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Uniting Spiritual & Vibrational Practices

Uniting Spiritual & Vibrational Practices

For Accelerated Clearing and Core Energy Activation.

Online Course: Immediate Access upon Registration.



This unique online training explores the powerful — and essential — transformative effects of combining Spiritual and Vibrational Practices.  Many Experiential Exercises are included which have never before been publicly offered, including the profound Five Levels of Life Energy (“Four Ethers” and “Fifth Ether”) practices from the European Rosicrucian tradition.   A wide range of rare topics are explored and clarified in this training, including working with the Mineral Kingdom and essential Daoist Herbal Formulas for Spiritual Development.

Experience Profound Shifts in Health, Energy, and Spiritual Development by combining Vibrational and Spiritual Practices.

This new online training is a recording of the only time this class was ever taught — 2015 in Toronto, Canada.  It features 180 days of round-the clock access to the class, with support for most mobile devices as well as computers.  You receive online access to the class immediately upon registration.  Class resources include:

  • Streaming Video
  • Downloadable MP3 Audio Files
  • Downloadable PDF Handout with Summaries of Class Material (and further material not found in the Video or Audio sections)

See below for full details on Practices and Topics covered in this unique training!