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Turenne Pendulum

Turenne Pendulum


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French researcher Louis Turenne did extensive research into the direction(s) which invisible waves traveled, a research focus which continued throughout decades of empirical testing.

His system differentiated waves moving in a horizontal plane (Horizontal Waves) from those moving in a vertical plane (Vertical Waves.)

For this work Turenne needed a pendulum which could accurately detect the direction of energy movement of any and all waves. He created this by mounting standard Compass Needles on either side of a spherical pendulum. The alignment of the needles determined which waves were being detected.

When both needles were pointing the same way at a horizontal orientation, the pendulum would only detect waves (shown by a rotation of the pendulum) moving horizontally from the direction the red pointers indicated; if the needles were pointing the same direction vertically then the pendulum would only detect waves moving vertically from the direction the red pointers indicated (either upward or downward moving.)

Needles pointed in opposite vertical or horizontal orientations, or mixed vertical and horizontal aligned needles, would detect mixed waves with more than one flow direction of energy movement.

I have found that used this type of Pendulum can be used to track the basic direction of energy movements from many different phenomena, including:
* Finding the direction of flow of Earth Gridlines;
* Identifying Horizontally propagating Gridlines moving through a location at specific heights of the room;
* Identifying the movement of energies in major Earth Power Spots;
* Identifying the movement of energies in the human body from particular energy practices, meditations, ingestible herbs, crystals and stones, etc.

The Turenne Pendulum has now been added as an Essential Item in the Custom Vibrational Healing online class.

This pendulum has not been available for several years, however we have been fortunate to obtain a small number of these recently for our students.

Future availability is not certain, so we recommend ordering soon if you would like to purchase this important vibrational tool.


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