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The Universal Vibrational Spectrum

The Universal Vibrational Spectrum

Discover the 12 Invisible Energies Which Affect your Life & Health

Course 2 of the Vibrational Testing & Healing Series

Online Course: Immediate Access upon Registration



Course 2 of the 3 Courses in the Vibrational Testing & Healing Series; this course may be taken alone or as part of the complete series.

Presented by Dr. Robert J. Gilbert, Ph.D.

Discover the Full Range of Invisible Energies which Affect Your Life, Health, and Consciousness.

In this course you will learn to detect all of the powerful and little-known energies in the Universal Vibrational Spectrum.  Whereas the Electro-Magnetic Spectrum is directly related to the physical plane, the Vibrational Spectrum identifies every power active at the level of life energy itself.  It is this level of life energy — called by many different names in traditions around the world, such “Chi”, “Ki”, “Prana”, etc. — which is the key to all forms of traditional healing, and which is often referred to today as “Vibrational Medicine.”

This unique online training offers key insights from the discoveries of the great French school of Vibrational Radiesthesia, along with modern research.  It is the only source in the world for a complete overview of the powers of each of the 12 Bands of the Vibrational Spectrum; the powers of each Band are identified at the Physical, Energetic, Emotional / Mental, and Spiritual levels.

The practices in this class have been specially designed to develop new organs of perception in your subtle bodies, opening up your direct perception of the world of invisible vibrations which surround and affect every living being.  This life-changing course is a must for anyone interested in Vibrational Healing and in activating their full spiritual potential.