“Sphere, Vortex, Light and Color” Original Piece by Gabriel Kelemen

“Sphere, Vortex, Light and Color” Original Piece by Gabriel Kelemen


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Brilliant color highlights this profound illustration of the movement from the original Sphere of White Light, into Hemispheres of specific Color Vibrations.  This leads to the black background becoming the “Aperion”: a boundless sphere of Yin Darkness that holds the Light and Color in its womb. (Original title: Sphere Vortex)

We sold out of our other Mitochondria energy illustrations by Prof. Kelemen immediately upon posting them, so we are very fortunate that we have now received one more fantastic original art piece from this series!

The Mitochondria is of course the “powerhouse of the cells” in the human body, our core energy production system at the cellular level.Prof. Kelemen reveals key patterns which create this Mitochondria energy production system at the cellular level in his remarkable illustrations.

This powerful work shows the actual chronological stages of metamorphosis of the mitochondria.  We see the progressive development of the internal crystal formation of the cellular organism from plain / smooth to complex patterns which harness vortex movements for energy production.

The folding shown here of the internal membrane crystals works to amplify the energy needed by the cells of the body.  This densification of the crystalline membrane is related also to the encephalon, the upper part of the central nervous system in the human brain, which shows on a larger scale these same “meander patterns” as we find in the mitochondria.

8.3″ X 11.7″

The black background drawings have the most detailed use of color in Prof. Kelemen’s artwork, and have received a very special multi-layer treatment.

This special treatment is based on the alchemical treatment of artwork by the old Dutch Masters. After the painting made of watercolours and white ink is completed, there are 3 layers of varnish added. The final varnish is made from natural Copal which adds energetic warmth and subtle luminosity to the finished painting. (Copal is the younger version of Amber, both being the solidification of the sap lifeblood from plants.) These paintings are more resistant to ultraviolet light, so they do not require high UV protection glass when displayed (although the UV resistant glass could still be used with these paintings, to protect them further).

When ordering these original art pieces, please be aware that these black background / copal coated are in regular light somewhat darker looking in appearance than how they appear in Prof. Kelemen’s books; however this is modified by their high-gloss surface which works well under a spot light.

So for these black background original artworks, be aware that to make them reveal their amazing full colors and details they should have a small spot light directed to its location on the wall, shining on the picture’s surface.

Another method would be to frame the drawing and add a small spot light onto the top edge of the frame shining directly down on the picture, as you would see in an art gallery or museum to highlight fine art.

The above image has been digitally enhanced to show the beautiful color and detail of this original piece of art. We have also provided a comparison photo to show the enhanced (left) and the original (right) images.



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