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New Vibrational Research on Ocean Jasper

Ocean Jasper

Short Summary:

Ocean Jasper is unique in being an “adaptogenic” energy balancing stone with an internal structure packed with naturally formed Orbs / Spheres.

Traditions including Chinese Taoist, Indian Vedic, and European Rosicrucian teach the energetic principles behind the Spherical form of the internal Orbs; these include gathering, storing, and delivering vital energy, to help manifest intent into physical reality.

The Orbs in Ocean Jasper are in a crystalline Quartz matrix, which adds in the vibrational powers of Quartz to store and direct charges of energy and consciousness. 

The many different colors in high quality Ocean Jasper adds additional energies and functions to different pieces, based on the color present; this is in addition to the high intensity of Centering Vibration* and other qualities naturally present in all Ocean Jasper.

The Ocean Jasper deposit with the highest quality color range is now exhausted and no longer producing.  The Vesica Institute individually tested remaining stones within a warehouse and obtained many of those with the best vibrational qualities; these are now on our website for a limited time until this supply runs out.

As described in our article New Research into Crystal “Adaptogens”, our research at the Vesica Institute is exploring a new class of natural stones with unique energetic properties.  This class of stones may be referred to as “Crystal Adaptogens” because they appear to combine unusually high levels of the Centering Vibration* with specific Secondary Vibrations; this is the same vibrational combination which is the hallmark of Plant Adaptogens.  This gives each specific type of Crystal Adaptogen a core harmonizing energy, along with its own unique energy effects.

The Orbs in the Stone

OJ 3 for article New Vibrational Research on Ocean Jasper Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

The Crystal Adaptogen which is packed with energetic orb “batteries” is known commercially as Ocean Jasper, with alternative names of Sea Jasper or Orbicular Jasper.  This stone is from a remote area of the island of Madagascar as described in our article The Millennium Stone.  It only became commercially available around the year 2000; the deposit with the greatest range of color was small and ran out in 2006.  We were fortunate to have access to a warehouse containing some of the last available stones from this deposit, vibrationally testing each one to acquire the best available stones for our research and for our students.

Recent research indicates that “Ocean Jasper” is primarily the mineral Chalcedony (kal-seh-duh-nee), a form of Quartz.  Other forms of Chalcedony include Agate, Aventurine, Bloodstone, and Carnelian.

One of the missions of the Vesica Institute is to create easy access to holistic information and practices which are of vital importance, yet are often quite hard to find.  We gather multiple complex bodies of knowledge into concise, useful summaries.  

To understand the function of the Orbs, we provide below a brief survey of some relevant information known to different esoteric traditions.

The Indian “Vayu” Elemental Power:  In the Indian Vedic tradition the form of the Circle / Sphere is related to “Vayu”, the Divine Element behind Air.  It is one part of the 5 Tattwa system of natural elements.  Vayu means “blower” of air, and is a term also used as a synonym for “Prana”: the fundamental energy which gives Life to all beings.

Vayu Elements New Vibrational Research on Ocean Jasper Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

Taoist Stone Medicine: Some Chinese Taoists teach that Orbs are key gatherers of energy, and that this a major power of Ocean Jasper.

Sacred Geometry: In Sacred Geometry, every key form is known to be the manifestation of a thought from the Mind of God, a form which carries out a Divine Function. The first form of creation is the Sphere (Orb), which in 2-D appears as a Circle (in Ocean Jasper each Sphere within its internal matrix appears as a Circle on the surface of the stone when it is cut and polished.)

OJ white New Vibrational Research on Ocean Jasper Vesica Institute for Holistic StudiesThe Sphere is nature’s primal container of Energy and Consciousness. 

Spheres and their modifications appear throughout natural systems: in blood cells, in biological eggs which when fertilized will bring forth new life into the world, etc. 

This indicates that the Orbs (Spheres) within Ocean Jasper can be used to store whatever energy and / or consciousness program (“intent”) we project into them. 

The huge number of internal spheres create a multiplicity of unit cells — acting like individual cells of an energetic battery — each of which can charged with a common purpose.

In addition, the quartz basis of Ocean Jasper has all the energetic properties of storing, directing, modifying, etc. of vibrations and thoughtforms which is native to Quartz.  Together with the spherical matrix of the stone, this combines into a powerful form which holds energy and consciousness.

The Sphere is only the first key form in Sacred Geometry.  The complete Vesica Training in Sacred Geometry has not been offered for over 7 years, and is scheduled to  return in a new online form in 2016.

Light sphere

Esoteric Healing and Spiritual Practices:  

Some healing systems (including Greek forms of esoteric healing) teach their students to use their Mind and Energy to create vibrational spheres of energy, which are then charged with colored light vibrations carrying specific healing powers.  These light and color filled vibrational spheres are then projected at a distance to persons in need of help.

Other esoteric schools teach their Initiates to create spheres to contain an aspect of their own consciousness, which is then sent out to create a particular manifestation into the physical world.  A variant on this practice is to send out the Sphere to be an observer or “Watcher” to a place they want to see, then recalled later to the Initiate so they can perceive what was “recorded” by the sphere in the distant location.

4 Ethers grid New Vibrational Research on Ocean Jasper Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

Rudolf Steiner and the “Warmth Ether”: The great Rosicrucian teacher Dr. Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) helped to develop a new “Etheric Physics.”  This remarkable model of energetic physics includes specific details of the four stages which spiritual realities pass through, in order to manifest into physical reality.  Each of these 4 stages are linked to a specific Geometric shape; these shapes are formed by the Etheric power of that stage, which rays in from the spiritual periphery around us to sculpt matter into particular forms. 

ET Sphere New Vibrational Research on Ocean Jasper Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

The illustration to the left is taken from the field of Projective Geometry; it shows concentric Circles / Spheres being formed from the dynamic activity of lines and planes of energy raying in from the periphery.

Spherical forms are manifested specifically from the “Warmth Ether”,  the first movement from higher spiritual planes into the world of energy and vibration (the Etheric, Chi, Ki, Prana) which then leads to physical manifestation.  The Sphere is thus linked to the first step for manifesting the Spiritual onto the Physical plane.

Vibrational Analysis of Ocean Jasper

We applied the energetic testing methods taught in our class Vibrational Testing & Healing to evaluate dozens of pieces of this high quality color deposit of Ocean Jasper.

The following beneficial Vibrations were found in the Ocean Jasper samples we have acquired from the now exhausted, high quality site in Madagascar.  These Vibrations were present regardless of the external coloring of the stone:

  • Strong Centering Vibration* (the essential identifying quality of “Adaptogens”)
  • Infra-Red (warming; first stage of manifesting into the Physical plane)
  • Red (energizing, activating; manifestation into the Physical)
  • “Negative Green” (Carrier Wave of Energy)

The external coloration of the stone provides additional vibrational emanations with specific functions (a full description of the entire Vibrational Spectrum and the effects of each specific vibrational quality is taught in the course referenced above.)

Vibrational Notes:

Infra-Red and Red are related to the Warmth Ether in Steiner’s Etheric Physics.  The presence of these two energies found in our vibrational testing of Ocean Jasper indicates a link between the spherical form of the internal Orbs in the stone, and the Warmth Ether which energetically helped to form them.

One phenomenon which creates the “Negative Green” vibration is when the boundaries between different forms or materials come into contact, the energy created between them is Negative Green.  The many Orbs internally packed inside Ocean Jasper — and the different strata of materials in the stone which give it the beautiful range of different colors — create a tremendous number of boundary interactions.  This likely helps to produce the stone’s strong radiance of the Negative Green vibrational quality.

Ocean Jasper is also remarkable for the Elemental forces related to the stone.  Many wearers of the stone report feeling the lively energy and elemental forces it radiates from Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.  The Water aspect is particularly strong.  The surface of the stone has a unique appearance; it looks active and dynamic like the surface of moving water, and indeed much of it was found right at the water’s edge of the Indian Ocean.

Conclusion: The Uses of Ocean Jasper

The uses of Ocean Jasper are in General:

  • To Instruct and Imprint the stone with specific Vibrational and Consciousness (“Intent”) Programs; both the orbs and the surrounding quartz hold these imprints very well.  These will be continually energized by the Orbs, to keep the program active and to help manifest it into the physical world.
  • For a refreshing and energizing effect from its innate energy emanation, including the elemental powers (Earth, Water, Air, Fire) it holds.

As with most mined stones, Ocean Jasper has been formed into different shapes for commercial sale.  Specific Shapes are especially well suited to particular purposes:

  • The Cube form of this stone is an optimal shape for manifestation work (however there are very few Cubes left of this stone from the original deposit.)
  • OJ sphere New Vibrational Research on Ocean Jasper Vesica Institute for Holistic StudiesSpheres of the original deposit are also in short supply; the Sphere shape is optimal for projecting the energy in an even balanced form in all directions.
  • Standing pieces range from very small to quite large, with larger pieces of good quality becoming increasingly rare.  These act as anchors for the intent you project into them, like little elemental mountains with the programmed orbs within them.
  • Polished Slices (large or small) make excellent Vibrational Bases, to add their energies (and whatever you have imprinted put into the stone) into other items you place on top of them:
    • Stones (especially straight standing pillar stones like clear quartz, or crystal spheres radiating into a space evenly in all directions)
    • A Witness of a person or place
    • Items to receive the vibration like water, or supplements.
  • Pendants worn on the body bring the energy of the orbs into the human energy field.  The strong Centering Vibration* provides a background balancing effect for the entire field, and the additional vibrations bring in an energizing effect.  The pendant can either be charged and programmed for a beneficial purpose which one wants to manifest, or simply worn for the refreshing effect of its energy.  Be sure to clear it on a regular basis, as with all jewelry.
  • Rough pieces (unpolished) make visible the interior Orbs; having the Orbs present on the outside of the stone allows them to radiate their power into a space more directly.  Rough pieces also have the benefit of being less expensive, allowing you to have a larger piece — with more orbs, and more potential power based on larger mass of the stone — at less cost than the polished pieces.

Treat Ocean Jasper and its constituent “battery” Orbs with care and respect.  Only apply energy and intent to it which is of the highest quality and purpose, as the stone helps to anchor energetic/mental projections to manifest into physical reality.

If you are displaying it in a public place (they are beautiful pieces), be sure to clear it regularly with Water (or clear it through other methods taught in our How to Use Crystals and Gemstones training.)  If you are not “programming” it or clearing it regularly, have it covered with a silk cloth to protect it from detrimental influences.

Ocean Jasper available from the Vesica Institute’s sister website PurCrystal®:

To see our stock of currently available Ocean Jasper from the (now defunct) high-quality color deposit in Madagascar — each piece tested and selected by Vesica staff for its strong Vibrational Qualities.

Please be aware that each piece has unique coloring which adds in extra vibrational effects based on the color, in addition to the general vibrational qualities found in all Ocean Jasper.

When these stones run out, we will be unable to restock ones with these qualities, due to the vein they came from in Madagascar now being exhausted.

* The Centering Vibration is the energetic signature of the unified source of creation, represented in classical traditions (including Egyptian, Rosicrucian, Masonic and others) as a point in the center of a circle.  This original source was referred to as “The One” by the ancient Greeks, “Bindu Point” in the Himalayan Tradition, “Wu Ji” in the Daoist tradition etc.
In modern times this harmonizing energy quality of the Center has been identified, extensively researched, and practically applied in the BioGeometry ™  system created by Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo Egypt, where it is referred to as the BG3™ or “The One Energy Quality”.  We highly recommend training in BioGeometry to learn more about how to detect and apply this essential balancing/harmonizing energy quality.  Please see our BioGeometry page for our upcoming trainings in this amazing energy science, and more information can be found in Dr. Karim’s public text Back to a Future for Mankind.

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