BioGeometry FAQ

What is BioGeometry?

BioGeometry was developed by Egyptian Architect Dr. Ibrahim Karim of Cairo. It includes clear descriptions of Nature’s own Design language of shape, color, sound, and motion, which creates and distributes Energy for the benefit of all living beings.

BioGeometry is a new master energy science, which also reveals for the first time many previously hidden principles and techniques from the Ancient Egyptian Temple Sciences.  BioGeometry also offers unique access to the advanced - but now almost lost -- French research from the 1900's into "Physical Radiesthesia", a powerful method to directly test and apply a full spectrum of precise energy qualities.

BioGeometry is a science of Energy Balancing which can applied to virtually any person, location, or field of endeavour.

How Can I Use BioGeometry™ In My Own Life?

BioGeometry offers a wealth of insights and practical techniques to dramatically improve the quality of our lives. BioGeometry teaches us how to create optimal energy conditions in any field of work we might undertake. We can directly identify the energetic problems in any living being or environment, and find methods to balance those energy conditions. Students have applied their training in many beneficial ways, including (to name just a few):

  • Energy balancing themselves or others with remarkable improvements in wellness
  • Transforming the Energy in their homes or environments to the energy quality of natural
    Sacred Power Spots
  • Deepening their Spiritual Development and Practices 
  • Eliminating detrimental energy qualities in their homes
  • Improving the quality of products they consume, including food, drinks, medicinals etc.

Who Can Benefit From Learning BioGeometry™?

Because BioGeometry is a system of Practical Techniques which balance energy, our students come from many different fields. Some students take the training to learn its metaphysical principles, whereas many others take it to practically apply the knowledge in order to be more effective in their work.

Professions of students have included: Medical Doctor, Landscape Architect, Registered Nurse, Gardener, Massage Therapist, College Professor, Meditation Instructor, Interior Designer, Labyrinth Builder, Farmer, Professional Dowser, Psychologist, College Student, Retired Teacher, Hypnotherapist, Feng Shui Consultant, Inventors, Vibrational Medicine Researcher, Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Computer Programmer, Energy Healer (of many different types), etc.

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