“Black Hole” Original Piece by Gabriel Kelemen

“Black Hole” Original Piece by Gabriel Kelemen


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This remarkable illustration shows in detail one of the most important — yet little known — energetic processes in creation: the transition of the Sphere (the primal form of creation in Sacred Geometry) to the Twin Torus.
This color drawing then shows the next stage in the process: the Sacred Geometry form of two counterbalanced directional movements, manifesting as the horizontal rotational disk with the vertical energy flow axis.
This powerful image applies to energy systems ranging from the human energy field to profound higher spiritual realities. It is one of Prof. Kelemen’s most elegant illustrations of this key sequence of energy activations.

8.3 x 11.7 inches

These amazingly intricate drawings are made with black ball pen, black/brown ink and pencils on regular paper. No varnish is used.

These drawings are light sensitive, and may fade from exposure to light; to protect them when displayed, use high UV protective glass (easily available at most framers) over their surface when framing them.

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