L66 Stickers (energy harmonization tools)

L66 Stickers (energy harmonization tools)


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66 Degree L Sticker

The Electrical Energy Balancing L Stickers superimpose the natural energy-balancing quality of BioGeometry® onto electromagnetic fields. This harmonizes the interaction of those fields with the body’s energy structure, and Qualitative Environmental Energy Exchange Balance is maintained. It is recommended that the Electrical Energy Balancing L Stickers be placed on all electrical appliances in the home.

They are clear plastic self-adhesive “L” Stickers. The 66 degree angle L is designed for maximum BG3 effect on all electro-magnetic sources. The 90 degree angle L is for general BG3 generation as well as for applications along 90 degree angle frames such as windows and computer screens.

Comes in two set options:

The 66-degree Set comes with 5 pairs of 66 degree stickers.

The 90-degree Set comes with 5 pairs of 90 degree stickers.

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