Quartz: Clear, Milky, Rose, and Smoky

quartz crystals Quartz: Clear, Milky, Rose, and Smoky Vesica Institute for Holistic Studies

Quartz is the “universal donor” in the mineral realm, used for thousands of years around the world for its vibrational powers.  It was considered to be “crystallized light” in many world traditions.  

Quartz has the primary power (among its many abilities) to act as an Amplifier for any energy or consciousness program put into it.  These inputs can come from many sources: land power spots (where they were used as standing stones and obelisks), projections from human beings, or through the minerals alchemically placed into the quartz by nature.

Clear Quartz has the purest and most transparent quality, amplifying any “program” put into it with the minimum of energetic disturbance or additional energies.  The clearest quartz has the highest value in the market, and purely optically clear quartz has become increasingly hard to find today.

Milky Quartz has the addition of minute inclusions to the mineral matrix.  Because the gem trade is interested in Clear Quartz more than Milky Quartz, very large Milky Quartz pieces are available for a fraction of the cost of comparably sized Clear Quartz.  A great choice for affordable, large energetic anchors in a location.

Clay Quartz has external / internal clay attached to the Quartz.  This provides an additional grounding effect to the Quartz, and in some cases may increase its ability to draw out energetic toxicity from people or locations.  Like Milky Quartz, it is much less expensive than Clear Quartz, so excellent large pieces can be had for a much lower price to use as energetic anchors in a location.

Rose Quartz was once believed to get its Rose color from Iron, however it is now known this is not the case.  Recent scientific research has found that It in fact has the inclusion of fine rose-colored “hairs” of a previously unknown mineral type.  Rose Quartz has a very soft and nurturing energy, resonating with the Rose / Pink vibration of the Heart (note: although many attributions of stones to particular organs or chakras in modern new age texts are inaccurate, the resonance between Rose Quartz and the Heart is a classical teaching which is quite accurate.)  Rose Quartz’s lovely energies make it ideal for wearing, for use as a vibrational anchor in a location (even when not “programmed”), and for gem elixirs.  High quality rough Rose Quartz is sometimes referred to in the trade as “Cab quality” because it makes beautiful jewelry.

Amethyst receives its beautiful Purple / Violet color from an alchemical transformation of Iron inside the Quartz.  It has strong Violet Vibration, and is the rare physical material which can hold for prolonged periods an imprinting of the powerful “Electric Violet” vibration popularized by the Pranic Healing system.

Smoky Quartz gets its dark coloration from its exposure to natural radiation in the Earth.  This is a type of natural alchemical initiation of the quartz, which results in Smoky Quartz being excellent in vibrational healing for extracting toxic energies and subtle radiations out of living beings & locations.  It should be cleared regularly when used for that purpose. Can also be used to make powerful gem elixirs.  CAUTION: An increasing amount of Smoky Quartz sold today has been artificially irradiated to increase its dark coloration to be visually appealing – this destroys the beneficial energies of the stone, as can be seen with Vibrational Radiesthesia testing, and also makes the stone’s subtle energy extremely toxic. It is very important this irradiated “Smoky Quartz” (or any stone irradiated for color treatment) never be used to make vibrational gem elixirs! You will find many “Smoky Quartz” for sale on the market today which are so heavily treated with Gamma Radiation (Cobalt 60) that they appear to be painted solid black. Sadly, many dealers will not admit to customers when their stones are treated.  The Vesica Institute only sells natural, untreated Smoky Quartz. 

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