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Custom Vibrational Healing

Custom Vibrational Healing

How to Test, Apply and Combine Precise Energies
from Crystals, Plants, Vibrational Tools, & Human BioEnergy

Course 3 of the Vibrational Testing & Healing Series
Parts 1 & 2 now available.



This is the final training in the 3 courses which make up the Vibrational Testing & Healing series.  It teaches advanced skills as a culmination of the techniques taught in the first two courses in the series, the Personal Wavelength and Universal Vibrational Spectrum trainings.

This training is, in reality, a transformative journey into the Living World of Vibration.

Using the skills you gained in the first two trainings in this series, you will learn how to determine the perfect set of natural vibrations for the energetic healing and balancing of a specific person, creating a custom vibrational formula which is ideal for their needs.

This class is open to the public; however we strongly recommend completion of the first two courses of The Vibrational Testing and Healing Series before beginning this course, as the skills gained in those previous trainings will be used in this course. 

Classes 1 and 2 of the Custom Vibrational Healing training are now posted and available online. We will be rolling out the rest of the classes in this course over the rest of the year, as they are recorded and edited. You will get instant access to this course upon registration, however your official 6 months subscription time for this course will not begin until the full class is posted.  This means that your access to this course while the individual classes are still being posted is a free bonus, which is in addition to your normal 6 months of class access.