the Rosicrucian Initiate Rudolf Steiner.

The Godhead is the divine Unity, the original Unified field where all is ONE.

The Macrocosm is the higher world which emerges from that Unity. The Macrocosm contains the Godhead broken up into discrete pieces, into a multitude of spiritual beings, worlds and creative processes.

The Microcosm contains that same totality of the Godhead but broken up into pieces at denser, smaller levels of manifestation reaching down to the vital energy, physical, and electro- magnetic levels.

We will see in a future episode that the hexagram of the Macrocosm and the pentagram of the Microcosm are Sacred Geometry keys to unlocking 2 essential levels of every human being: the Astral Body of Consciousness, and the Etheric or Pranic body of vital energy. These are also key parts of the Merkaba, the human soul vehicle.

We have to switch our understanding of Sacred Geometry from being static forms, to instead focus on the living, dynamically vibrating energy fields which create these forms.
When dealing with Sacred Geometry forms like the Point in the Center of the Circle, think of these forms as being similar to electronic Circuit Diagrams, showing energy patterns which we can directly apply for practical purposes.

The Point in the Center of the Circle is a 2-dimensional image; it becomes in 3 dimensions the Point in the Center of the Sphere of Creation, with dynamic movement between the Center and the Boundary of creation within the Sphere.

In modern physics the so-called “Big Bang” theory is misunderstood by most of the general public. The theory does not say that some unknown explosion filled up an already existing space and time with physical things: rather it says that an original outward movement from a zero-dimensional point, the Singularity, created Space and Time through the outward expansion of the point, which created an expanding sphere of the 3-D physical world we live in. In other words, a sacred geometric movement from a point to the surrounding sphere is the foundation of all of creation!

The concept that the geometric Center is the source of all creation, and is a literal gateway to the Divine Plane, is found in classical spiritual traditions. It is prominent in the Indian tradition as the Bindu point of divine light, found in the exact center of Indian yantras, mandalas, and sacred geometric forms in general.

In modern times, Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo Egypt has demonstrated that there is a powerful subtle energy quality that is literally present in the Center of all Geometric forms. This powerful energy of the Center appears in both 2-D Geometric drawings and in 3-D forms; as long as the boundary information of the geometric form is present in space, like a conducting wire in an electrical circuit, this subtle energy appears in the center of the form.

Dr. Karim developed methods to directly detect and apply this powerful subtle energy of the Center, leading to the creation of the new energy science called BioGeometry.

Using this subtle energy quality from the Geometric center, Dr. Karim was able to demonstrate replicatable biological effects on living beings at the Egyptian National Research Center, and in multiple international University and Medical studies.
Classical traditions describe the act of creation from the center as moving through multiple levels of densification, which are referred to as Spiritual Planes or as Planes of Nature.
The Initial zero-dimensional point of creation, what Physics calls the Singularity, in Metaphysics is known as the Divine Plane. This point of the Divine Plane is the key to the Unified Field, beyond any polarity which exists in lower worlds of manifestation.

Dr. Karim has created a new Multi-Dimensional Wave model, describing the different Planes of Manifestation and showing which Geometric shapes are in resonance with each Plane.
In practical BioGeometry applications, these shapes can act like antennas, to focus on a specific plane to either detect and analyze their energy or to direct energy to or from that plane.
The highest plane, the Divine, manifests its energy through the zero-dimensional point, which manifests in the center of all geometric forms. The Circle and Sphere, the perfect balanced containers for creation, resonate with the Physical plane, where vibrations crystallize into matter.

When we connect the highest and the lowest planes in Dr. Karim’s model, we see the Point in the Center of the Circle for what it really is: the Divine Unity plane in the center of the Physical world of creation.

We will explore BioGeometry in much more detail in our final episode of this season.

We will see then that this energy of the Divine Center, the Bindu point, the Singularity, is real, it can be manifested by Geometric design, it can be detected, it can be amplified, it can be directed and practically applied to benefit all living beings.

Dr. Karim’s discovery that the literal Center of the Sphere and other Geometric Forms has a real biologically active energy is connected to other recent scientific discoveries.

Recent experiments using laser light to create cavitations within water, which are empty spheres of bubbles, have shown incredible effects which cannot be explained by modern science. It has been shown that when this water bubble collapses, it releases both Light and Sound, a phenomenon known as Sonoluminescence.

The instant the water bubble collapses it also releases a tremendous amount of excess energy. In one experiment when linked to a pump with 840 watts input it produced 2800 watts of power; an increase of over 300% of the input energy, considered impossible in modern physics but explained in research papers as a possible release of hidden energy from the quantum vacuum — which some people call Zero Point energy.

Studies of the collapsing water cavity have found that this collapse creates for a millisecond heat of over 5000 Kelvin; the surface of the Sun is 5800 Kelvin.

The shockwave from the collapsing bubble produces light which has been postulated to potentially create temperatures of around 20,000 Kelvin, over three times the heat of the Sun.

Just as Dr. Karim’s work shows a subtle energy which affects biological life coming from the center of the Sphere and all geometric forms, so Sonoluminescence research proves massive millisecond releases of Light, Sound, Heat, and Energy from the center of collapsing spherical structures in water.

So we have now explored the first secret, how the Point in the Center of the Circle image is a “Packed Thoughtform in the Mind of God” which holds encoded information about how the divine geometric center – the Singularity, the Unified Field – manifests the sphere of physical creation.



We now come to a Second great secret of Sacred Geometry: which is that every human being can develop the ability to perceive, create and send these Divine Packed Thoughtforms of Sacred Geometry.
The precise methods of how to do this have been hidden in closed Initiation circles for thousands of years.

How is this possible that the human mind can be activated to perceive, create, and transmit these packed spiritual thoughtforms ourselves?

In the Kabbalah, the Mind of God is described as an Ocean of Fire which is pure consciousness; every human being receives a Spark from this Ocean of Fire, and this Divine Spark becomes our immortal Spirit Core, our microcosmic part of the One Universal Being.

This flame of our higher spirit core ignites above our head during advanced forms of spiritual initiation. This is seen in the Indian tradition with the flame appearing above the head when a person becomes “twice-born”, and in Christianity it is seen in the Flames above the heads of the Disciples, led by Mary Magdelene, at Pentecost.

In the Western Spiritual Tradition, it is said that humanity is the Microcosm of the Macrocosm, and that we are the Crown of Creation. This means that every human being has within them all the Planes of Creation, all the powers of the Godhead, but in a latent and sleeping form which

must be awakened. This is a process of Illumination, in other words increasing our internal Light, which we have seen is the external manifestation of Divine Consciousness itself.

We have this incredible slumbering potential because we are a direct emanation of the Godhead, reduced in scale to the Microcosmic Level, but with all the inherent qualities and powers of the Divine.

This reality is mirrored in ancient and modern teachings regarding consciousness as the source of all creation and of all healing. Since everything is fundamentally consciousness, which externally manifests as light, we as human beings can develop our own Mind Power to create and Heal just as the divine does through packed thoughtforms.

The Law of Attraction, that you will attract to yourself what you create in your consciousness, is an example of modern teachings on the power of the human mind to create.
Science of Mind and related Mental healing methods are examples of the power of the human mind to heal, and to create the fundamental conditions of both illness and health depending on how skillfully we use our minds.

Many healers have found that when they combine the clear focused creation of a thoughtform holding the desired state of health, with whatever method of healing they are applying, that the results improve, sometimes miraculously.

This method is very powerful when the Light of our Consciousness, our Mind Power, is focused and coherent like a laser light; it is also strengthened when beneficial spiritual beings and energies are lovingly asked to help with the healing.

This ability to perceive or create thoughtforms at the higher macrocosmic level, is not based on thinking in words: it is a higher order thinking in mental images, in sounds, in internal vibrational states: it is a thinking that lives and plays in the vibrational essence behind physical things.

In humanity’s current state of evolution, we break down information into thinking in words, one word at a time to represent every separate component of the thought, and then slowly build up larger concepts. This is a very slow method. If we have information to share with other people, we have to break the information down into a sequence of words which can take a long time to communicate, and still fail to fully transmit the information.

But for Angelic Beings and more advanced non-physical Beings, they can communicate through an instantaneous transmission of a thoughtform containing densely packed information.
We can use the terminology of the late French Medical Doctor Samuel Sagan, founder of the modern Clairvision School, and call these higher level dense packets of consciousness “Packed Thoughtforms” as opposed to our usual Word-based thoughtforms.

Every human being has experienced this type of “packed thoughtform”, when we have been thinking about some issue and then get into a relaxed state, and then in this open state we receive a packed thoughtform in an instant which contains a huge amount of embedded information.
This is the “Eureka” moment.
This is the Vision received in the Vision Quest.
This is the Transmission received from the Spiritual Teacher or Angelic Being.
This is the opening of our awareness to merge with a higher field of consciousness.



This secret of Packed Thoughtforms brings us to our third secret: that the sacred geometric structures of the human energy body are keys to access our latent spiritual powers.

The difference between an ordinary person and a spiritual adept is that the latter has an energy field which is highly activated and sacred geometrically structured. This makes available to them higher states of consciousness and other powers, which appear magical to ordinary people who are stuck in dense, toxic energy fields.

For this reason, hidden traditions of Initiation around the world trained their students to understand where the key spiritual centers are in their energy field, and how to activate them. This knowledge of the Sacred Geometry structures of the human energy system opens up a hidden world which controls health and illness, our mind and emotions, and our latent spiritual potential.

There are many different Sacred Geometry structures in our energy bodies, it is a huge science in itself.
Let’s clarify now just a few structures which provide the background we need for the powerful energy activation practice you will learn at the end of this episode.

The primary energy axis of our body is our Central Column of Energy, which runs in the absolute vertical midline of our body, from the Crown Center to the Perineum at the base of the abdomen. This Central Column is NOT the same as the spinal energy circuit described in many traditions. The very existence of this midline Central Column was kept secret by many traditions, and it features prominently in many of the most powerful spiritual activation practices.

In the exact center of the Central Column runs a Golden Thread of Divine Energy, which holds the original unity energy of the Divine Plane inside of the Central Column in our body.

The 7 primary energy centers on our Central Column are known today by their Indian name, Chakras, meaning “wheel” because they appear on the front and back of the body as spinning vortices of energy.

For the 5 Chakras from the Third Eye, or Ajna Center, in the head down to the Sexual Chakra, the Vortices at each of these Chakras are paired up on the front and the back of the body; the tips of the two vortices meet at the Golden Thread at the very center of the Central Column.

The very top and bottom chakras along the Central Channel in our body, the Crown or Sahasrara Center and the Base or Muladhara Center, are connected together in their own vertical vortex pair right on the Central Column itself.

consciousness centers Episode 2: Four Secrets of Sacred Geometry Vesica Institute for Holistic StudiesOur Central Column continues down from the perineum at the base of the abdomen, to go between our legs and then below our feet into the Earth to ground us, and also continues in the opposite direction above the human head to connect us to higher consciousness centers.

The Energy Centers in our physical body can only hold a certain intensity level of power, otherwise their level of high voltage would burn out the smaller subtle energy circuits in the human body, which are referred to as Nadis in the Indian Tradition.

However Energy Centers in our subtle energy field, outside of our physical body can hold much higher energy intensity.
This means that the true energy centers we need to activate in order to fully perceive, create and transmit packed thoughtforms are actually outside the physical body, in our greater energy field.

However before we can activate these higher centers outside of the physical body in a balanced way, we must activate and have our Spirit fully inhabit the key chakras IN our body. In our modern culture which is very intellectual and thinking-centric, the Third Eye chakra is often the first chakra to be activated.
The Third Eye Chakra is named Ajna in Sanskrit, which means both to perceive and to command. We can use the Mind Power and Light generated by the activated Third Eye chakra to help activate all other chakras in the body and energy field.

The Third Eye Chakra is often misunderstood in Western circles to be an energy center only in the front of the head between the eyebrows; but as we have seen, there is actually a front and a back vortex connecting at the Third Eye Chakra. In reality, the Third Eye is a multi- dimensional geometric structure, which runs as a horizontal cylinder of energy running from between the eyebrows, connects to the Central column in the center of the head, and continues through to the back of your head.

Just as the three 90 degree axes of space define the 3-dimensional physical world, so it defines the sacred space in the center of the Third Eye cylinder. We can call the three axes of space the “Cubical Cross” because it is a Cross in 3D rather than 2D, and this three axis cross is the structural infrastructure of the Cube shape connected to 3D physical manifestation.

cubic cross dual gaia Episode 2: Four Secrets of Sacred Geometry Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies
The first Axis of the Cubical Cross in the head is the front-back axis just mentioned, the horizontal Cylinder of energy running from between the eyebrows to the area of the bump in the back of the head.

The second 90 degree axis is the top-down vertical line of the Central Column we discussed previously.

The third axis is the side to side axis. This can be experienced by putting your attention at the top of both ears and becoming aware of an axis running through the two brain hemispheres and the corpus collosum between the hemispheres.

cubic cross head gaia Episode 2: Four Secrets of Sacred Geometry Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

Where these three axes meet in the Cubical Cross of our head, is at the location of the Third Ventricle of the brain. This is a key spiritual center in the human body, called the “Cave of Brahma” in the Indian tradition.

cave of brahma gaia Episode 2: Four Secrets of Sacred Geometry Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

This is a large open area of the brain through which flows the Cerebro-Spinal fluid, a true “Water of Life”. The Cerebro-Spinal fluid is a completely different bodily fluid system than the

blood or the lymph systems: it is a liquid ocean which literally pulses through the human spine and brain, making life and movement possible.

On the periphery of the Third Ventricle, within the liquid ocean, are both the Pineal and the Pituitary glands.

These glands are understood in classical traditions to be key anchors for spiritual development in the human body, in addition to their powerful physical functions as sources of neurotransmitters and body regulating secretions.

By activating the center area of the Cubical Cross in the head, the Cave of Brahma, your entire head system is both activated and stabilized. Activating the Cave of Brahma also ignites other energy activations throughout the human energy field.



This brings us now to a fourth secret: that these hidden practices to activate the human energy system do so by applying the exact same Sacred Geometric patterns which created our world. These key patterns move energy in the major centers and circuits of the human body, and thereby activate our full spiritual potential.

This fourth secret connects us to the energetic practice from our first episode, where you learned to activate the first segment of the powerful Net energy grid of the human body, which we call the Geometry (or Grid) of Life Design or GOLD.


tree of life body gaia Episode 2: Four Secrets of Sacred Geometry Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies
In that first practice you learned to connect three powerful energy centers around your head into a Golden Triangle which clears and elevates our consciousness to higher levels.

However we performed that practice in a very simple way, just putting our attention on each of the three energy centers and then mentally connecting them.

We can now make these energy activations much stronger and more effective, by using a precise Sacred Geometry pattern.

This advanced method applies the core manifestation pattern we explored earlier in this episode: the Point in the Center of the Circle, which is the dynamic movement from the Divine Unity Center to the Spherical boundary of Creation and back again.

The Point in the Center of the Circle can be thought of as similar to an electrical circuit diagram. It teaches us how to perform the single most important practice to activate any energy center in the human body or energy field.

To apply this powerful pattern for energy activations, we must first understand that to live and survive in our external 3-dimensional physical world, we usually move our attention outwards through our physical senses, out into all directions in the world around us: this is the movement from the Divine Center to the surrounding Sphere, the external boundary.

The first part of this energy activation practice is to reverse the usual outward movement of our attention back into the center which it comes from.

To put it very simply, for physical awareness we move outwards to our periphery; for spiritual awareness we move the opposite direction, inwards, back to the center.

By pulling our attention back into the very center of any energy center in the body, we move through layers of the subtle body until when we touch the Divine core at the center, the zero- dimensional point or zero-point.

By pulling our energy and consciousness back into the Divine Center, we activate that Center. When activated, this center then reverses the direction of movement, so that we switch again from going inward to now having the activated energy center radiate outwards in all directions.

This natural counter-movement radiates from the center back out to the periphery, but with a much stronger, awakened power than before now pouring out from that energy center.
This creates in our energy body an expanding sphere radiating out from that centerpoint, to create a Radiant Sun around that energy Center.

The effect of this practice is described and illustrated in virtually every world tradition, showing a radiant sun of energy around a person’s head, or heart, or other activated energy center; the aura of an awakened Master, an Initiate.

So we can summarize by saying that this method has two stages.
The first stage is the inward movement of our energy and awareness into the Centerpoint of an energy center. When our inwardly moving consciousness touches the Divine Center, this profoundly activates the energy center we are focusing on. This first stage we will call Zero- Point Centering or ZPC for short.

The second stage is the outward expansion from the Divine Center when it has been activated, turning that energy center we are focusing on into a radiant Sun. We will call this second stage the Radiance stage.

What we are calling Zero Point Centering and Radiance are known by a variety of names in different traditions: Center and Periphery, Expansion and Contraction, Involution and Exvolution, Divine Pulsation, etc.

Unfortunately when most modern systems teach this practice, they almost always teach only one of the two phases, ignoring or dismissing the other phase.

Eastern systems tend to focus only on the inward movement, the Zero-Point Centering movement into the Center; whereas Western systems tend to focus only on the outward movement, the Radiance out into the surrounding Sphere.

This is a common metaphysical problem. Many of our modern spiritual practices are based on shattered fragments of the whole, with key parts of the practice missing because we don’t understand the full pattern. Sacred Geometry holds the key to understanding the complete pattern.

It is essential that both parts of this practice, the inwards and outwards movements, are used together to create the optimal balanced activation of any energy center. Otherwise it is like trying to walk and move forward by only using one foot, or breathing by only using inbreath or outbreath, which ignores the healthy rhythm of alternating the opposite poles of the practice.

We can perform this practice on any energy center in the body to activate it; we could even use this method to activate an energy center in another person’s body, through putting our mind inside their energy center and creating this movement pattern.

This activation of an energy center helps to fully manifest that center’s inherent powers. This awakens the slumbering divine powers within any energy center of our body, while also balancing and restoring harmony, and opening up perception of higher non-physical realities.

Please keep in mind that external explanations like these are essential to understand these deep initiation processes; however we must be careful not to fall into the common trap of modern spirituality, which is to intellectually understand a concept, but to have never really experienced the full reality of it.

Only by experiencing the practice we are about to do, will you truly know and be benefitted by it.



Previously we created the Golden Triangle around the head in episode 1, now we will activate the Cave of Brahma, in the center of the 3 Axis cross in the head.
This area is a master controller of the brain and body, of the entire Sacred Geometry Net of the human energy field. The Cave of Brahma can activate a wide range of new powers, abilities, and states of consciousness.

The practice you are about to learn is almost never described publicly.
Instead it is encoded in Sacred Geometric imagery, the same way many hidden practices are encoded in Sacred Geometry images which are understood by Initiates but are thought to be simply “symbolic” by the general public.

For example, this activation of the Cave of Brahma in the Cubical Cross of the head was encoded in the Christian Tradition within the Chi-Rho symbol of early Christianity, in which the Greek Letter Rho (which looks like an English capital P) created the vertical axis of the Cubical Cross and the letter Chi (looking like an English X) created the two horizontal axes, which when flattened into 2D looks like an X.

This was a symbol for Christ, or more precisely Christ consciousness – the activation of the spiritual center in the head into a radiant Sun of Divine Light.

This was not only a general representation of the Cubical cross as the 3 axes of physical space, but was specifically shown to be inside the head, with icons of Christ showing the vertical axis down through the Crown center and the horizontal axis through the top of the ears, meeting at the Cave of Brahma in the center of the head.

This practice you are about to learn is actually quite simple, however when you first perform it you will have to train your energy body to learn this new movement.

Just as we have to train the physical muscles of our body to perform the movements of a new sport or activity, so we have energetic “muscles” in our energy field which most people have no idea even exist. These energetic muscles are in an atrophied state, just as if we had not used a physical muscle for decades.

So in the beginning, we will need to apply more effort to flex this atrophied energetic muscle again; but through repeated practice, you will find it easier and easier each time to make this Sacred Geometric energy movement. The practice becomes in time almost effortless, and more powerful and tangible with every repetition. This powerful contraction-expansion at any energy center brings it back to life and pulsates, just as expansion and contraction of a physical muscle during weight lifting leads to physical growth.

This practice of Zero Point Centering and Radiance done specifically in the Center of the Cubical Cross in the Cave of Brahma, may also activate a range of internal energy circuits in your body, giving rise to sensations or internal perceptions of light, color, and vibration.

I’m going to teach you this practice straight through for time purposes, then in the future you can practice this exercise more slowly than we will here. If you like, you can use this video again for future practice, simply pausing the video after each step to give you more time for the practice, if that helps you.

We’ll begin with our Energy Field Awareness Practice which we introduced in Episode 1 as the way to get a baseline reading on your energy field before beginning any energetic practice, so that you can then more clearly see the effects of that practice afterwards.
Simply close your eyes and tune into the feeling of energy in and around your body. What does the energy feel like? Then observe what is currently in your thoughts and your emotions.

Now we will begin the practice itself.
Take three slow deep breaths, relaxing any tension in your head, neck and shoulders. Keep the muscles of the head relaxed during the practice, do not allow the energy generated to create muscular tension.
Focus your awareness between the eyebrows, and become aware of any sensations you feel there. Then follow that sensation straight back along the third eye cylinder until you feel the location of the center of the Cubical Cross, in the Cave of Brahma.

This location in the center of your head will feel like an area of increased vibration and light, compared to the areas around it.

It also feels like an open space in your head, a very stable place where your attention can rest. Become aware that from this power center of the Cave of Brahma, you can feel the three axes of the cubical cross streaming out:

  • Feel the front/back circuit, from the third eye between the eyebrows back to the occiput at the back of the head.
  • Feel the top / down circuit, from the crown down the Golden Thread through the vertical centerline of the body to the perineum.
  • Feel the side to side circuit, from the top of one ear through the two brain hemispheres to the top of the opposite ear.

cubic cross head gaia Episode 2: Four Secrets of Sacred Geometry Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

Then stabilize your awareness where all three circuits meet in the center of the Cubical cross, the Cave of Brahma.
Tune in to how the energy feels at this location of the Cave of Brahma. It may feel like a vibration, or a pressure. Don’t think about this area abstractly, you must put your mind deep inside this location and feel its energy!

Now pull all of your energy and attention which normally flows outwards, to instead move inwards into the absolute center of what you feel in the cave of Brahma, in the center of your head. Feel this inward movement, like a sphere of energy and attention that is collapsing into its own center from all directions simultaneously.

This movement is like a balloon collapsing into its own center as it deflates.

This inward pull from all directions at once into the Center, is created by a particular energetic muscle which you may not have been aware of before, which needs to be exercised to become strong.

Once you have activated the inward movement of the energy at the Cave of Brahma, let go and allow the energy to continue to implode into the center with its own energetic momentum.
Relax and allow your attention to be pulled into the very Center as if being carried effortlessly by a vortex of energy.

When your inward movement reaches the absolute Center, you may feel a profound stability, a dynamic quiet and peace as you dwell deep inside this Divine Center.

Experience that this Awakened energy now floods outwards in all directions simultaneously, expanding out from the Divine Plane central point to create a dynamically expanding sphere of ecstatic light and energy pouring out from the epicenter.

Allow this energy sphere to expand until it becomes a radiant Golden Sun around your entire head, effortlessly radiating light and energy in all directions.

Allow the awakened energy from the Divine center and the Golden Sun to clear out any stuck energy, any old toxic thoughtforms, from your physical brain and your entire head.

All blockages and darkness melt away, like Dew evaporating in sunlight.

Allow your thoughts and awareness to now shift in quality, to resonate with the Golden Sun Sphere. Experience the clearing and expansion of your consciousness.

You may even experience contact with packed thoughtforms from spiritual beings and higher realities. You can stay in this expanded radiant state for as long as you like.

When you are ready to end this activation practice, simply let go of the awareness of the Golden Sun around your head and shift your attention once again to the Energy Field Awareness Practice. Tune into the feeling of energy in and around your head and body. Become aware of any changes to your consciousness, the thoughts in your mind and to your emotions. Ask yourself how your energy and awareness have transformed from doing this practice?

Doing this simple Energy Field Awareness Practice at the end of any spiritual exercise, will allow you to directly know what effect any practice is having on your energy and consciousness. This is much better than simply accepting what another person tells you about the effects a practice will have, you must know for yourself.

This is a very significant practice. It is so fundamental that even if a person did only this method and applied it to activate multiple energy centers in their body, it could transform their consciousness and their spiritual destiny.

You can apply the Point in the Circle Sacred Geometry pattern, which becomes the Zero Point Centering and Radiance technique, to explore power centers of your own inner landscape.

You could apply this practice to activating your Heart, Solar Plexus, Organs, Glands, Acupuncture points, any energy centers in your body or energy field.
Every energy center within you holds its own unique nectar, its own specific spiritual powers and energies.

You will find that there is a vast world living inside of you. You will experience that your body is indeed a Sacred Temple, a Microcosm which holds within it the keys to connect to every aspect of the Macrocosm and higher spiritual realities.

This is only a short introduction to what is just a first step to higher level activations.

After opening the consciousness centers in the physical head, it is possible to go up the central column and open up the first chakra above the head using this same Zero Point Centering and Radiance technique, then later you can activate even higher centers above the head.

Be aware that any activations above the head must be balanced with activations of the centers below the body as well, in more advanced methods. This is an application of the “As Above, So Below” principle, that for every movement upwards we must equally connect downwards to the same extent, in order to stay grounded and balanced.

For more information and step by step training in these higher activations, I created an online course entitled Connecting to Spiritual Realities at my website

Once you effectively activate these higher centers, you can begin to directly experience Packed Thoughtforms from higher worlds. Over time, you will also be able to generate and transmit these Packed Thoughtforms as well.

Then the 4 secrets of Sacred Geometry which you learned in this episode will become direct experience, and can profoundly transform your life.

Please join us for our next episode, where we will explore the Sacred Geometry secrets of the Cup of the Holy Grail, and you will learn how to use this form to activate and recharge your entire energetic field.

See you then!

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